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2015  Analyzing the Temporal Variation of Wind Turbine Responses Using Gaussian Mixture Model and Gaussian Discriminant Analysis

2014  Adaptive Tensegrity Module. I: Closed-Form and Finite-Element Analyses

2014  Computational Method of the Dynamic Response for Nonviscously Damped Structure Systems

2014  Disproportionate Collapse Design Considerations — A Comprehensive Approach

2014  Experimental Evaluation of the Influence of Human-Structure Interaction for Vibration Serviceability

2014  Modeling and Simulation of Resetting Semi-Passive Stiffness Damper

2014  Revisiting Gust Averaging Time and Gust Effect Factor in ASCE 7

2014  Structural Performance of Glued Laminated Bamboo Beams

2014  Structural Response of Low-Rise New York City Buildings during Storm Sandy

2014  Using Tornado Damage Surveys to Improve Laboratory Tornado Simulations

2014  Wavelet-Based Evolutionary Response of Multispan Structures Including Wave-Passage and Site-Response Effects

2013  Assessment of Software for Blast Loading and Structural Response Analysis Using a Lightweight Steel-Joist Roof as a Test Case

2013  Dissipated Energy Ratio as a Feature for Earthquake-Induced Damage Detection of Instrumented Structures

2013  Efficient and Accurate Method for Calculating the Stochastic Seismic Response of a Nonproportionally Damped Structure

2013  Multiple Points-In-Time Estimation of Peak Wind Effects on Structures

2013  Multivariate Analysis and Prediction of Wind Turbine Response to Varying Wind Field Characteristics Based on Machine Learning

2013  Reliability Assessment of Real-Time Hybrid Simulation Results for Seismic Hazard Mitigation

2013  Response Modification Factors for Concrete Bridges in Europe

2013  Response of Structures with Viscous Dampers Subjected to Large Earthquakes

2013  Seismic Behavior of Building Frames Considering Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction

2013  Seismic Response of Single-Degree-of-Freedom Systems Representing Low-Ductility Steel Concentrically Braced Frames with Reserve Capacity

2013  Structural Performance of Bolted Connections and Adhesively Bonded Joints in Glass Structures

2013  Substructure Identification for Shear Structures with Nonstationary Structural Responses

2013  Time-Integrated Mixed Lagrangian Formulation for Time-Discontinuous or Impulsive Loadings and Responses of Structures

2013  Wind Effects on Four Steel Stacks in Square Arrangement

2013  Wind-Induced Response and Equivalent Static Wind Load of Long-Span Roof Structures by Combined Ritz-Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Method

2012  Dynamic Responses of a Structure with Periodic Foundations

2012  Evaluation of Commercially Available Remote Sensors for Highway Bridge Condition Assessment

2012  Generalized Variability Response Functions for Beam Structures with Stochastic Parameters

2012  Load Shape Influence on Dynamic Structural Response

2012  Mixed Lagrangian Formulation for Linear Thermoelastic Response of Structures

2012  Response Spectral Characteristics and Reliabilities of Linear Structures to Both Intensity and Frequency Content Time-Varying Earthquake Loads

2012  Structural Behavior of Inferior-Deck Spatial Arch Bridges with Imposed Curvature

2012  Wave- and Wind-Induced Dynamic Response of a Spar-Type Offshore Wind Turbine

2011  Comparative Response Assessment of Minimally Compliant Low-Rise Base-Isolated and Conventional Steel Moment-Resisting Frame Buildings

2011  Conditional Mean Spectrum: Tool for Ground-Motion Selection

2011  In-Structure Shock Assessment of Underground Structures with Consideration of Rigid Body Motion

2011  Measurement of Structure Response to Ferry Berthing Loads

2011  Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Structures Using Modal Superposition

