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Found 45 Records with the keyword term of "Structural forms"

2012  Structural Behavior of Inferior-Deck Spatial Arch Bridges with Imposed Curvature

2009  Investigating a Structural Form System for Concrete Girders Using Commercially Available GFRP Sheet-Pile Sections

2001  Local Buckling of Composite FRP Shapes by Discrete Plate Analysis

1998  Shaping Structures: Statics by Waclaw Zalewski and Edward Allen

1997  Transitions of Structural Topology under Environmental Changes by Applying Genetic Algorithms

1995  Specimen Geometry Effects on Fracture of Warm Pond (S1) Ice

1995  Structural Expression: International Projects and Cultural Influences

1994  Structural Character of the Northern Segment of the Paintbrush Canyon Fault, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1994  The Sundance Fault: A Newly Recognized Shear Zone at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1991  Pultruded Structural Shapes: Stress Analysis and Failure Prediction

1990  Beam-To-Column Connections for Pultruded FRP Structures

1990  Glazing Helps Hold Up Mammoth Skylight

1980  Prebuckling Rotations and Cylinder Buckling Analysis

1979  Identification of Nonlinear Structural Dynamic Systems

1979  A Method of Improving Incomplete Modal Coupling

1979  System Identification Using Substructuring for Large Structural Systems

1975  New Concepts-Byproducts of Computer Technology

1974  Buckling of Cylindrical Shells by Wind Pressure

1974  Buckling Stress States of Cylindrical Shells

1974  Continuously Supported Cylindrical-Conical Tanks

1974  Free Vibration of Shells of Revolution Using FEM

1974  Inelastic Buckling of Spherical Shells

1974  Membrane Solutions for Shells with Edge Constraint

1974  Response of Hyperbolic Cooling Towers to Turbulent Wind

1974  Shallow Spherical Shells Under Apex Loads

1974  A Simplified Theory of Thin Cylindrical Shells

1974  State-of-the-Art in Inflatable Shell Research

1974  Thermal Loading of Thin-Shell Concrete Cooling Towers

1973  Analysis of Noncircular Cylindrical Shells

1973  Computer Analysis of Buckling of Imperfect Shells

1973  Concentrated Loads Applied to Shallow Shells

1973  Dynamic Wind Stresses in Hyperbolic Cooling Towers

1973  Finite Element Analysis of Inflatable Shells

1973  High Order Rectangular Shallow Shell Finite Element

1973  Indirect Structural Analysis by Finite Element Method

1973  Lagrangian Formulation of Sandwich Shell Theory

1973  Linear Theory of Orthotropic Cylindrical Shells

1973  Noncircular Cylinder Vibration by Multilocal Method

1973  Nonlinear Layered Analysis of RC Plates and Shells

1973  Numerical Analysis of Thick Shells of Revolution

1973  Shell and Plate Analysis by Finite Elements

1973  Shells for Standard Floor and Roof Elements

1973  Some Orthotropic Shells with Bending Suppressed

1973  Strongly Curved Finite Element for Shell Analysis

1971  Cost Optimization of Structural Roof System