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2014  Application of Normalized Pressure Impulse Diagrams for Vented and Unvented Confined Blasts

2014  Blast-Resistant Design of Structures

2014  Comparison of Directional and Envelope Wind Load Provisions of ASCE 7

2014  Design of Locally Slender Structural Steel Columns

2014  Deterministic Seismic Hazard Analysis for Greater Mumbai, India

2014  Energy Response of Idealized Composite Sandwich Panels under Blast Loads

2014  Impact of Concrete Thermophysical Properties on Pavement Structural Design

2014  Rational Design of Pipe Racks Used for Oil Sands and Petrochemical Facilities

2014  Reliability-Based Analysis and Design of Wide-Span Structures under Stochastic Wind Loads

2014  Simultaneous Cross Section and Launching Nose Optimization of Incrementally Launched Bridges

2014  State-of-the-Art Review of Approaches for the Design of Timber Beams with Notches

2014  Structural and Aeroelastic Design of a Joined-Wing UAV

2014  Structural Optimization of Deploying Structures Composed of Linkages

2014  Sustainable Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures through CO2 Emission Optimization

2013  Applications of Structural Optimization in Architectural Design

2013  The Art of Healing

2013  Baffle-Drop Structure Design Relationships

2013  Buckling, Postbuckling, Strength, and DSM Design of Cold-Formed Steel Continuous Lipped Channel Beams

2013  The city of Changsha will soon be able to boast three designs from the London-based ZahaHadid Architects...

2013  Cold-Formed Steel Lipped Channel Columns Influenced by Local-Distortional Interaction: Strength and DSM Design

2013  Common Mistakes and Omissions in the Design of Pressurized Concrete Water Holding Structures: Case Study

2013  Comparison of Bridge Earthquake Resisting System Design in a Moderate Seismic Zone

2013  Confidence Bounds on Design Variables Using High-Dimensional Model Representation-Based Inverse Reliability Analysis

2013  Design Guide for Semirigid Pavements in China Based on Critical State of Asphalt Mixture

2013  Design of Diagrid Structural System for High Rise Steel Buildings as per Indian Standards

2013  Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Design: Quantifying the Benefits of a Holistic Design Approach

2013  Dual-Objective-Based Tornado Design Philosophy

2013  Elevated Art Exhibit Provides Close-up Views of Towering Columbus Statue

2013  Engineering Challenges in the Design of Alberta’s Oil Sands Projects

2013  Equivalent Strip Width for FRP Superstructure Design Using Timoshenko Beam Approximation

2013  Evaluation of Conventional Construction Techniques for Enhancing the Blast Resistance of Steel Stud Walls

2013  Flying Carpet

2013  German Building to Test Algae-Filled Façade as Source of Shade and Energy

2013  The Impermanence of Permanence: Questioning Permanence As a Central Tenant of Sustainability

2013  Methodology for Combining Coastal Design-Flood Levels and Sea-Level Rise Projections

2013  Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures (ASCE/SEI 7-10)

2013  New General Analytical Solution for Infiltration Structures Design

2013  Offshore Technology in Civil Engineering, Hall of Fame Papers From the Early Years

2013  On the Web (

2013  Optimization of Large Steel Frames Using a Design-Driven Harmony Search

2013  Process Modeling Focusing on BIM and Interdisciplinary Design Relating to Structural Planning and Design

2013  Racing to the Finish

2013  Reinforced Concrete Force Visualization and Design Using Bilinear Truss-Continuum Topology Optimization

2013  Riding out the Thaw

2013  Santiago Calatrava’s Alamillo Bridge and the Idea of the Structural Engineer as Artist

2013  Sleek New Auditorium to Replace University’s Flood-Ravaged Theater

2013  Strength of Circular Concrete-Filled Tubes with and without Internal Reinforcement under Combined Loading

2013  Structural Analysis Education: Learning by Hands-On Projects and Calculating Structures

2013  Structural Design and Construction Issues of Approach Slabs

2013  Structural Design Equations for Bell and Spigot Joints in Culverts under Vehicle Load

2013  Structural Design for Fire Conditions: Reliability-Based Resistance Criteria

2013  Structural Design of Deep Water Pontoon Mooring Anchors

2013  Structural Design of Nan Tanhai Slurry Shield Tunnel for Gas Pipeline in the 2nd Pipeline Project of Guangdong Provincial Natural Gas Grid

