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2005  Effect of Jrodanian Oil Shale Fly Ash on Asphalt Mixes

2005  Evaluation of Moisture Sensitivity of Hot Mix Asphalt by Flexural Beam Fatigue Test

2005  Photochemical Destruction of Tetrachloroethylene and Trichloroethylene from the Exhaust of an Air Stripper

2005  Treatability of Alternative Fuel Oxygenates Using Advanced Oxidation, Air Stripping, and Carbon Adsorption

2004  Effects of Crack Width and Permeability on Moisture-Induced Damage of Pavements

2004  Modeling Hydrogen Sulfide Emission Rates in Gravity Sewage Collection Systems

2004  Packed Column and Hollow Fiber Air Stripping of a Contaminant-Surfactant Stream

2004  Removal of Aqueous Phase Trichloroethylene using Membrane Air Stripping Contactors

2004  Simplified Shear Design Method for Concrete Beams Strengthened with Fiber Reinforced Polymer Sheets

2003  Counterflow Method for Measurement of Henry’s Law Constants

2003  Removal of Mercury from Low-Concentration Aqueous Streams using Chemical Reduction and Air Stripping

2002  Carbon Adsorption and Air-Stripping Removal of MTBE from River Water

2002  Comparison of Liquid and Gas-Phase Photoxidation of MTBE: Synthetic and Field Samples

2002  Introducing Ductile Strip for Durability Enhancement of Concrete Slabs

2002  Investigation of Premature Failure of Dense Friction Course Asphalt Highways in Ontario

2002  Neural Network Prediction of Air Stripping KLa

2001  Development of a New Structural Model with Prism and Strip Elements for Pavements on Steel Bridge Decks

2000  Surfactant Effects on the Transport of Air Bubbles in Porous Media

1999  Modeling Benzene Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (NAPL) Removal during Air Sparging

1997  Combined Use of Soil Vapor Extraction and Air Sparging in the Remediation of a Petroleum Hydrocarbon Impacted Site

1997  Cross-Flow Versus Counterflow Air-Stripping Towers

1997  Editor’s Note

1997  Effect of Pulsed Air Injection During In-Situ Air Sparging for Groundwater Remediation

1997  Expert System for Technology Screening for SOC and VOC Contaminated Water

1997  In-Situ Groundwater Remediation Using NoVOCs In-Well Stripping: Modeling, Design and Performance Data

1997  A Model for Predicting Mass Removal During Air Sparging

1997  Scrubber Saves Money By Reducing Breakdowns

1997  Soil Vapor Extraction System Design Scale-Up Considerations

1997  Use of Fuzzy Methods to Assess the Reliability of Air Stripping Towers

1996  Dust-Free Chemical Stripper Puts Old Paint Out to Pasture

1996  Ground-Water Treatments Gain Ground

1996  The Importance of Water Depth for Sparger Performance

1996  Niche for Steam Stripping in Treating Dilute SOC-Contaminated Waters

1996  Performance of Polyethylene Parting Strips in PCC Pavements

1996  Selection Among Aqueous and Off-Gas Treatment Technologies for Synthetic Organic Chemicals

1996  Water-Treatment Plant Helps Clean the Air of Jupiter

1995  Cleaning Contaminated Soil Using Electrical Heating and Air Stripping

1995  Demolishing NAPLs

1995  Remediation of Free-Product TCE

1995  Strategies for Control and Remediation of Solvent Pollution from the Dry Cleaning Industry

1995  Treatability of Subsurface-Derived Fluids from a Former Manufactured Gas Plant

1995  Using Specialized Adsorbents for Remediation

1994  The Performance of Unconfined Hollow Fiber Membranes as Pipe Flow and Mixed Flow Aerators

1994  Plate and Frame Membrane Air Stripping

1994  Process Selection for Treatment of SOC Contaminated Waters

1993  Debonding Location in Asphalt Concrete Associated with Moisture Damage

1993  Recyclability of Moisture Damaged Flexible Pavements

1993  Thermal Degradation of Antistripping Agents and Enhanced Performance by Curing

1992  Comparison of Dispersion Models for Wastewater Treatment Emissions

1992  Dual-System Cleanup

1992  Integrated Remediation of Soil and Groundwater

1992  Oxygen Transfer and VOC Emissions from Sewer Drop Structures

1992  Removal of 1,2 Dibromo-3-Chloropropane by Countercurrent Cascade Air Stripping

1992  Removal of VOCs and TEL in Iron-Rich Groundwaters

1992  Stripper Makes Paint Removal Less of a Blast

1991  Air Stripping of Refinery Effluent for TC Compliance

1991  B-Spline Compound Strip Formulation for Braced Thin-Walled Structures

1991  Complete Recyling in the Organics Chemicals Industry

1991  Crossflow vs. Counterflow Air Stripping Costs

1991  Evaluation of Cascade Air Stripping—Pilot-Scale and Prototype Studies

1991  In Situ Remediation of Hazardous Wastes

1991  Modeling Emissions from Aerobic Treatment Systems

1991  The Processing of Simulated High-Level Radioactive Waste Sludges Containing Nitrites and Mercury

1990  Biofilm Reactors for Treatment of Gas Streams Containing Chlorinated Solvents

1989  Intermedia Transfer of Groundwater Contaminants Via Air Stripping

1989  Soil Water Content and Air Stripping

1988  Spreadsheet Approach for the Design of Air Stripping of Volatile Organic Contaminants (VOCs) From Water

1987  Cost and Performance of Air Stripping for VOC Removal

1987  Nomograph for Air Stripping of VOC from Water

1987  Packed-Column Air Stripping of VOC from Hazardous Wastes

1987  Physical and Chemical Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater at Hazardous Waste Sites

1987  The Young Researcher Enters the Real World

1986  Air Stripping of Volatile Organic Compounds Using Structured Media

1986  Compound Strip Method for Continuous Sector Plates

1986  Compound Strip Method for Free Vibration Analysis of Continuous Plates

1984  Health Effect Concerns of Air Stripping Facilities

1984  Scale-Up of Air Stripping for Organics Removal from Groundwater

1982  Packed Column Air Stripping for Removal of Volatile Compounds

1982  The Role of Mass Transfer in Pollutant Removal by Air Stripping

1981  Physical-Chemical Mechanisms of Aqueous Ozonation

1981  Physical-Chemical Treatments of Oil Shale Retort Water

1981  Removal Mechanisms for Selected Priority Pollutants in Activated Sludge Systems

1972  Foundation Practices for Talbingo Dam, Australia

1971  Simulation of Ammonia Stripping from Wastewater