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2014  Bounding Surface Model for Rockfill Materials Dependent on Density and Pressure under Triaxial Stress Conditions

2013  The Soil-Rock Boundary: What Is It and Where Is It?

2012  How Strong Is Strong Enough?

2011  Effects of the Storage of CO2 on Multiaxial Mechanical and Hydraulic Behaviors of Oil-Well Cement

2011  Fatigue of Concrete Beams Strengthened with Glass-Fiber Composite under Flexure

2011  Homogenization of Cohesive-Frictional Strength Properties of Porous Composites: Linear Comparison Composite Approach

2011  Lightweight Concrete Incorporating Volcanic Ash-Based Blended Cement and Pumice Aggregate

2011  Methods to Improve Infilled Frame Ductility

2011  Strength Mechanism of Cement-Asphalt Mortar

2011  The Ubiquitous-Joint Model and Its Application in Predicting the Strength of Stratified Rock

2011  Using Twist-Off Method for Measuring Surface Strength of Concretes Cured under Different Environments

2010  Behavior of Concrete in Water Subjected to Dynamic Triaxial Compression

2010  Design and Application of Risk Adjusted Cumulative Sum for Strength Monitoring of Ready Mixed Concrete

2010  Effects of Bulk Water Chemistry on Autogenous Healing of Concrete

2010  Lateral Out-of-Plane Strengthening of Masonry Walls with Composite Materials

2010  Micromechanical Explanation of Elasticity and Strength of Gypsum: From Elongated Anisotropic Crystals to Isotropic Porous Polycrystals

2010  Nonlinear Unified Strength Criterion for Concrete under Three-Dimensional Stress States

2010  Pullout Strength Models for FRP Anchors in Uncracked Concrete

2010  Seismic Design Strength of Cold-Formed Steel-Framed Shear Walls

2010  Simplified Model for Compressive Behavior of Concrete Columns Strengthened by Steel Angles and Strips

2010  Strength and Stiffness of Circular Concrete-Filled Tubes

2010  Truss Modeling of Concrete Columns in Compression

2009  Analytical Studies on a Crack in Layered Structures Mimicking Nacre

2009  Fatigue Strength Analysis of Petrol Engine Connecting-Rod with an Interference Fit Using FEM

2009  Mechanically Fastened FRP-Strengthened Two-Way Concrete Slabs with and without Cutouts

2009  New Mixture Proportioning Method for Concrete Made with Coarse Recycled Concrete Aggregate

2009  Strain-Rate Effects in Mexico City Soil

2009  Study of Brick Masonry Columns Confined with CFRP Composite

2008  Investigation of Eccentrically Loaded CFRP-Confined Elliptical Concrete Columns

2008  Review of Design Guidelines for FRP Confinement of Reinforced Concrete Columns of Noncircular Cross Sections

2007  Adaptive Network — Fuzzy Inferencing to Estimate Concrete Strength Using Mix Design

2007  Assessment and Repair of Fire-Damaged High-Strength Concrete: Strength and Durability

2007  Influence of Fly Ash as Cement Replacement on the Properties of Recycles Aggregate Concrete

2007  Influence of Metakaolin Surface Area on Properties of Cement-Based Materials

2007  Strength and Slake Durability of Lime Stabilized Pond Ash

2007  Three-Dimensional Hoek-Brown Strength Criterion for Rocks

2006  Effect of Test Piece Size on Rheological Behavior of Wood Composites

2006  Experimental Study on Strength and Stiffness of Bare Type CFT Column Base with Central Reinforcing Bars

2006  Failure Behavior of Spruce Wood under Bending-Shear Combined Stress Field

2006  Particle Shape Effects on Packing Density, Stiffness, and Strength: Natural and Crushed Sands

2006  Quantifying the Effect of Rock Strength Criteria on Minimum Drilling Mud Weight Prediction using Polyaxial Rock Strength Test Data

