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2015  Nonlocal Equivalent Continua for Buckling and Vibration Analyses of Microstructured Beams

2014  Comparison of SDOF Analysis Results to Test Data for Different Types of Blast Loaded Components

2014  Determination of Load Distributions on Main Helicopter Rotor Blades and Strength Analysis of Its Structural Components

2014  Experimental Resistance Function Development of Steel Studs under Combined Axial and Flexural Loads Using Load-Tree Testing

2014  Micropolar 2D Elastic Cables with Applications to Smart Cables and Textiles

2014  Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings

2013  Breach Evaluation of Structures Using the Applied Element Method

2013  Houston Implements Carbon Fiber Upgrade for 60-inch PCCP under Rail Line

2013  Innovative Approach to Reuse Existing Elements Yields Cost-Effective Dock Upgrade

2012  As-Built Documentation of Structural Components for Reinforced Concrete Construction Quality Control with 3D Laser Scanning

2012  Higher and Higher: The Evolution of the Buttressed Core

2012  How Strong Is Strong Enough?

2012  Parametric Study of the Use of Strain Softening/Hardening FRC for RC Elements Failing in Bending

2011  Analysis of Building Element Design Methods

2011  Buckling of Laminated Glass Elements in Compression

2011  Effectiveness of the "VDI-H.F.O. Müller Method" in Building Element Design

2011  Efficient Design of Floor Structures Using Active Vibration Control

2011  Macro-Elements for Composite Beam-Column Connections

2011  Second-Order Analysis of Plane Frames with One Element Per Member

2011  Sliding and Rocking of Unanchored Components and Structures: Chapter 7.6 ASCE 4 Revision 2

2011  Soil-Structure Interaction and Pulse Shape Effect on Structural Element Damage to Blast Load

2009  Are Two 2-Hour Fire Rated Shutters Equivalent to a 4-Hour Shutter Using ASTM E119?

2009  Automated Detection of Concrete Columns from Visual Data

2009  A Case Study on the Use of Advanced Fiberwrap Composites for the Structural Rehabilitation of Prestressed Structural Elements

2009  Development of Quasi-Static Loading Protocols for Drift-Sensitive Nonstructural Building Components

2009  Levels of Prescribed Enhanced Robustness for Mitigation of Disproportionate Collapse

2009  Load-Impulse Diagrams for Protected Facility Assessment

2009  Progressive Collapse Nomenclature

2009  Seismic Safety Assessment of Gated Spillways

2008  Assessing Damage of a Reinforced Concrete Structural Element Using System Identification

2008  Experimental Cyclic Performance of Viscoelastic Gypsum Connections and Shear Walls

2007  Identification of Concentrated Damages in Euler-Bernoulli Beams under Static Loads

2007  Shape Optimization of H-Beam Flange for Maximum Plastic Energy Dissipation

2006  In-Place Inclinometer Using Low-G Accelerometer Network

2006  Review of The Finite Element Method for Solid and Structural Mechanics, 6th Edition, by O. C. Zienkiewicz and R. L. Taylor

2006  Structural Weight Optimization with Tabu Search

2006  Tensile Lap Splicing of Bundled CFRP Reinforcing Bars in Concrete

2005  Automated Monitoring of Supported Excavations

2005  Geometric Effects on the Fire Resistance of Structural Steel Elements

2005  Impedance-Based Method for Nondestructive Damage Identification

2005  Modeling Wood Walls Subjected to Combined Transverse and Axial Loads

2005  Response to Fire Exposure of the Pentagon Structural Elements

2005  Sensitivity Analysis in Reliability-Based Lifetime Performance Prediction using Simulation

2003  Thermal Response of the Pentagon Structural Elements

2002  Analyses of Masonry Vaults: A Macro Approach based on Three-Dimensional Damage Model

2001  How to Achieve Stable Reliability Estimates: Effect of Instability in Resistance Data

2001  Pseudoforce Method for Nonlinear Analysis and Reanalysis of Structural Systems

2001  Shear and Normal Stresses Interaction in Coupled Structural Systems

2000  Design Processing of Regular and Nonstandard Structural Components

2000  Equivalent Beam Method for Trusses

2000  Impedance-Based Health Monitoring of Civil Structural Components

2000  Interaction Surfaces of Reinforced Concrete Sections in Biaxial Bending by Green’s Theorem

2000  TDR Monitoring for Integrity of Structural Systems

1999  Best of Both Worlds

1999  Energy Balanced Double Oscillator Model for Vortex-Induced Vibrations

1999  Estimating Fire Exposures for the Purpose of Evaluating the Expected Performance of Structural Elements

1999  Experimental Characterization of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Structural System

1999  Flexural Behavior of SFRC: Testing and Modeling

1999  Material Specifications for Pultruded Building Components: What is Required?

1999  Random Lock-In Intervals for Tubular Structural Elements Subject to Simulated Natural Wind

1999  A Review of Design Codes for Aluminum

1999  Simultaneous Measurement of Roof Pressures and Applications

1999  Structural Components – Analysis and Design Examples

1998  Design Cases: A Supplementary Knowledge Source for Structural Component Design

1998  Editor’s Note

1998  Evaluation, Preservation and Rehabilitation

1998  Innovative Use of Slurry Walls at Dam Number 2 Hydropower Project

1998  Rule-Based Approach for Design Standards Scope Representation

1998  Stresses and Crack Angles in Concrete Membrane Elements

1998  Structural Damage Detection from Incomplete and Noisy Modal Test Data

1998  Unified Finite Difference Formulation for Free Vibration of Cables

1998  Using Object-Communication for Design Standards Modeling

1997  Analysis of Thin-Steel-Plate Shear Walls

1997  Bond Characteristics of Embossed Steel Elements

1997  Brittle Fracture in Plane Elements with Sharp Notches under Mixed-Mode Loading

1997  Characteristics of Design-Relevant Constructability Knowledge

1997  Design of Framed Structures Using a Genetic Algorithm

1997  Embedded Sensors for Improved Early-Warning Emergency Response to Damaged Structures

1997  Fault-Tree Model of Bridge Element Deterioration Due to Interaction

1997  GIS for Use in Structural Inspection

1997  A High Resolution Optical Fiber Polarimetric Strain and Displacement Transducer for Structural Elements

1997  Linear and Nonlinear Analysis of Complex Structures Via Individual Components

1997  New Approach for Tensile Testing of FRP Composites

1997  Seismic Performance of High Strength Concrete Structural Components

1997  Shortcomings in Composite Slab Design Codes

1997  Simulation-Based Assessment of Fatigue Life

1997  Structural Restoration of Coral Reefs Damaged by Vessel Groundings

1997  Uniform Bridge Element Identification System for Database Management for Roadway Bridges

1996  Application of Neural Networks for the Performance Evaluation of Bridges

1996  A Finite Element Based Probability Contouring Method for Structural Analysis

1996  Monotonic Loading of Brittle Materials: A Stochastic Damage Model

1996  Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Analysis from Research to Practice

1996  Possibilities of Fracture Mechanics Models Application to Optimisation of Operational Use of Large-Size Machine Components

1996  Progress in Chemical Admixtures: Where Are We?

1995  Amplification Factors to be Used in Simplified Seismic Dynamic Analysis of Select Structural Components

1995  Constructability Information Classification Scheme

1995  Finite Element and Simplified Methods for Analysis of Thin-Walled Composite Open Sections

1995  Shotcrete in Tunnel Design

1995  Solitons and Chaos in Nonlinear Periodic Structures

1995  Special Inspections in Maine