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2015  Track Nonlinear Energy Sink for Rapid Response Reduction in Building Structures

2014  Assessment of Uncertainty Propagation in the Dynamic Response of Single-Degree-of-Freedom Structures Using Reachability Analysis

2014  Blast Modeling of Steel Frames with Simple Connections

2014  Blast Resistance of Fully Grouted Reinforced Concrete Masonry Veneer Walls

2014  Effectiveness of Distributed Mass Damper Systems for Lightweight Superstructures

2014  Evaluation of Mean Recurrence Intervals of Wind Effects for Tall Building Design

2014  Experimental Validation of a Generalized Procedure for MDOF Real-Time Hybrid Simulation

2014  Family of Structure-Dependent Explicit Methods for Structural Dynamics

2014  Fatigue Life Assessment of Cracked High-Mast Illumination Poles

2014  Integration of Health Monitoring and Control of Building Structures during Earthquakes

2014  Seismic Risk Assessment of Four-Span Bridges in Montreal Designed Using the Canadian Bridge Design Code

2014  Simple and Effective Approach for Polar Decomposition of the Deformation Gradient Tensor

2013  Analysis on Dynamic Response of Pier Column Structure Surrounded by Sea Ice in Different Types of Earthquake

2013  Dissipated Energy Ratio as a Feature for Earthquake-Induced Damage Detection of Instrumented Structures

2013  Model-Based Feedforward-Feedback Actuator Control for Real-Time Hybrid Simulation

2013  Model-Based Multiactuator Control for Real-Time Hybrid Simulation

2013  Special Issue on Dynamics and Analysis of Large-Scale Structures

2013  Structural Damage Diagnosis Using Interstory Drift-Based Acceleration Feedback with Test Validation

2013  Three-Dimensional Finite-Element Method for Soil-Building Interaction Based on an Input Wave Field

2012  Assessment of Simplified Linear Dynamic Analysis of a Multispan Skew Bridge on Steel-Reinforced Elastomeric Bearings

2012  Autonomous Decentralized System Identification by Markov Parameter Estimation Using Distributed Smart Wireless Sensor Networks

2012  Effects of Isolated Spread Footings on the Dynamics of Soil-Structure Interaction

2012  Impacts of Epistemic Uncertainty in Operational Modal Analysis

2012  Interval Analysis for System Identification of Linear MDOF Structures in the Presence of Modeling Errors

2012  New Practical Approach to Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Structures: Refinement of Newmark’s and Wilson’s Classical Methods

2012  Tracking of Structural Dynamic Characteristics Using Recursive Stochastic Subspace Identification and Instrumental Variable Technique

2011  Doubly Spectral Stochastic Finite-Element Method for Linear Structural Dynamics

2011  Dynamic Testing and Structural Identification of the Hypo Bank Office Complex. I: Experiments

2011  Dynamic Testing and Structural Identification of the Hypo Bank Office Complex. II: Identification

2011  Why the Observed Motion History of World Trade Center Towers Is Smooth

2010  Acceleration Tracking Performance of the UCSD-NEES Shake Table

2010  Aerodynamic Damping in the Along-Wind Response of Tall Buildings

2010  Complex Frequencies in Elastodynamics, with Application to the Damping-Solvent Extraction Method

2010  Damped Properties and Noether Symmetries of Damped Free Vibration

2010  Dynamic Analysis of a Composite Cable-Stayed Bridge: Escaleritas Viaduct

2010  Handling the Temperature Effect in Vibration Monitoring: Two Subspace-Based Analytical Approaches

2010  Multivariate Statistical Approach to Structural Damage Detection

2010  Phase and Amplitude Error Indices (PAEI) to Assess the Success of Displacement Based Real-Time Testing

2010  Research on Design and Structure Dynamics of Variable Topology-Transformable Spacecraft

2010  Stability Analysis of Direct Integration Algorithms Applied to MDOF Nonlinear Structural Dynamics

2010  Sustainability and Education: The Need for New Degree Options

2010  An Unconditionally Stable Explicit Integration Algorithm with Controllable Numerical Damping for Real-Time Testing

2009  Bayesian Model Updating Using Hybrid Monte Carlo Simulation with Application to Structural Dynamic Models with Many Uncertain Parameters