2011  Peak Factors for Non-Gaussian Load Effects Revisited

2011  Response Surface–Based Finite-Element-Model Updating Using Structural Static Responses

2011  Responses of Buildings with Different Structural Types to Excavation-Induced Ground Settlements

2011  Structural Response of Corroded, Unbonded Posttensioned Beams

2010  Blast Limits for Transmission Structures. II: Structural Response and Blast Limit Development

2010  Bridge Model Updating Using Response Surface Method

2010  Bridge Model Updating Using Response Surface Method and Genetic Algorithm

2010  Damage Detection of Reinforced Concrete Columns Based on Vibration Tests

2010  Decomposition and Effects of Pulse Components in Near-Field Ground Motions

2010  Effect of Fabric Webs on the Static Response of Spindle-Shaped Tensairity Columns

2010  Effects of Modeling Parameter Uncertainty on the Structural Response of Offshore Wind Turbines

2010  A New Signal Processing Method Based on Intrinsic Frequency

2010  n-Spectra: A New IM for Improved Structural Response Assessment

2010  Response of an Elastic Structure Subject to Air Shock Considering Fluid-Structure Interaction

2010  Response Surface Models to Detect and Localize Distributed Cracks in a Complex Continuum

2010  Soil-Steel Interaction of Long-Span Box Culverts—Performance during Backfilling

2010  Structural Response of WTC 7 Floor Systems to Fire

2010  Testing the Response of Box-Type Soil-Steel Structures under Static Service Loads

2009  Application of a Time-Domain Local Identification Methodology to Compact Analysis of Continuous and Complete Structural Response Data

2009  A Case Study in Analyzing the Response of Structures to a Jet Fuel Vapor-Phase Explosion

2009  Comparative Evaluation of Base-Isolated and Fixed-Base Buildings Using a Comprehensive Response Index

2009  Effects of the Structural Identification on the Appearance of Multiple Solutions in Model Updating

2009  Experimental and Analytical Investigations on the Response of Structural Building Frames Further to a Column Loss

2009  FEMA P-440A: Effects of Strength and Stiffness Degradation on the Seismic Response of Structural Systems

2009  Gust-Front Factor: New Framework for Wind Load Effects on Structures

2009  Impact of Code Requirements in the Central United States: Seismic Performance Assessment of a Reinforced Concrete Building

2009  Improved Damage Localization and Quantification Using Subset Selection

2009  In Situ Performance of Self-Compacting Concrete in T-Beams

2009  Laboratory Testing Material Property and FE Modeling Structural Response of PAM-Modified Concrete Overlay on Bridges

2009  Response of End-Plate Joints under Combined Forces

2009  Response of Long-Span Box Type Soil-Steel Composite Structures during Ultimate Loading Tests

2009  Structural Pounding Response Mitigation by Liquid Dampers

2009  A Time-Domain Covariance-Based Parameter Estimation Method for Torsional Shear Buildings

2009  Updating Structural Properties Using Modal Parameters Considering Measurement Errors

2009  Vibro-Impact Behavior of Two Orthogonal Beams

2009  Wind-Induced Cladding and Structural Loads on Low-Wood Building

2008  Advanced Analysis Topics for Blast Resistant Buildings in Petrochemical Facilities

2008  Analysis on Seismic Response of Base-Isolated Structures with Friction Pendulum System under Bilateral Ground Motions

2008  e-Analysis of High-Rise Buildings Subjected to Wind Loads

2008  Earthquake Response Control and Dynamic Tests Research on Bridge and Building Complex Structural System

2008  Hybrid Seismic Response Simulation on a Geographically Distributed Bridge Model

2008  Nontarget Stereo Vision Technique for Spatiotemporal Response Measurement of Line-Like Structures

2008  On the Dynamics of Non-linear, Coupled Structures with Primary - and Moving Secondary-Oscillating Systems

2008  Update to Response Criteria for Blast Resistant Buildings in Petrochemical Facilities

2008  Wavelet Decomposition-Based Approach for Fast Damage Detection of Civil Structures

2008  Wireless Inclinometer Sensor and Its Data Acquisition System for Swing Monitoring of Large Scale Structures

2008  Wishart Random Matrices in Probabilistic Structural Mechanics

2007  Detecting Sensor Failure via Decoupled Error Function and Inverse Input — Output Model

2007  Effectiveness of Rehabilitation on Seismic Behavior of Masonry Piers

2007  Evaluation of Building Stiffness for Building Response Analysis to Excavation-Induced Ground Movements

2007  Gust Response Factor Methodology for Wind Turbine Tower Assemblies

2007  Influence of Interlayer Conditions on Structural Responses of Asphalt Pavements

2007  Methods and Object-Oriented Software for FE Reliability and Sensitivity Analysis with Application to a Bridge Structure

2007  Probability Density and Excursions of Structural Response to Imperfectly Periodic Excitation

2007  Relation between Saffir — Simpson Hurricane Scale Wind Speeds and Peak 3-s Gust Speeds over Open Terrain

2007  Structural Response of Nuclear Containment Shield Buildings with Construction Openings

2006  Determining Equivalent Linear Parameters for Use in a Capacity Spectrum Method of Analysis

2006  Efficient Computation of Response Sensitivities for Inelastic Structures

2006  Event-Driven Control System for Geographically Distributed Hybrid Simulation

2006  Midply Wood Shear Wall System: Concept and Performance in Static and Cyclic Testing

2006  Modeling Response of Flexible High-Aspect-Ratio Wings to Wind Turbulence