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2015  Allowable Bending Fatigue Stress of Rails

2015  Axially Moving Microscale Panel Model Based on Modified Couple Stress Theory

2015  Cable Replacement Method for Cable-Stayed Bridges Based on Sensitivity Analysis

2015  Crack Assessment of the New Galata Bascule-Type Steel Bridge

2015  Estimation of Fracture Stiffness, In Situ Stresses, and Elastic Parameters of Naturally Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs

2015  Forced Vibration Analysis of Prestretched Plates with Twin Circular Inclusions

2015  Mechanical Behavior of Clean Sand at Low Confining Pressure: Verification with Element and Model Tests

2015  Numerical Analyses of the Stress and Limiting Load for Buried Gas Pipelines under Excavation Machine Impact

2015  Pore Network Investigation on Hysteresis Phenomena and Influence of Stress State on the SWRC

2015  Reducing Cement Contents of Paving Blocks by Using Mineral Waste and by-Product Materials

2015  Stress Dilatancy of Natural Soft Clay under an Undrained Creep Condition

2015  Surface Structuring of Wax in Complex Media

2014  The Allowable Stress, Load Factor, and Load and Resistance Factor Evaluation of the Historical Swing Steel Truss Riverside-Delanco Bridge

2014  Behavior of a Pressure-Grouted Soil-Cement Interface in Direct Shear Tests

2014  Bond Strength of Standard and High-Modulus GFRP Bars in High-Strength Concrete

2014  Complete Stresses and Displacements in a Cross-Anisotropic Half-Space Caused by a Surface Vertical Point Load

2014  Discrete-Like Crack Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Incorporated with Analytical Solution of Cyclic Bond Model

2014  Disturbed Stress Field Model for Unreinforced Masonry

2014  Effect of Stress Singularity Magnitude on Scaling of Strength of Quasi-Brittle Structures

2014  Effect of through Crack Size on Strength of Shell Structures

2014  Effects of Principal Stress Rotation on Resilient Behavior in Rail Track Foundations

2014  Exact Solutions for Stresses, Strains, and Displacements of a Rotating Annular Plate with Variable Thickness Subjected to a Centrifugal Body Force

2014  Experimental Investigation of SPSW Web Plate Stress Field Development and Vertical Boundary Element Demand

2014  Experimental Studies and Models for Ductile Fracture in ASTM A992 Steels at High Triaxiality

2014  Finite-Element Parametric Study of Bond and Splitting Stresses in Reinforced Concrete Tie Members

2014  Gusset Plate Stability Using Variable Stress Trajectories

2014  Hole Drilling Technique for On-Site Stress Measurements of Masonry Piers: Analysis of the Santa Maria del Mar Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain

2014  Improved Geometric Design of Earthquake-Resistant RC Slender Structural Walls. II: Design Implications

2014  Influence of Intermediate Principal Stress on the Bearing Capacity of Strip and Circular Footings

2014  Integrated Performance of FRP Tendons with Fiber Hybridization

2014  Laboratory Study on Geosynthetic Protection of Buried Steel-Reinforced HDPE Pipes from Static Loading

2014  Modeling Slip in Stress-Laminated Timber Bridges: Comparison of Two Finite-Element-Method Approaches and Test Values

2014  Multiscale Discontinuities Due to Differential Stress around a Pressurized Borehole

2014  Nonhomogenized Displacement Discontinuity Method for Calculation of Stress Intensity Factors for Cracks in Anisotropic FGMs

2014  Precise Finite-Element Model for Pulleys Based on the Hamiltonian Form of Elasticity

2014  Robust Method for Automated Segmentation of Frames with/without Distress from Road Surface Video Clips

2014  Semianalytic Stress-Function Variational Approach for the Interfacial Stresses in Bonded Joints

2014  Simplified Method for Calculating Active Earth Pressure on Rigid Retaining Walls Considering the Arching Effect under Translational Mode

2014  Size-Dependent Fracture Toughness of Nanoscale Structures: Crack-Tip Stress Approach in Molecular Dynamics

2014  Stress Dilatancy and Reinforcement Load of Vertical-Reinforced Soil Composite: Analytical Method

2014  Stress Prediction Model for FRP Confined Rectangular Concrete Columns with Rounded Corners

2014  Two-Dimensional Stress-Wave Propagation in Finite-Length FG Cylinders with Two-Directional Nonlinear Grading Patterns Using the MLPG Method

2014  Unified Assessment of Stress Scaling Factors for Liquefaction Engineering Problems

2014  Vertical Stress Determination within Backfilled Mine Stopes

2013  Analytical Solution for the Consolidation of a Composite Foundation Reinforced by an Impervious Column with an Arbitrary Stress Increment