2006  Static Strength of Cracked Square Hollow Section T Joints under Axial Loads. I: Experimental

2006  Static Strength of Cracked Square Hollow Section T Joints under Axial Loads. II: Numerical

2006  Strength of Lightweight Glass Aggregate Concrete

2006  Strength, Stiffness, and Compressibility of RAP/Aggregate Blends

2005  Buildings: ’Flying’ Design Center Delights Toronto

2005  Evaluation of Seismic Performance of Gravity Load Designed Reinforced Concrete Frames

2005  Out-of-Plane Strength Design of Fixed Steel I-Section Arches

2005  Static Strength of T-Joints Reinforced with Doubler or Collar Plates. I: Experimental Investigations

2005  Static Strength of T-Joints Reinforced with Doubler or Collar Plates. II: Numerical Simulations

2005  Strength and Modulus of Marine Clay-Cement Mixes

2005  Strength Design in Aluminum, A Review of Three Codes

2005  Strength of Bolted Aluminum Alloy Tension Members

2005  Theoretical Shear Strength of Concrete Columns Due to Transverse Steel

2005  Van Der Waals Force and Asphalt Concrete Strength and Cracking

2004  Behavior of Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Beam Columns

2004  Carbonation-Porosity-Strength Model for Fly Ash Concrete

2004  Comparative Strength Analyses of Concrete-Encased Steel Composite Columns

2004  Impact of Quality Control Practices in Sandcrete Blocks Production

2004  Interface Behavior of Granular Soils

2004  Local Buckling of Steel Plates in Double Skin Composite Panels under Biaxial Compression and Shear

2004  Mechanical Properties and Strength of Aged Cast Iron Water Pipes

2004  Nonlinear Plastic Hinge Analysis of Three-Dimensional Steel Frames in Fire

2004  Seismic Behavior and Design of High-Strength Square Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Beam Columns

2004  Studies on Sulfate-Resistant Cement Stabilization Methods to Address Sulfate-Induced Soil Heave

2003  Behavior of Hydrocarbon Reservoir Sands and Sandstones

2003  Characterization of Strength and Deformation of Jointed Rock Mass Based on Statistical Analysis

2003  High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete with High Strength and Low Drying Shrinkage

2003  Improving the Strength and Ductility of Rectangular Reinforced Concrete Columns through Composite Partial Interaction: Tests

2003  Load-Duration Behavior of Wood-Plastic Composites

2003  Local Web Buckling Strength of Coped Steel I Beams

2003  Long-Term Behavior and Strength of Partially Encased Composite Columns Made with Built-Up Steel Shapes

2002  4.0 Strength of Single Pole Utility Structures

2002  Assessment of Strength Equations for Overlapped Tubular K-Joints

2002  Behavior and Strength of Partially Encased Composite Columns with Built-up Shapes

2002  Berm Breakwaters: Stone Breaking Strength

2002  Bond-Slip Response of Reinforcing Bars Embedded in Plain and Fiber Concrete

2002  Capacity of Oriented Strand Board Shear Walls with Overdriven Sheathing Nails

2002  Clegg Hammer—California–Bearing Ratio Correlations

2002  Ductility and Strength Requirements for Base Metal in Welded T-Joints

2002  Effect of Inclusions on Friction Coefficient of Highly Filled Composite Materials

2002  Evolution of IEC 60826 “Loading and Strength of Overhead Lines”

2002  Interpretation of Concrete Strength for Nonstandard Specimens

2002  Large Sample Spacing in Evaluation of Vertical Strength Variability of Clayey Soil

2002  Long-Term Strength of Prestressed Ground Anchors in Creep-Sensitive Soils

2002  Size Effect on Strength of Floating Sea Ice under Vertical Line Load

2002  Strength and Modulus Degradation of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Laminates from Fiber Misalignment

2002  Strength Prediction for Discontinuity Regions by Softened Strut-and-Tie Model

2001  Anchorage Strength Models for FRP and Steel Plates Bonded to Concrete

2001  Axial Strength Determination for Gypsum-Sheathed, Cold-Formed Steel Wall Stud Composite Panels

2001  Behavior of Soft Singapore Marine Clay Treated with Cement

2001  Effect of Column-to-Beam Strength Ratio on Seismic Performance of RC Moment Frames

2001  Experimental and Numerical Simulations of Jointed Rock Block Strength under Uniaxial Loading

2001  External FRP PostStrengthening of Scaled Concrete Slabs

2001  Flexural Capacity of Glass FRP Strengthened Concrete Masonry Walls

2001  Homogenization of Masonry Using Numerical Simulations

2001  In-Plane Analysis of Masonry Infill Materials

2001  Interaction of Foundry Sands with Geosynthetics

2001  Masonry Failure Criterion under Biaxial Stress State

2001  The Maturity Method: From Theory to Application