2013  Structure as Aesthetic in Sustainable Design Case Study

2013  The Structure of Art

2013  Sustainable Structures through Morphogenetic Design

2013  Synthetic Earthquake Ground Motions for the Design of Long Structures

2013  Tensile Fabric Structures, Design, Analysis, and Construction

2013  Tuning Structural Properties of High-Rise Buildings to Control Wind Response

2012  20th Analysis and Computation Specialty Conference

2012  The 70,000 sq ft addition to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, in Boston, is markedly modern compared with the museum’s main building, which resembles a 15th-century Venetian palace...

2012  Accounting for Architectural Demands and Construction Phase in Structural Design

2012  Advanced Computational Modeling in Multidisciplinary Design

2012  Applications of Structural Optimization in Architectural Design

2012  Applying the 2010 ASCE 7 Wind and Ice Requirements to Transmission Line Design

2012  Approximation of the Curvature of the Parthenon Stylobate Using Least Squares Techniques

2012  ASCE 24: Improving the Performance of Buildings and Structures in Flood Hazard Areas

2012  Bearing Strength Capacity of Continuous Supported Timber Beams: Unified Approach for Test Methods and Structural Design Codes

2012  Behavior of Self-Centering Steel Plate Shear Walls and Design Considerations

2012  Blast and Impact Resistant Design of Overhead Protection Structures

2012  The Capela Árvore da Vida (Tree of Life Chapel) is a new addition to the Seminário Concillar de Braga (St. James Seminary), part of the Catholic Archdiocese of Braga, Portugal...

2012  Chronicling the Holocaust

2012  Closed-Form Prediction of the Alongwind-Induced Fatigue of Structures

2012  Considerations for Design of Rafters in Timber Buildings

2012  Cost Optimum Design of Posttensioned I-Girder Bridge Using Global Optimization Algorithm

2012  Datong Art Museum Will Feature Pyramidal Space Truss Roof

2012  Design of an Infrastructure Project Using a Point-Based Methodology

2012  Design of Retaining Walls Using Big Bang–Big Crunch Optimization

2012  Design of Structural Braced Frames Using Group Optimization

2012  Design Wind Speeds in the Caribbean

2012  Developing Benchmark Problems for Civil Structural Applications of Continuum Topology Optimization

2012  Drive-In Steel Storage Racks I: Stiffness Tests and 3D Load-Transfer Mechanisms

2012  Dual Objective Design Philosophy for Tornado Engineering

2012  Editor’s Note

2012  The Effect of Broken Wire Loads on EHV Transmission Structure Design

2012  Electrical Transmission and Substation Structures 2012, Solutions to Building the Grid of Tomorrow

2012  An Examination of Wind-Related Design Criteria and Their Applications in Hurricane Regions

2012  Experimental Investigation of Numerical Design Method for Point-Supported Glass

2012  Experimental Study of Static Force on Cable-Girder Anchorage of Cable-Stayed Bridge

2012  Exploring the Low Shape Factor Concept to Achieve Three-Dimensional Seismic Isolation

2012  FEMA’s Coastal Construction Manual Update—Flood-Resistant Design

2012  FEMA’s Coastal Construction Manual Update—Wind Resistant Design

2012  Flexural Demand on Pin-Connected Buckling-Restrained Braces and Design Recommendations

2012  Front Matter

2012  Generation and Nomenclature of Tessellations and Double-Layer Grids

2012  Hangzhou CBD, Tower A: Structural Challenges in the Design of a Tall, Long, and Slender Tower

2012  High Standards

2012  Higher and Higher: The Evolution of the Buttressed Core

2012  Inelastic Analysis Based Optimal Seismic Structural Design

2012  Influence of Slenderness on High-Strength Rectangular Concrete-Filled Tubular Columns with Axial Load and Nonconstant Bending Moment