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2015  Mechanical Behavior and Modeling of Dowelled Steel-to-Timber Moment-Resisting Connections

2014  Analytic Method of Stress Analysis for an Orthotropic Rock Mass with an Arbitrary-Shaped Tunnel

2014  Determination of Load Distributions on Main Helicopter Rotor Blades and Strength Analysis of Its Structural Components

2014  Fast-to-Compute Weakly Coupled Ductile Fracture Model for Structural Steels

2014  Stresses Developed around Displacement Piles Penetration in Sand

2013  Applications of Finite/Discrete Element Modeling to Rock Engineering Problems

2013  CVBEM Application to a Novel Potential Function Providing Stress Field and Twist Rotation at Once

2013  Experimental Analysis of Stress in Cement Concrete Pavement with Base Cracks

2013  Stress Analysis of Oil Pipeline in the Tunnel

2013  Stress Analysis of Shallow Sea Gas Pipelines

2013  Stress Analysis of Transversely Loaded Functionally Graded Plates with a Higher Order Shear and Normal Deformation Theory

2013  Two-Dimensional Stress Analysis of Low-Temperature Cracking in Asphalt Overlay/Substrate Systems

2012  Analysis of Loads and Stresses of Drilling Tool in Trenchless Directional Drilling

2012  Explicit Analytic Solutions for the Accurate Evaluation of the Shear Stresses in Sandwich Beams

2012  Free-Edge Interlaminar Stress Analysis of Composite Laminates Using Interface Modeling

2012  Localized Effects in Walls Strengthened with Externally Bonded Composite Materials

2012  Micromechanical Model of Polymer Modified Porous Concrete and Stress Analysis of Its Binder

2012  Stress Analysis of Gas Pipeline in Tunnels on Pressure Testing Condition

2012  Stress Analysis of Gas Pipeline inside a Tunnel during Pigging Process

2012  Three-Dimensional Hydromechanical Sectional Analysis of Cracked Nonprismatic Concrete Spillway Piers

2011  Analysis of Stress and Displacement Field in Flexible Layered Pavement Based on Boundary Element Method

2011  Large Diameter Steel Pipe Stress Analysis When Installed by Means of Horizontal Directional Drilling

2011  Strength and Deformational Characteristics of Foamed Bitumen Mixes under Suboptimal Conditions

2011  Stress Analyses of Deep Plate Girders Used at Oil and Gas Facilities with Rectangular Web Penetrations

2011  Stress Analysis in the Structural Design of a Pipeline at an Offshore Oil Field

2011  Stress Analysis of Asphalt Overlay Structure with the Presence of Concrete Pavement Base Void and Treatments

2010  Critical State Stress Analysis for Soil Body of Potential Heave

2010  Local Stress Analysis of the Big Intersection Angle V-Shaped Pier of Butterfly Arch Continuous Girder Bridge

2009  Deflection and Stress Analysis of Concrete Slab under Temperature and Axle Load Coupling

2009  Dynamic Stress Analysis of a Ballasted Railway Track Bed during Train Passage

2009  Finite Element Stress Analysis for the Coupling Hook of Schnable Car

2009  The Stress Analysis of Drilling Rod in Horizontal Directional Drilling during Trenchless Construction of Underground Pipelines

2009  Stress Analysis of Monolithic Circular Arches Strengthened with Composite Materials

2009  Stress Analysis of Pipeline Subjected to Differential Frost Heave

2009  Stress Analysis of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Slab under Various Supporting Conditions

2009  Stress and Strain Analysis of Buried Pipeline Subject to Mine Subsidence

2008  Effective Stress Analysis and Set-up for Shaft Capacity of Piles in Clay

2008  Experimental Behavior of Triangular Laminated Glass Lites

2007  Free-Edge and Ply Cracking Effect in Angle-Ply Laminated Composites Subjected to In-Plane Loads

2007  Poroelastic Model for Production- and Injection-Induced Stresses in Reservoirs with Elastic Properties Different from the Surrounding Rock

2007  Stress Concentration Solution for a 2D Dent in an Internally Pressurized Cylinder

2006  Empirical Punching Shear Failure Theory for Oriented Strand Boards: Preliminary Study

2006  Evaluation of Early Strength Requirement of Concrete for Slab Replacement using Accelerated Pavement Testing

2006  Local Rotations in Borehole Breakouts — Observed and Modeled Stress Field Rotations and Their Implications for the Petroleum Industry

