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2015  Forced Vibration Analysis of Prestretched Plates with Twin Circular Inclusions

2015  Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Elimination of Severe Stress Concentration in Railhead Ends

2014  Exact Solutions for Stresses, Strains, Displacements, and Stress Concentration Factors of a Perforated Rectangular Plate by a Circular Hole Subjected to In-Plane Bending Moment on Two Opposite Edges

2014  Experimental and Numerical Assessment of Restrained Shrinkage Cracking of Concrete Using Elliptical Ring Specimens

2014  State-of-the-Art Review of Approaches for the Design of Timber Beams with Notches

2014  Stress Concentration of a Microvoid Embedded in an Adhesive Layer during Stress Transfer

2014  Tests to Determine Stress Concentration Factors for Square Bird-Beak SHS Joints under Chord and Brace Axial Forces

2013  Analysis of the Impact of Shield Tunnel Construction on the Ancient City Wall in Loess Stratum

2013  Experimental Study on Fatigue Strength of Corroded Bridge Wires

2013  The Scattering of Transient Plane SH Waves by Deep Buried Cylindrical Lined Cavity in Saturated Soil

2013  Stress-Concentration Factors in Circular Hollow Section and Square Hollow Section T-Connections: Experiments, Finite-Element Analysis, and Formulas

2012  Experimental Investigation of Numerical Design Method for Point-Supported Glass

2012  Localized Effects in Walls Strengthened with Externally Bonded Composite Materials

2012  Stress Concentrations in Elevated Steel Storage Tanks and Silos

2011  Fatigue Flexural Behavior of Corroded Reinforced Concrete Beams Repaired with CFRP Sheets

2011  Improved Geometric Design of Bridge Asphalt Plug Joints

2011  Research of Dynamic Stress Concentration of Lined Cavities under Incident Plane SV Waves in Different Angles

2011  Stress Concentration Analysis in Concrete Round Dowels for Airport Jointed Rigid Pavement System

2010  Effect of Geometric Discontinuities on Strains in FRP-Wrapped Columns

2010  Externally Reinforced Welded I-Beam-to-Box-Column Seismic Connection

2010  I-35W Bridge Collapse

2010  Monitoring-Based Fatigue Reliability Assessment of Steel Bridges: Analytical Model and Application

2009  Static and Fatigue Behavior of Thick Pultruded GFRP Plates with Surface Damage

2009  The Stress Concentration Ratio of Stone Columns under Confined Condition

2008  Parametric Equations to Predict SCF of Axially Loaded Completely Overlapped Tubular Circular Hollow Section Joints

2007  Affects of Geometry on Weld Toe Stress Concentration of Socket Connection Details

2007  Stress Concentration Factor as a Performance Indicator for Asphalt Mixes

2007  Stress Concentration in Tubular Joints

2007  Stress Concentration Solution for a 2D Dent in an Internally Pressurized Cylinder

2007  Support Mechanisms of Rammed Aggregate Piers. II: Numerical Analyses

2006  Fatigue of Corrugated-Web Plate Girders: Analytical Study

2006  Fatigue of Corrugated-Web Plate Girders: Experimental Study

2006  Local Rotations in Borehole Breakouts — Observed and Modeled Stress Field Rotations and Their Implications for the Petroleum Industry

