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2015  Constitutive Model for Strength Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste

2015  Effect of Anisotropy of Fibers on the Stress-Strain Response of Fiber-Reinforced Soil

2015  Influence of Slenderness on Stress-Strain Behavior of Concrete-Filled FRP Tubes: Experimental Study

2015  Lateral Strain-to-Axial Strain Relationship of Confined Concrete

2015  Mechanical Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Engineered Cementitious Composites in Uniaxial Compression

2015  Mechanical Properties and Behavior of Traditional Adobe Wall Panels of the Aveiro District

2015  Numerical Stress-Strain Analysis of Buried Steel Pipelines Crossing Active Strike-Slip Faults with an Emphasis on Fault Modeling Aspects

2015  Optimized FRP Wrapping Schemes for Circular Concrete Columns under Axial Compression

2014  Anisotropic Hardening Rule for Presheared Clay under a Constant Mean-Stress Condition

2014  Assessment of Compressive Behavior of Concrete Masonry Prisms Partially Filled by General Mortar

2014  Axial Compressive Behavior of Circular High-Strength Concrete-Filled FRP Tubes

2014  Bounding Surface Model for Rockfill Materials Dependent on Density and Pressure under Triaxial Stress Conditions

2014  Characterization of Yield Surfaces for FRP-Confined Concrete

2014  Confinement Model for FRP-Confined High-Strength Concrete

2014  Effect of Predamage on the Stress-Strain Relationship of Confined Concrete under Monotonic Loading

2014  Experimental Study on Hybrid Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Subjected to Uniaxial Compression

2014  FRP-Confined Self-Compacting Concrete under Axial Compression

2014  Influence of Load Type and Stress Gradient on Flexural Strength of Epoxy Resin Polymeric Material

2014  Influence of Strain History on Postliquefaction Deformation Characteristics of Sands

2014  Modified Triaxial Apparatus for Nonuniform Loading Beyond Frictional Ends

2014  Nonlinear Cross-Anisotropic Model for Soils at Various Strain Levels

2014  Predicting Stress and Strain of FRP-Confined Square/Rectangular Columns Using Artificial Neural Networks

2014  Simplified Mapping Rule for Bounding Surface Simulation of Complex Loading Paths in Granular Materials

2014  Size-Dependent Stress-Strain Model for Unconfined Concrete

2014  Theoretical Load-Transfer Curves along Piles Considering Soil Nonlinearity

2014  Thermal Properties of Mudstone at High Temperature

2014  Triaxial Compressive Strength of Concrete Subjected to High Temperatures

2014  Universal Stress-Strain Equation for Metallic Materials

2013  3-D Masing Behavior of a Parallel Iwan Model

2013  Atomic-Level Shear Stress-Strain Behavior of β-Sn

2013  Axial Compressive Behavior of Square and Rectangular High-Strength Concrete-Filled FRP Tubes

2013  Concrete-Filled FRP Tubes: Manufacture and Testing of New Forms Designed for Improved Performance

2013  Determination Method for Damaged Concrete Strength

2013  Effect of Testing Method and Strain Rate on Stress-Strain Behavior of Concrete

2013  Experimental and Constitutive Modeling of Relaxation Behaviors of Three Clayey Soils

2013  The Gully Head in the Loess Plateau and the Protection of the Gully Head for Oil and Gas Pipeline Engineering

2013  Investigation of Influencing Factors on Strain Localization inside Sand Specimens Subjected to Triaxial Loading

2013  Material Law on the Time-dependent Stress-strain Behavior of Young Concretes

2013  Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures

2013  Mobilization of Reinforcement Forces in Fiber-Reinforced Soil

2013  Modelling Stress-Strain Behaviour of Granular Soils

2013  Poromechanics Parameters of Fluid-Saturated Chemically Active Fibrous Media Derived from a Micromechanical Approach

2013  Propagation of Sound Waves in Poroelastic Media with Anisotropic Permeability

2013  Shear Stress-Strain Curves Based on the G/Gmax Logic: A Procedure for Strength Compatibility

2013  Strain Estimation of CFRP-Confined Concrete Columns Using Energy Approach

2013  Stress Fluctuations in a Soil Element Testing

2013  Stress-Strain Behavior and Statistical Continuous Damage Model of Cement Mortar under High Strain Rates

2013  Stress-Strain Curves of Structural and Reinforcing Steels after Exposure to Elevated Temperatures

2013  Stress-Strain Model of Ultrahigh Performance Concrete Confined by Fiber-Reinforced Polymers

2013  Stress-Strain-Strength Behavior of Lime-Stabilized Soils during Accelerated Curing

2013  Triaxial Behavior of Concrete Subjected to Dynamic Compression

2013  True Triaxial Tests on Cross-Anisotropic Deposits of Fine Nevada Sand

2012  Analytical Model for Stress-Strain Response of Plastic Waste Mixed Soil

2012  Analytical Solution for Flexural Response of Epoxy Resin Materials

2012  Backfill Stress and Strain Information within a Centrifuge Geosynthetic-Reinforced Slope Model under Working Stress and Large Soil Strain Conditions