2006  Modeling of Multilayer Composite Fabrics for Gas Turbine Engine Containment Systems

2006  Threshold Shear Strain for Cyclic Pore-Water Pressure in Cohesive Soils

2005  Evaluating Distress in Wood-Framed Roof Structures

2005  Nonlinear Modeling of Flexible Cable Loads on Large Sheaves

2005  Stress Singularities in a Model of a Wood Disk under Sinusoidal Pressure

2004  Bending-Punching Shear Interaction in an Oriented Strand Board

2004  Stress Analysis of Asphalt Pavement under Non-uniform Load

2004  Stress Predictions for Flexible Pavement Systems

2003  Full-Scale Testing of Procedures for Assembling Trunnion-Hub-Girder in Bascule Bridges

2003  Pavement Response and Rutting for Full Scale and Scaled APT

2003  Stress Solution of Multiple Elliptic Hole Problem in Plane Elasticity

2002  Ground Response in Lotung: Total Stress Analyses and Parametric Studies

2002  Load Stress Analysis of Unbonded Prestressed Concrete Pavement

2001  Bottom Stress in the Inner Surf and Swash Zone

2001  Modeling and Simulation of Concrete Materials

2001  Monitoring Two Tunnels

2001  Stress Spikes in Pin and Hanger System of a Truss Bridge

2001  Stresses and Deformation of Buried Pipeline under Wave Loading

2000  Structural Failure of Pile Foundations during Installation

1999  Analysis of Glass/Polyvinyl Butyral (Butacite) Laminates Subjected to Uniform Pressure

1999  Editor’s Note

1999  Modern Practices in Stress and Vibration Analysis, edited by M. D. Gilchrist

1999  Stress in Buried Pipes from Shear Distortions

1999  TKUPAV: Stress Analysis and Thickness Design Program for Rigid Pavements

1999  Total and Effective Stress Analysis of Suction Caissons for Gulf of Mexico Conditions

1999  Tunnel Support Design with Finite Element Analysis

1998  Analysis of Floating Roofs by ODE-Solver Method

1998  Elastic Subsurface Stress Analysis for Circular Foundations. I

1998  Elastic Subsurface Stress Analysis for Circular Foundations. II

1998  Museum Examines Engineering Creativity

1997  Approach to Analysis of Composite Structures Subjected to Action of High-Energy Laser Beam

1997  Dredging and Disposal within the Limits of a National Park

1997  Early Age Shrinkage and Creep of Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Airfield Pavement

1997  On the Response of Transmission Structures to High Winds

1997  Serviceability Analysis of Concrete Sections under Biaxial Bending

1997  Stress Fluctuations in Granular Materials

1997  Three-Dimensional Finite Element Modeling of Rigid Pavement Structures

1997  Tower of Montecchio Stress Analysis of Southeast Wall

1996  Active Vibration Control of Machine Foundation

1996  Implicit Integration Procedures and Consistent Tangent Operators for Bounding Surface Plasticity Models

1996  Improved Analysis Techniques for the Capacity and Fatigue Assessment of TPG Railway Bridges

1996  Prefabricated Concrete Walls. Influence of Prestressload on Vertical Joints

1995  Advanced Materials Analysis

1995  Finite-Element Analysis of Wood Joints

1995  Investigation of the Collapse of the 300-foot Radio Telescope at Greenbank West Virginia

1995  Measuring the Bicyclist Stress Level of Streets

1995  Shell Model Response Analysis of Buried Pipelines

1995  Stress Analysis of Concrete Structures Subjected to Variable Thermal Loads

1995  Three-Dimensional Stress Analysis of the First Molar

1995  Weld Joint Design for EVA Repair of On-Orbit Fluid Systems

1994  Analysis of a Concrete Cylinder with a Composite Hoop Wrap

1994  Concrete Beams with Externally Bonded Crabon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Strips

1994  Extensions of Finite Element Dental Stress Analysis

1994  Investigation of Stress in a Circular Tunnel Due to Overburden and Thermal Loading of Horizontally Placed 21 PWR Multi Purpose Canisters

1994  New Ultrasonic Device Sounds Out Bridges

1994  Role of Vortex-Excited Vibrations in Damage to Power Poles in Hurricane Andrew