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2015  Adaptively Weighted Support Vector Regression: Prognostic Application to a Historic Masonry Fort

2015  Autonomous Monitoring of Dynamic Response of In-Service Structures for Decision Support

2015  Bridge Load Rating Using Dynamic Response

2015  Damage Detection Strategy Using Strain-Mode Residual Trends for Long-Span Bridges

2015  Field Qualification of Inexpensive Wireless Systems to Monitor Micrometer Crack Response for Structural Health Monitoring

2015  Image-Based Monitoring of Open Gears of Movable Bridges for Condition Assessment and Maintenance Decision Making

2015  Improving Substructure Identification Using Structural Control with Limited Sensor Measurements

2015  Modeling of Nonlinear Guided Waves and Applications to Structural Health Monitoring

2015  Novel Outlier-Resistant Extended Kalman Filter for Robust Online Structural Identification

2015  Remote Field Monitoring of Thermal and Moisture Deformations in Masonry Cavity Wall Building Envelopes

2015  Wire Breakage Detection Using Relative Strain Variation in Unbonded Posttensioning Anchors

2014  Advanced Sensing Techniques for Damage Detection in Reinforced Concrete Structures

2014  Analysis of Structural Health Monitoring Data from Hammersmith Flyover

2014  Application of Local Reference-Free Damage Detection Techniques to In Situ Bridges

2014  Application of Statistical Process Control for Structural Health Monitoring of a Historic Building

2014  Bridge Deflection Monitoring Using Small, Low-Cost Radar Sensors

2014  Comparison of Wireless and Wired Structural System Identification

2014  Damage Detection from Continuous Long-Term Static Response Using Cointegration and Mewma Control Chart

2014  Damage Identification of Bolt Connections in a Steel Frame

2014  Damage Localization and Quantification from the Image of Changes in Flexibility

2014  Data Compression of Structural Seismic Responses via Principled Independent Component Analysis

2014  Energy-Based Damage Assessment Methodology for Structural Health Monitoring of Modern Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns

2014  Integration of Health Monitoring and Control of Building Structures during Earthquakes

2014  Investigation of Uncertainty Changes in Model Outputs for Finite-Element Model Updating Using Structural Health Monitoring Data

2014  Multiscale Monitoring for Health Assessment of Levees in New Orleans

2014  Numerical Simulation of PZT-Bonded Reinforcement for Health Monitoring of Reinforced Concrete Structure

2014  Observer Kalman Filter Identification for Output-Only Systems Using Interactive Structural Modal Identification Toolsuite

2014  Optimal Sensor Placement for Modal Identification of Bridge Systems Considering Number of Sensing Nodes

2014  Passive Wireless Detection of Corrosive Salts in Concrete Using Wire-Based Triggers

2014  Pavement Health Monitoring System Based on an Embedded Sensing Network

2014  Performance of Railway Bridges during the 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake

2014  Practical Applications of Life-Cycle Considerations in Sustainable Development of Infrastructure

2014  Rapid Decay of a Timber Footbridge and Changes in Its Modal Frequencies Derived from Multiannual Lateral Deflection Measurements

2014  Stationary Wavelet Transform Method for Distributed Detection of Damage by Fiber-Optic Sensors

2014  Statistical Bridge Signatures

2014  Structural Health Monitoring of Delaware’s Indian River Inlet Bridge: Year One Update

2014  Wave Propagation in a Timoshenko Beam Building Model

2013  Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Reinforced Concrete under Accelerated Corrosion

2013  Active Debonding Detection for Large Rectangular CFSTs Based on Wavelet Packet Energy Spectrum with Piezoceramics

2013  Algorithmic and Computing Technologies for Health Assessment of Real Structures in the Presence of Nonlinearity and Uncertainty

2013  Bonding Integrity Study between Steel Pipeline and Composite Wraps Using Structural Health Monitoring Technique

2013  Bridge Performance Monitoring Based on Traffic Data

2013  Combined Model-Free Data-Interpretation Methodologies for Damage Detection during Continuous Monitoring of Structures

2013  Comparative Study on Buffeting Performance of Sutong Bridge Based on Design and Measured Spectrum

2013  Comparison of Sparse Representation and Fourier Discriminant Methods: Damage Location Classification in Indirect Lab-scale Bridge Structural Health Monitoring

2013  Condition Assessment of Stay Cables Based on Laboratory Tests and Structural Health Monitoring

2013  Corrosion Damage Quantification of Prestressing Strands Using Acoustic Emission

2013  Corrosion Estimation of a Historic Truss Bridge Using Model Updating

2013  Cyberinfrastructure Middleware and Analytical Tool Sets for Automated Mining of Massive Structural Health Monitoring Data Sets