2006  Simplified Structural Analysis of Retaining Walls on Stepped Footings

2006  Size Effect on Strength of Quasi — Brittle Structures with Reentrant Corners Symmetrically Loaded in Tension

2005  Fatigue Strength of Intersecting Attachments

2003  Stress Solution of Multiple Elliptic Hole Problem in Plane Elasticity

2002  Fatigue Tests and Design of Welded T Connections in Thin Cold-Formed Square Hollow Sections under In-Plane Bending

2002  Stress Concentration Factors of Doubler Plate Reinforced Tubular T Joints

2001  High-Order Approach for the Control of Edge Stresses in RC Beams Strengthened with FRP Strips

2000  Experimental and Numerical SCF Studies of Multiplanar Tubular XX-Joint

2000  Fatigue-Life Evaluation of Steel Post Structures. II: Experimentation

2000  Stress Concentrations in Tubular DT-Joints for Fatigue Design

1999  Experimental and Numerical Stress Analyses of Tubular XT-Joint

1998  Circular Inclusion in Half-Plane: Effect of Boundary Conditions

1998  Fatigue Behavior of T-Joints: Square Chords and Circular Braces

1998  Stress Concentration Factors in Tubular K-Joints Under In-Plane Moment Loading

1997  Rational Model for Multibolted Connections for GFRP Members

1996  Localized Load Effects in High-Order Bending of Sandwich Panels with Flexible Core

1995  Stresses in Faulted Tunnel Models by Photoelasticity and Adaptive Finite Element

1994  High-Order Bending of Sandwich Beams with Transversely Flexible Core and Nonparallel Skins

1994  Study of Stress Concentrations at the Intersection of Underground Chambers for the Superconducting Super Collider Project

1993  Finite Element Analysis of a Highway Bridge Hinge

1993  High-Order Behavior of Sandwich Beams with Flexible Core and Transverse Diaphragms

1992  An Elasticity Solution for a Transversely Isotropic Material Containing a Spherical Shell Under Arbitrary Axisymmetric Loading

1992  Novel Photoelastic Approach in Analysis of Elliptical Holes in Thick Plates

1992  Structural Efficiency of Internally Ring-Stiffened Steel Tubular Joints

1992  Torsional Stresses in Tubular Lap Joints with Tapered Adherends

1991  Concentration of Cyclic Stresses in Preloaded Threaded Connections

1990  Rational Method for Designing R.C. Slabs to Resist Punching

1989  Influence of Cementation on Liquefaction of Sands

1989  Shear and Normal Stresses in Adhesive Joints

1989  Spheroidal Cavity with Prescribed Asymmetric Displacements in Three-Dimensional Transverse Isotropy

1989  Stress Interference in a Transversely Isotropic Body Under Axisymmetric Loading

1989  Torsional Stress Concentration in Thin-Walled Beams

1988  Point Concentrations in Thick-Faced Sandwich Beams

1988  Spheroidal Cavity with Prescribed Asymmetric Tractions in Three-Dimensional Transverse Isotropy

1987  Intensity of Corner in Fixed Edge of Thin Plate

1987  Optimal Openings in Orthotropic Plane Structures

1987  Stress Concentration of Longitudinal Shear Problem

1987  Stress Concentrations in Composite Laminates

1986  Optimum Hole Shapes in Beams under Pure Bending

1986  Stress Analysis of a Blunted Notch in a Clamped Edge

1986  Stress Concentration in Clamped Edge of Thin Plate

1984  Frames with Staggered Panels: Experimental Study

1984  Minimum SCF for Two Neighboring Holes in Disks by Photoelasticity

1984  Optimum Shape for Pressure Vessel Attachments

1984  Stress Analysis of Nozzles in Ellipsodial Pressure Vessel Heads

1984  Stress Concentrations in Notched Timber Beams

1983  Intensity of Corner and Stress Concentration Factor

1983  On the Derivation of Harmonic and Neutral Holes

1983  Some Aspects of Adaptive Finite Element Modelling

1981  Bending and Shear Deformation Effects in Lap Joints

1980  Harmonic Shape and Optimum Design

1980  Stress Analysis of Bonded Plates and Joints

1979  Prestressed Concrete Beams with Transverse Circular Holes

1979  The Rigid Harmonic Inclusion

1978  Adhesion of Bimaterial Elastic Strips

1978  Bending of Strip with Semielliptic Notches or Cracks

1978  Soil Stress Measurement Experiences

1977  Rapid Calculation of Stress Intensity Factors

1977  Stresses from Variously Loaded Circular Cracks

1977  Three-Dimensional Fracture Mechanics Analysis

1977  Viscoelastic Response of Imperfect Surface Slab

1975  Response of Flexible Pavements to Multiple Loads

1974  Stress Concentrations Near Holes in Laminates

1970  Interaction Stresses in Composite Systems

1970  Stress Distribution around Shell Openings

1970  Theory of Brittle Fracture Applied to Soil Cement

1968  Effect if Skew Penetration on Stress Concentration