2013  Behavior of a Double-Layer Tensegrity Grid under Static Loading: Identification of Self-Stress Level

2013  Bilinear S-N Curves and Equivalent Stress Ranges for Fatigue Life Estimation

2013  Calculation of Shrinkage Stress in Early-Age Concrete Pavements. II: Calculation of Shrinkage Stress

2013  Change in Biot’s Effective Stress Coefficient of Chalk During Pore Collapse

2013  Checking the Flexural-Torsional Stresses in Power Plants Pipe Supports Steel Frames

2013  Consolidation Settlement in Aquifers Caused by Pumping

2013  Constitutive Modeling of Loose Sands under Various Stress Paths

2013  Coupled THMC Analysis of the Stress and Pressure Change around the Injection Well in CO2 Sequestration

2013  Dispersion of Love Wave Propagating in Irregular Anisotropic Porous Stratum under Initial Stress

2013  Dynamic Analysis of Finite-Length Circular Cylindrical Shells with a Circumferential Surface Crack

2013  Dynamic Modulus of HMA and Its Relationship to Actual and Predicted Field Performance Using MEPDG

2013  Dynamic Stress Transfer Rules in Subgrades of Tramcar

2013  The Effect of Excavation Disturbance on Rockburst Trigger under Different Horizontal Geostress

2013  Effects of Creep and Built-In Curling on Stress Development of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement under Environmental Loadings

2013  Effects of Principal Stress Directions and Mean Normal Stress on Failure Criterion for Cross-Anisotropic Sand

2013  Energy-Based Mechanistic Approach to Characterize Crack Growth of Asphalt Mixtures

2013  Experimental Study on the Mechanical Performance of the Interface between Concrete Pavement and Lean Concrete Base Treated with Different Bond-breaking Layers

2013  Fatigue Behavior of Welded T-Joints with a CHS Brace and CFCHS Chord under Axial Loading in the Brace

2013  Fatigue Properties of Asphalt Mixtures at Broad Stress Ratio Conditions with Improved S–N Model

2013  Horizontal Loading Effects of Fresh Concrete on Precast Arches

2013  A Hybrid LSSVM-ABC Model for the Determination of the Magnitude of Horizontal in Situ Stresses

2013  Innovative Families of Double-Layer Tensegrity Grids: Quastruts and Sixstruts

2013  Investigation of Moisture Content-Induced Variations in Unbound Aggregates’ Resilient Modulous Through Suction Stress Concept

2013  Modeling Cyclic Behavior of Clay by Micromechanical Approach

2013  Modelling of Hydraulic Fractures Trajectories in Inhomogeneous Stress Field

2013  Numerical Modeling of Load and Stress on the Contact Surface of a Turnout and a Railway Vehicle

2013  Numerical Simulation Test of Tunnel’s Deformation under Different Levels of Horizontal Stress

2013  Observations on Mohr-Coulomb Plasticity under Plane Strain

2013  Performance of Triangular Aperture Geogrid-Reinforced Base Courses over Weak Subgrade under Cyclic Loading

2013  Poroelastic Effects on the Stress-Dependent Permeability of a Stiff Shale

2013  Reliability-Based Dynamic Amplification Factor on Stress Ranges for Fatigue Design of Existing Bridges

2013  Stress and Deflection Parametric Study of High-Speed Railway CRTS-II Ballastless Track Slab on Elevated Bridge Foundations

2013  Stress-Strain Degradation Response of Railway Ballast Stabilized with Geosynthetics

2013  Study on Autofrettage for Medium-Thick Pressure Vessels

2013  Tensile Creep Behavior of Concrete Subject to Constant Restraint at Very Early Ages

2013  Unified Bond Stress-Slip Model for Reinforced Concrete

2013  Versatile Method for the Design of Steel Compression Members

2012  Ab Initio Study of Coupling between Electronic and Phononic Contribution to Stress-Dependent Thermal Conductivity of Au, Si, and SiC

2012  Advanced Numerical Modeling of Cracked Tubular K Joints: BEM and FEM Comparison

2012  Analytical Method to Determine Vertical Stresses within a Granular Material Contained in Right Vertical Prisms

2012  Analytical Solution of Displacement and Stress in CRCP under Thermal Load

2012  Anisotropy Evolution and Irrecoverable Deformation in Triaxial Stress Probes

2012  Branch Plate-to-Circular Hollow Structural Section Connections. II: X-Type Parametric Numerical Study and Design

2012  Buried Flexible Pipes: Deflections and Stresses Caused by an Increase in Soil Cover—Highway Crossing

2012  Concrete Stress Distribution Factors for High-Performance Concrete

2012  DEM Simulations of Undrained Triaxial Behavior of Granular Material

2012  The Development of Allowable Fatigue Stresses in API RP2A

2012  Dynamics of Stress Fibers Turnover in Contractile Cells

2012  Effect of Adhesive Thickness and Concrete Strength on FRP-Concrete Bonds

2012  Effects of Base Characteristics on Curling Stresses of Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements

2012  Electrical Conduction of Granular Media: Experimental and Numerical Studies

2012  Exact Elementary Green’s Functions and Integral Formulas in Thermoelasticity for a Half-Wedge

2012  Experimental and Analytical Investigation of Service-Load Stresses in Cellular Beams

2012  Failure Analysis on Pipe Body Fracture of S135 Drill Pipe in West-East Gas Pipeline for Direction Crossing

2012  Fatigue Reliability Assessment for Existing Bridges Considering Vehicle Speed and Road Surface Conditions