2009  Computer Modeling for the Complex Response Analysis of Nonstandard Structural Dynamics Problems

2009  Dynamic Axial-Moment Buckling of Linear Beam Systems by Power Series Stiffness

2009  Editor’s Note

2009  Noise Evaluation for Pavement Maintenance in Metropolitan Highway Bridges

2009  Shock and Blasting Effects on Power Transmission Structures

2008  Ambient Vibration Analysis with Subspace Methods and Automated Mode Selection: Case Studies

2008  Ambient Vibration Data Analysis for Structural Identification and Global Condition Assessment

2008  Comparison of Methods for Computing Equivalent Viscous Damping Ratios of Structures with Added Viscous Damping

2008  Coupling among Pitch Motion, Axial Vibration, and Orbital Motion of Large Space Structures

2008  Damage Diagnosis of Frame Structures Using Modified Modal Strain Energy Change Method

2008  Development of Direct Integration Algorithms for Structural Dynamics Using Discrete Control Theory

2008  Dynamic Characteristics of SDOF Structure with Maxwell Element

2008  Dynamic Characteristics of Tall Buildings in Vancouver, Canada

2008  Equivalent Static Wind Loads on Long-Span Roof Structures

2008  Human Jumping and Bobbing Forces on Flexible Structures: Effect of Structural Properties

2008  Identifying Loading and Response Mechanisms from Ten Years of Performance Monitoring of a Tall Building

2008  Model Conversion Technique for Structural Dynamic Systems

2008  Performance of Tuned Liquid Dampers

2008  Seismic Energy Dissipation of Inelastic Structures with Tuned Mass Dampers

2008  Stability Analysis of Direct Integration Algorithms Applied to Nonlinear Structural Dynamics

2008  Structural Dynamics and a Virtual Prototype Simulator of the HAB System for Oil Sands Production

2008  Structural Dynamics in the Policy Planning of Large Infrastructure Investment under the Competitive Environment: Context of Port Throughput and Capacity

2008  Unintended Consequences of Modeling Damping in Structures

2008  What Did and Did Not Cause Collapse of World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York?

2007  Approach for Overcoming Numerical Inaccuracy Caused by Load Discontinuity

2007  Continuum Aeroelastic Model for Inviscid Subsonic Bending-Torsion Wing Flutter

2007  Damping and Viscoelastic Dynamic Response of RC Flexural Members Strengthened with Adhesively Bonded Composite Materials

2007  Evaluation of 3D Steel Moment Frames under Earthquake Excitations. I: Modeling

2007  Experimental Verification of the Flexibility-Based Damage Locating Vector Method

2007  Improved Explicit Method for Structural Dynamics

2007  Mechanics of Progressive Collapse: Learning from World Trade Center and Building Demolitions

2007  Optimal Discrete to Continuous Transfer for Band Limited Inputs

2006  Artificial Intelligence Designing, Study, and Behaviour Using the Movable Joints and Structural Dynamic Properties

2006  Condensed Model Identification and Recovery for Structural Damage Assessment

2006  Construction of Customized Mass-Stiffness Pairs using Templates

2006  Continuum Modeling of an Innovative Space-Based Radar Antenna Truss

2006  Dynamic Load Balancing Techniques for Nonlinear Structural Dynamics

2006  Effects of Connection Fractures on Global Behavior of Steel Moment Frames Subjected to Earthquakes

2006  Fatigue Damage of Steel Bridges Due to Dynamic Vehicle Loads

2006  Identification of Modal Parameters for Close-Mode Structures with Output-Only Data

2006  Lumped and Distributed Parameter Models of a Spacecraft with Elastic Appendages: Exact Frequencies and Mode Shapes

2006  Modeling the Impact of Failed Members for Progressive Collapse Analysis of Frame Structures

2006  On the Comparison of Timoshenko and Shear Models in Beam Dynamics

2006  Optimal Control: Basis for Performance Comparison of Passive and Semiactive Isolation Systems

2006  Overview of Vibrational Structural Health Monitoring with Representative Case Studies

2006  Vehicle Condition Surveillance on Continuous Bridges Based on Response Sensitivity

2005  Coupled Dynamic Analysis and Equivalent Static Wind Loads on Buildings with Three-Dimensional Modes

2005  Damping of Cables by a Transverse Force

2005  Dynamic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with Composite Materials

2005  Dynamic Wind Effects on Buildings with 3D Coupled Modes: Application of High Frequency Force Balance Measurements

2005  Motion-Dependent Forces in High-Rise Building

2005  Predictive Optimal Linear Control of Elastic Structures during Earthquake. Part I

2005  Proper Orthogonal Decomposition-Based Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Dynamic Wind Load Effects on Structures

2005  The Relationship Between the Buckling Load Factor and the Fundamental Frequency of a Structure

2005  Structural Finite Element Model Updating Using Ambient Vibration Test Results

2004  Comparison of Newmark and Space-Time Discontinuous Galerkin Method

2004  Equivalent Static Wind Loads on Buildings: New Model