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2015  Court Finds Subcontractor Liable for Ambiguity in Contract Documents

2014  Cooperative Game Theoretic Framework for Joint Resource Management in Construction

2014  Examination of Design-Assist Subcontracting

2014  So, Why Do You Want to Write a GBR?

2014  Survival Factors for Subcontractors in Economic Downturns

2013  Assessment of Residential Defects at Post-Handover

2013  Posthandover Housing Defects: Sources and Origins

2013  Stabilizing Production Flow of Interior and Finishing Works with Reentrant Flow in Building Construction

2012  Claim Accrual Bars Subcontractor Suit Against Government

2012  Subcontracting Practices in the Construction Industry of Pakistan

2012  Subcontractor Alleges Fraud for Scope Reduction on DOT Contract

2012  Subcontractor Recovers Material Escalation Costs despite No-Damages-for-Delay Clause

2011  Concurrent Delays and Apportionment of Damages

2011  Fundamental Principles of Subcontractor Management

2011  Historic Cases: Drennan v. Star Paving Co.

2011  Modeling Interfirm Dependency: Game Theoretic Simulation to Examine the Holdup Problem in Project Networks

2011  State Court Grants Damages To Contractor for Subcontractor’s Withdrawn Bid

2010  Contractor Penalized For Reducing Scope of Disadvantaged Subcontractors

2010  A Game Theoretic Approach to Understand Opportunistic Behavior in Project Network Subcontractor Selection

2010  Model Design for the Subcontract of Multi-Distributor and Multi-Task in Lean Logistics Environment

2009  Duties and Responsibilities of Construction Managers: Perceptions of Parties Involved in Construction

2009  Integrating Agent-Based Simulation with Game Theory to Investigate the Hold-Up Problem in Project Networks

2009  Relative Importance of Subcontractor Selection Criteria: Evidence from Singapore

2008  Impacts of Overseas Management Structures on Project Buyout Management: Case Studies of Chinese International Contractors

2008  Subcontractor Evaluation and Management Framework for Strategic Partnering

2007  On-Site Subcontractor Evaluation Method Based on Lean Principles and Partnering Practices

2007  Subcontracting the Senior Design Project in Civil Engineering

2007  Subcontractor Schedule Control Method

2006  Proposed Subcontractor-Based Employee Motivational Model

2005  Court Decisions: Arbitration Agreement Stands Despite Subcontractor Woes

2005  Issues in Subcontracting Practice

2005  Reverse Auctions: Controversial Bidding Practice

2004  Are Subcontractors Required to Used Dispute Review Boards?

2004  Contractor Postcompletion Claims: Advice to Engineers

2004  Court Decisions: Agreement Between contractor and Owner Does Not Affect Subcontractor

2004  Court Decisions: Contractor not under ’Duress’ When Forms signed

2004  Court Decisions: Inclusion of Subcontractor’s Bid Found Not Binding

2004  Court Decisions: Liability Clause Does Not include State Licensing Violations

2004  Court Decisions: Release Form For Check Covers Past, Present, and Future Work

2004  Court Decisions: Subcontractor’s Debris Dumping Considerad Accidental

2004  Court Decisions: Subcontractor’s Lien Could Attach Only to Funds Owed to General Contractor

2004  Mechanic’s Liens on Private Projects in Hawaii

2004  Project Buyout

2004  Sponsoring Pass - Through Claims on Behalf of Subcontractors

2003  Causes of Subcontractor Business Failure and Strategies to Prevent Failure

2003  Decision Support for Subcontracting Procurement Based on Multi-Attribute Utility Theories

2003  Inducting Subcontractor Process Ontologies: Challenges, Methods, and Illustrative Results

2003  Insurer Need Not Be Notified of Subcontractor’s Default

2003  Okada Trucking Bombshell

2003  Subcontractor’s Payment Can Be Withheld to Pay Debt

2002  Court Decisions: Fees and Multiple Damages Covered by Arbitration Clause

2002  Court Decisions: Insurer Must Cover Subcontractors’ Mistakes

2002  Court Decisions: Subcontractor Liable for Its Own Wage Violations

2002  Court Decisions: Subcontractor Need Not Be Registered Before Bid

2002  Court Decisions: Subcontractor’s Losses Not Covered by ‘All Risk’ Policy

2002  Pay-If-Paid Clauses Not Absolute

2002  Prime Contractor Liable for Adverse Work Conditions

2002  Subcontractor Allowed to Withdraw Bid After Prime Contract Award

2002  Subcontractor Can Indemnify Contractor for OSHA Violation

2001  Applied Ethics Case of the Month

2001  Architect’s Role in Certifying Payments May Create Duty to Subcontractors

2001  Asphalt Works Subcontracting Disputes in Large Construction Programs

2001  Contractor Not Entitled to Delay Damages from Subcontractor

2001  Court Allows Subcontractor Substitution

2001  Court Decisions: Arbitrator’s Awards of Treble Damage Upheld

2001  Simplified Spreadsheet Solutions. I. Subcontractor Information System

2000  Contractor Not Liable for Subcontractor’s Injury

2000  Contractor’s Conduct Negates Pay-if-Paid Clause

2000  D-SUB: Decision Support System for Subcontracting Construction Works

2000  Firm Negligent Regarding Payment Bond

2000  Government Delay Responsible for Subcontractor Overhead Costs

2000  Improved Subcontractor Selection Employing Partnering Principles

2000  Joint Check Agreement Yields Unexpected Results

2000  Role of the Fabricator in Labor Productivity

2000  Subcontractor Cannot Collect from Architect

2000  Subcontractor’s Safety Measures Not Contractor’s Concern

1999  Promise of Payment Falls Outside Arbitration Clause

1999  Subcontractor’s Payment Depends on Payment by Owner

1998  Arbitration Award Breakdown Unnecessary

1998  Asian Contracting Practices

1998  Bidding Practices of Subcontractors in Colorado

1998  Contractor’s Negligence Voids Indemnification Claims

1998  Court Rules Against Subcontractors in Contingent Payment Clause Dispute

1998  Courts Disagree: Do Mechanic’s Lien Statutes Preclude Quantum Meruit Claims?

1998  Impact of Subcontracting on Site Productivity: Lessons Learned in Taiwan

1998  Insurance Does Not Cover Subcontractor

1998  “No Damages for Delay” Clause Deemed Valid

1998  No Subcontractor List, No Contract

1998  On the Web

1998  Owner Not Responsible for Subcontractor’s Payment

1998  Payment of Contract Price Determines Unjust Enrichment

1998  Subcontracting Services Allowable

1998  Subcontractor Not Responsible for Damages

1998  Subcontractors’ Bidding Decisions

1998  Subcontractor’s Policy Covers Contractor’s Negligence

1998  Unregistered Subcontractor Has Right to Sue Contractor

1997  A/E Liability and Design/Build

1997  Clause Does Not Bar Recovery of Damages

1997  Construction Forum

1997  Construction Trial Ends