2012  Behavior of FRP-Confined Normal- and High-Strength Concrete under Cyclic Axial Compression

2012  CFRP-Confined Square RC Columns. II: Cyclic Axial Compression Stress-Strain Model

2012  Compressive Behavior of Steel-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete with a High Reinforcing Index

2012  DEM Modelling of Elastic Adhesive Particles with Application to Lunar Soil

2012  Effects of Cold Temperature and Strain Rate on the Stress-Strain Behavior of ASTM A706 Grade 420(60) Steel Reinforcement

2012  Effects of Stress Path Rotation Angle on Small Strain Responses

2012  Extended UH Model: Three-Dimensional Unified Hardening Model for Anisotropic Clays

2012  Impact of Hydraulic Hysteresis on the Small-Strain Shear Modulus of Low Plasticity Soils

2012  Investigation of the Age-Dependent Constitutive Relations of Mortar

2012  Investigation of the Stress-Strain and Strength Behaviors of Ice Containing Methane Hydrate

2012  Large-Diameter Pipe Subjected to Landslide Loads

2012  Local Buckling Analysis of Longitudinal Reinforcing Bars

2012  Mechanics of SWCNT Aggregates Studied by Incremental Constrained Minimization

2012  Prediction of Nonlinear Stress-Strain Relationship of Lightly Stabilized Granular Materials from Unconfined Compression Testing

2012  Shear-Creep Behavior of Dredger Fill Silty Sands under Different Normal Pressure

2012  Stiffness Degradation and Yielding of EPS Geofoam under Cyclic Loading

2012  Stress-Strain and Strength Characteristics of Silt-Clay Transition Soils

2012  Stress-Strain-Volume Change Modeling of Delhi Silt in Triaxial Compression and Extension

2011  Analytical Model for Stress-Strain Response of Plastic Waste Mixed Soil

2011  Axial Stress-Strain Response of HDPE from Whole Pipes and Coupons

2011  Behavior and Modeling of Concrete Confined with FRP Composites of Large Deformability

2011  Confining Stress Effects on the Stress-Strain Response of EPS Geofoam in Cyclic Triaxial Tests

2011  Discrete Element Modeling of Constant Strain Rate Compression Tests on Idealized Asphalt Mixture

2011  Dynamic Response Analysis of Cement Concrete Pavement under Different Vehicle Speeds

2011  Dynamic Tensile Testing of Kevlar 49 Fabrics

2011  Effect of Particle Grading on the Response of an Idealized Granular Assemblage

2011  Effect of Strain Rate on the Stress-Strain Behavior of Sand

2011  Influence of Sand Content on the Stress-Strain Behavior of Silicon Sand Mixed Bentonite in CRS Condition

2011  Lumber-Boxed Concrete Structural System—Concept and Preliminary Analysis

2011  Micromechanical Analysis for Interparticle and Assembly Instability of Sand

2011  Modeling the Behavior of Steel-Fiber Reinforced Concrete Ground Slabs. I: Development of Material Model

2011  Single-Parameter Methodology for the Prediction of the Stress-Strain Behavior of FRP-Confined RC Square Columns

2011  Small-Strain Stiffness of Unsaturated Soils Using a Suction-Controlled Resonant Column Device with Bender Elements

2011  Steel Stress

2011  Stress-Block Parameters for Unconfined and Confined Concrete Based on a Unified Stress-Strain Model

2011  Stress-Strain Behavior of Gabion in Compression Test and Direct Shear Test

2010  Analytical Model for Circular Normal- and High-Strength Concrete Columns Confined with FRP

2010  Assess the Stress-Strain and Interfacial Frictional Behavior of Nonwoven Geotextile Reinforced Residual Soils

2010  Behavior and Modeling of Confined High-Strength Concrete

2010  Behavior of Large-Scale Rectangular Columns Confined with FRP Composites

2010  Behavior of Steel Fiber-Reinforced High-Strength Concrete Columns under Uniaxial Compression

2010  Constitutive Models for Tuff Masonry under Uniaxial Compression

2010  Empirical Stress-Strain Model for Unconfined High-Strength Concrete under Uniaxial Compression

2010  Experimental Study and Theoretical Models on Compressive Properties of Ultrahigh Toughness Cementitious Composites

2010  Full-Scale Field Testing for Verification of Mechanical Properties of Polyurethane Foams for Use as Backfill in PCC Repairs