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2015  Ultimate State of Thin-Walled Circular Steel Columns Subjected to Biaxial Horizontal Forces and Biaxial Bending Moments Caused by Bidirectional Seismic Accelerations

2014  Bearing Capacity of the High-Rise Pile Cap Foundation for Offshore Wind Turbines

2014  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Axially Preloaded Carbon Fiber Cable Vibration

2014  Family of Structure-Dependent Explicit Methods for Structural Dynamics

2014  Seismic Vulnerability of Older Braced Frames

2014  Stability Analysis and Performance of Soil-Nailing Retaining System of Excavation during Construction Period

2014  Stability Analysis of a Deep Cantilever Beam with Laterally Distributed Follower Force

2014  Transverse Stiffener Requirements to Develop Shear-Buckling and Postbuckling Resistance of Steel I-Girders

2013  Adaptive Negative Stiffness: New Structural Modification Approach for Seismic Protection

2013  Deep Stability Evaluation of High-Gravity Dam under Combining Action of Powerhouse and Dam

2013  Estimation of Tensile Strength of Soils from Penetration Resistance

2013  Evaluation and Prediction of 17th Street Canal I-Wall Stability Using Numerical Limit Analyses

2013  Experimental Study on the Mechanical Behavior and Failure Mechanism of a Latticed Steel Transmission Tower

2013  Modeling of Interactive Buckling in Sandwich Struts with Functionally Graded Cores

2013  Negative Stiffness Device for Seismic Protection of Structures

2013  Stability Analyses for a 200-foot-high Dam Requiring Staged Construction

2013  Stability Analysis of the L-575 Levee Failure on the Missouri River

2013  Static and Dynamic Stability of Elastomeric Bearings for Seismic Protection of Structures

2013  Time-Frequency Blind Source Separation Using Independent Component Analysis for Output-Only Modal Identification of Highly Damped Structures

2012  Effect Analysis of Fastening Defects for the Lateral Stability of the Slab Track

2012  Effects of Temperature Variations on the In-Plane Stability of Steel Arch Bridges

2012  Guidance for the Design of Spliced Columns

2012  Impact of Residual Stresses and Initial Imperfections on the Seismic Response of Steel Moment Frames

2012  Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Structural Concrete Beams: Experimental and Analytical Study

2012  Mineral Waste Geopolymeric Artificial Aggregates as Alternative Materials for Wastewater-Treatment Processes: Study of Structural Stability and pH Variation in Water

2012  Retracted: Pan, Tongyan, and Xia, Kaiming " Micromechanical Evaluation of the Damping Behavior of Modified Silica Fume Admixed Concrete", J. Eng. Mech., 138(12), 1411-1419, 10.1061/(ASCE)EM.1943-7889.0000446

2012  Structural Behavior of Thin-Walled Metal Silos Subject to Different Flow Channel Sizes under Eccentric Discharge Pressures

2012  Ultra-High Resolution Four Dimensional Geodetic Imaging of Engineered Structures for Stability Assessment

2011  Multistable Tensegrity Structures

2010  Aerostatic Reliability Analysis of Long-Span Bridges

2010  Influence of Bracings on the Stability of Columns

2010  Optimum Design for External Seismic Stability of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Walls: Reliability Based Approach

2010  Slenderness Effects on Circular CFRP Confined Reinforced Concrete Columns

2010  Stability Analysis of Fault Rock Heterogeneity on the Left Pressure Shaft Collapse of Siah Bisheh Dam, North Iran

2010  Stability of Shallow Tunnel Using Rigid Blocks and Finite-Element Upper Bound Solutions

2010  Static Stability Formulas of a Weakened Timoshenko Column: Effects of Shear Deformations

2010  Structural Stability and Filling Materials on Geotube Dams

2010  Study of Buckling in Steel Silos under Eccentric Discharge Flows of Stored Solids

2009  Experimental Studies on Real-Time Testing of Structures with Elastomeric Dampers

2009  Physical Modeling of River Spanning Rock Structures: Evaluating Interstitial Flow, Local Hydraulics, Downstream Scour Development, and Structure Stability

2009  Snap Through of a Shallow Spherical Dome of a Prestressed Concrete Tank

2009  Stability Analysis for CFST Basket Handle Arch Bridge

2009  Stability Behavior of Steel Building Structures with Perimeter MRFs under Fire Loading Effects

2009  Structural and Environmental Stabilization of a Historic Wood-Framed Museum

2009  Two-Dimensional Physical Modeling of the Northern Breakwater of Leixões Harbor, Portugal: Case Study

2009  Ultimate State of Thin-Walled Circular Steel Columns under Bidirectional Seismic Accelerations

2008  Bracing Demand in Axially Loaded Cold-Formed Steel Stud Walls

2008  Effects of Random Properties on the Stability and System Reliability of Steel Frames

2008  Mechanics and Slenderness Limits of Sway-Restricted Reinforced Concrete Columns

2008  Semi-Lagrangian Galerkin Reproducing Kernel Formulation and Stability Analysis for Computational Penetration Mechanics

