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2014  Evaluating Fitness-for-Service of Corroded Metal Pipelines: Structural Reliability Bases

2014  Framework of Knowledge for Master’s-Level Structural Engineering Education

2013  Analysis on Problems of the Vocational Qualification System for Registered Structural Engineers in China

2013  Bahia Urbana: Overcoming Structural Engineering Challenges for Successful Port Redevelopment, San Juan, Puerto Rico

2013  Front Matter

2013  Nevada Supreme Court Dismisses Suit against Structural Engineer

2013  Structural Identification of Constructed Systems: Collective Effort toward an Integrated Approach That Reduces Barriers to Adoption

2013  Structural Identification: Opportunities and Challenges

2013  Structures Congress 2013, Bridging Your Passion with Your Profession

2013  Wind Loads, Guide to the Wind Load Provisions of ASCE 7-10

2012  3D Visualization of Structures Using Finite-Element Analysis in Teaching

2012  Ancient Archietecture Inspires Contemporary Tower Complex

2012  Building Technologies for the Mitigation of Volcanic Risk: Vesuvius and Campi Flegrei

2012  Creative Laboratory Model for Large Undergraduate Engineering Classes

2012  Front Matter

2012  Integrating Structural and Construction Engineering

2012  Mixed-Use Shanghai Project Features Calligraphy-Inspired Design

2012  Nanotechnology Center Meets Technical Criteria without Sacrificing Aesthetics

2012  NewsBriefs: Collapsible Ball May Lead to ’Foldable’ Structures (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

2012  Structures Congress 2012

2012  Structures Congress 2012, Forging Connections in the Windy City

2012  Sustainability and the Structural Engineer: The First World Challenge

2012  Sustainable Structural Engineering—Gaining Greater Benefits to Communities in Developing Nations

2012  True Cost of Hurricanes: Case for a Comprehensive Understanding of Multihazard Building Damage

2011  Austrian Church Features Free-Form Spiral Roof

2011  Civil, Environmental, Transportation, and Structural Engineering Among Best Jobs in the Nation, Money Says

2011  Félix Candela and the Origins of Inspiration

2011  Lessons Learned from the Utah Experience: Suggestions for Implementing a Structural License and Practice Act in Your State

2011  The New 16-Hour NCEES Structural Exam—How We Got Here

2011  Polymer Protects Buildings From Blasts at Close Range

2011  Probabilistic Robustness Assessment of Pre-Northridge Steel Moment Resisting Frames

2011  Structures Congress 2011

2011  Sustainability and the Structural Engineer

2011  Taipei Performance Center Will Feature Seismic Isolators And Projecting Auditoriums

2011  What Does It Mean to Be Sustainable?

2011  Working with the Structural Engineering Institute

2010  2010 Structures Congress

2010  The Application of Gray Evaluation and ANN on the Forecast System of Ocean Engineering Resulting from Earthquake

2010  Behavior of Bidirectional Spring Unit in Isolated Floor Systems

2010  Chinese Tower Will Feature 117 Levels Topped by a ’Diamond’

2010  Design Structure Matrix Implementation on a Seismic Retrofit

2010  Disproportionate Collapse: Terminology and Procedures

2010  Earth and Space 2010, Engineering, Science, Construction, and Operations in Challenging Environments

2010  Editor’s Note

2010  Editor’s Note

2010  Editor’s Note

2010  Editor’s Note

2010  Engineering Perspectives on Reducing Hurricane Damage to Housing in CARICOM Caribbean Islands

2010  Indo-U.S. Forensic Practices, Investigation Techniques and Technology

2010  Integrated Project Delivery: Next-Generation BIM for Structural Engineering

2010  Lessons Learned from a Design Competition for Structural Engineering Students: The Case of a Pedestrian Walkway at the Université de Sherbrooke

2010  Management Information Systems in Structural Engineering

2010  People: Ammann Fellowship in Structural Engineering Awarded to Moreu

2010  The Pressing Need for Structural Licensing

2010  The Structural Engineering Exam: The History and the Future

2010  Structures Congress 2010

2010  Structures Congress 2010, 19th Analysis and Computation Specialty Conference

2010  Sustainability Guidelines for the Structural Engineer

2009  Assessment of Repairs and Strengthening of a Historic Masonry Pagoda Using a Vibration-Based-Method

2009  The Business of Ethics

2009  Counteracting Structural Loads: Treatment in ASCE Standard 7-05

2009  Editor’s Note

2009  Editor’s Note

2009  Editor’s Note

2009  Editor’s Note

2009  Editor’s Note

2009  Editor’s Note

2009  Editor’s Note

2009  Editor’s Note

2009  Front Matter

2009  General vs. Local RBD and Determination of Characteristic Values

2009  Optimization and Multihazard Structural Design

2009  Revitalized U.S. Infrastructure: Part 2 Update

2009  Seismic Risk Assessment of Gravity Load Designed Reinforced Concrete Frames Subjected to Mid-America Ground Motions

2009  Structures Congress 2009, Don’t Mess with Structural Engineers: Expanding Our Role

2009  Suggested Steps to Follow for the Enactment of a Separate Structural Engineering Practice Act

2009  Wood Education Institute — The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Cooperation between the Wood Industry and the University System

2008  Automated Modal Parameter Estimation by Parallel Processing within Wireless Monitoring Systems

2008  Background to the Environmental Wind Engineering Committee

2008  Background to the Structural Wind Engineering Committee

2008  The Basics of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Structural Engineers

2008  Benefits of In-House Collaboration of Geotechnical and Structural Engineering Services

2008  Concepts and Calculations Based on the New MBMA/AISC Guide to Frame Design Using Web-Tapered Members

2008  Creation of the ASCE Technical Council on Wind Engineering

2008  Cross-Border Connections: Guideline Documents, Codes, and Standards for wind

2008  Cross-Border Wind Engineering Contributions: ASCE 7 — A Case-in-Point

2008  Design and Construction for Dense Urban Areas — Structural Engineering Challenges in NYC

2008  Editorial

2008  Editor’s Note

2008  Editor’s Note

2008  Editor’s Note

2008  Editor’s Note

2008  Editor’s Note

2008  Education and Development of the Structural Engineer in Nigeria: Some Gaps in the System

2008  Engineers Teaching Structural Principles to Architecture Students

2008  How a Collaborative Architecture Influences Structural Engineering Education

2008  Influence of Structural Design on the Aeroelastic Stability of Brancusi’s Endless Column

2008  Introducing Smart Structures Technology into Civil Engineering Curriculum: Education Development at Lehigh University

2008  Lessons Learned from Structural Damage Investigations — A Case Study of 2003 Missouri-Kansas Tornadoes

2008  NewsBriefs: U.K. Museum Celebrates Structural Engineers