2013  Damage Detection in Pipes under Changing Environmental Conditions Using Embedded Piezoelectric Transducers and Pattern Recognition Techniques

2013  Development of Carbon Nanofiber Aggregate

2013  Dynamic Characteristics of an Overpass Bridge in a Full-Scale Destructive Test

2013  Experimental Analysis of a Nondestructive Corrosion Monitoring System for Main Cables of Suspension Bridges

2013  Experiments and Analytical Modeling of Frequency-Targeted Laser Elastic Wave Generation and Detection in Aluminum Structures

2013  Field Validation of a Statistical-Based Bridge Damage-Detection Algorithm

2013  Finite-Element Model Updating for Assessment of Progressive Damage in a 3-Story Infilled RC Frame

2013  Health Monitoring and Bayesian Updating of Deteriorating Bridge Infrastructures

2013  Health Monitoring of Structures Using Statistical Pattern Recognition Techniques

2013  Internet-Enabled Wireless Structural Monitoring Systems: Development and Permanent Deployment at the New Carquinez Suspension Bridge

2013  Measuring Deflections of a Short-Span Railway Bridge Using a Robotic Total Station

2013  Modeling of Nonlinear Guided Waves and Applications to Structural Health Monitoring

2013  Modified Natural Excitation Technique for Stochastic Modal Identification

2013  Monitoring Crack Propagation in Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls by Acoustic Emission

2013  Novel Sparse Bayesian Learning for Structural Health Monitoring Using Incomplete Modal Data

2013  Objective Load Rating of a Steel-Girder Bridge Using Structural Modeling and Health Monitoring

2013  Overview of Structural Health Monitoring for Steel Bridges

2013  Performance-Driven Measurement System Design for Structural Identification

2013  Precise Photogrammetric Reconstruction Using Model-Based Image Fitting for 3D Beam Deformation Monitoring

2013  Real-Time Condition Assessment of RAPTOR Telescope Systems

2013  A Review of Structural Health Monitoring of a Football Stadium for Human Comfort and Structural Performance

2013  Robust Flexible Capacitive Surface Sensor for Structural Health Monitoring Applications

2013  SmartSync: An Integrated Real-Time Structural Health Monitoring and Structural Identification System for Tall Buildings

2013  Structural Identification for Performance Prediction Considering Uncertainties: Case Study of a Movable Bridge

2013  Structural Identification of Constructed Systems, Approaches, Methods, and Technologies for Effective Practice of St-Id

2013  Substructure Vibration NARX Neural Network Approach for Statistical Damage Inference

2013  Toward Data-Driven Structural Health Monitoring: Application of Machine Learning and Signal Processing to Damage Detection

2013  Validation of a Construction Process Using a Structural Health Monitoring Network

2012  20th Analysis and Computation Specialty Conference

2012  Advanced Visualization and Accessibility to SHM Results Involving Real-Time and Historic Multi-Parameter Data and Camera Images

2012  Artificial Intelligence Helps Bring Objectivity to Bridge Health Evaluations

2012  Assessment of the Behavior of Buried Concrete Pipelines Subjected to Ground Rupture: Experimental Study

2012  A Citizen-Centric Health Monitoring Paradigm Using Embedded Self-Locating Wireless Sensor Networks

2012  Detection of Initial Yield and Onset of Failure in Bonded Posttensioned Concrete Beams

2012  Development and Application of High-Sensitivity Wireless Smart Sensors for Decentralized Stochastic Modal Identification

2012  Dynamic Monitoring of an Experimental Cable-Stayed Bridge Model Using Wireless Sensor Network

2012  The Effects of Simplifications on Model Predictions and Consequences for Model- Based Data Interpretation

2012  Front Matter

2012  Full-Scale Validation of Dynamic Wind Load on a Super-Tall Building under Strong Wind

2012  Hybrid Simulation Testbed for Experimental Validation and Characterization of NDE and Sensor Technology

2012  Instrumentation, Nondestructive Testing, and Finite-Element Model Updating for Bridge Evaluation Using Strain Measurements

2012  Measurement System Configuration for Damage Identification of Continuously Monitored Structures

2012  Monitoring Data Based Traffic-load Effect Model for Arch Bridge Suspender

2012  Multimetric Monitoring of a Historic Swing Bridge

2012  Numerical Simulation of Novel MEMS Strain Sensor for Structural Health Monitoring

2012  Physical Parameter Estimation from State-Space Models for Systems with Missing Input Information

2012  Practical Structural Health Monitoring Systems in Large Space Structures

2012  Research of Sensor Fault Identification and Warning in the Urban Bridge Cluster Monitoring System

2012  Structural Health Monitoring of Railroad Bridges—Research Needs and Preliminary Results

2012  Structural Health Monitoring Tests Planned for Bridges

2012  Structural Health Monitoring with Interferometric Radar