2008  Shear Strength and Moment-Shear Interaction in Transversely Stiffened Steel I-Girders

2008  Stability Bracing Requirements for Steel Bridge Girders with Skewed Supports

2008  Strength and Reliability of Steel Frames with Random Properties

2008  System Safety Performance Metrics for Skeletal Structures

2008  Unified Flexural Resistance Equations for Stability Design of Steel I-Section Members: Moment Gradient Tests

2008  Unified Flexural Resistance Equations for Stability Design of Steel I-Section Members: Overview

2008  Unified Flexural Resistance Equations for Stability Design of Steel I-Section Members: Uniform Bending Tests

2007  Bridge Pile Bent Number of Pile and X-Bracing System: Impact on Pushover Capacity as Scour Increases

2007  Effects of Bridge Pile Bent Geometry and Levels of Scour and P Loads on Bent Pushover Loads in Extreme Flood/Scour Events

2007  Effects of Extreme Scour and Soil Subgrade Modulus on Bridge Pile Bent Buckling

2007  Historic Preservation: New Drainage System, Structural Improvements Stabilize Historic Virginia House

2007  In-Plane Stability of Parabolic Arches with Horizontal Spring Supports. I: Theory

2007  In-Plane Stability of Parabolic Arches with Horizontal Spring Supports. II: Experiments

2007  Methods to Assess the Seismic Collapse Capacity of Building Structures: State of the Art

2007  Screening Tool to Assess Adequacy of Bridge Pile Bents during Extreme Flood/Scour Events

2007  Stability of Offshore Gravity Structures Foundations by the Upper Bound Method

2007  Stiffness and Strength of Metal Bridge Deck Forms

2007  Structural Stability of Simplified Dynamical System Governing Motion of ALFLEX Reentry Vehicle

2007  Transverse Stiffener Requirements in Straight and Horizontally Curved Steel I-Girders

2007  Uniform Shear Buildings under the Effect of Gravity Loads

2006  Auto-Parametric Vibration of a Cable-Stayed-Beam Structure under Random Excitation

2006  Behavior of Steel Double-Channel Built-Up Chords of Special Truss Moment Frames under Reversed Cyclic Bending

2006  Design Tool for the Structural Stability of Rootwads in Streambanks

2006  Identification of the Location and Level of Damage in Multiple-Bolted-Joint Structures by PZT Actuator-Sensors

2006  Local-Plate and Distortional Postbuckling Behavior of Cold-Formed Steel Lipped Channel Columns with Intermediated Stiffeners

2006  Methods of Monitoring and Evaluating Structural Performance

2006  Probabilistic Stability Analyses of Embankments Based on Finite-Element Method

2006  Seismic Analysis is a ”Pushover”

2006  Sequential Hybrid Inverse Mapping for State-Specified Design of Frames

2006  Shear-Flexural Buckling of Cantilever Columns under Uniformly Distributed Load

2006  Short-Term Structural Instability under Random Dynamic Loads

2006  Some Key Problems on Stability Analysis of Underground Rock Structures

2006  Stability Requirements for Beams in Seismic Steel Moment Frames

2006  Strength and Stiffness of Conventional Bridging Systems for Cold-Formed Cee Studs

2005  Design of Composite Sway Building Frames for Global Instability

2005  Effect of Liquefaction on Stability of Retaining Walls

2005  Experimental Investigation of Cold-Formed Steel Lipped Angle Concentrically Loaded Compression Members

2005  High Gain Observer for the Estimation of Nonlinear Restoring Forces in Single Degree of Freedom Shear Buildings

2005  Overturning Stability Criteria for Flexible Structures to Earthquakes

2005  Overview of System Identification and Case Studies Using Vibrational Techniques

2005  Static Stability of Beam-Columns under Combined Conservative and Nonconservative End Forces: Effects of Semirigid Connections

2004  Alternative Approaches for Elastic Analysis and Design of Steel Frames. I: Overview

2004  Alternative Approaches for Elastic Analysis and Design of Steel Frames. II: Verification Studies

2004  Engineering Judgment and the Design that Got Away

2003  Dynamic Instability of Simple Structural Systems

2003  Holding Up

2003  Recent Research in Nondestructive Evaluation of Civil Infrastructures

2002  Bridges: San Francisco Bay Span Secured Amid Fears of Attack

2002  Geotechnical Engineering: Washington Monument’s Foundation Not Threatened by Memorial

2002  Postbuckling of Shear Deformable Laminated Cylindrical Shells