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2007  Case Study in Cost-Based Risk Assessment for Selecting a Stream Restoration Design Method for a Channel Relocation Project

2006  Scour around Bankline and Setback Abutments in Compound Channels

2005  Geospatial Representation of River Channels

2005  Modeling Noncohesive Suspended Sediment Transport in Stream Channels using an Ensemble-Averaged Conservation Equation

2005  Preliminary Assessment and Rating of Stream Channel Stability near Bridges

2004  Channel and Watershed Assessment—Prioritizing Stream Projects in Pennsylvania

2004  Evolution of Piedmont Floodplains and Stream Channels: Implication for Urban Stream Restoration

2004  Form and Process Relationships in a Sand Channel as they Relate to the Bombing Run Remediation Site on Fort Bragg, NC

2004  The Influence of Habitat Mosaics on Species Assemblage in a Channelized Midwestern Stream

2004  Laboratory Experiments on Pool-Riffle Sequences Designed to Restore Channelized Low-Gradient Streams

2004  Large Woody Debris Structures for Sand-Bed Channels

2004  Re-Channelization of Stream Channels Affected by an Extreme Flood Due to the 2002 Typhoon Rusa in Korea

2004  Restoring Form and Processes in Urban Streams: The State-of-the-Art

2004  Stream Channel Restoration at Bridge Sites

2004  Stream Restoration in an Urban Park Setting

2004  Urban Stream Restoration Using a Natural Channel Design Approach

2004  Using Concepts of Work to Evaluate Hydromodification Impacts on Stream Channel Integrity and Effectiveness of Management Strategies

2004  Using Effective Discharge Analysis Methods and a Sediment Transport Reference Reach in the Design of an Urbanizing Sand-Gravel Channel

2003  Developing Management Plans to Address Impacts from Urbanization on Stream Channel Integrity

2001  CONCEPTS - A Process-Based Modeling Tool to Evaluate Stream-Corridor Restoration Designs

2001  Development of a Multi-Objective Master Plan for the Rehabilitation of Ashley Creek

2001  Earthquake Engineering: New Report Helps Pinpoint Liquefaction Vulnerability

2001  Environmental Restoration of Flood Control Concrete Channel, Patuxent Watershed, Maryland

2001  Laboratory Observations of Ice Jams in Channel Confluences

2001  A Methodology for Predicting Channel Migration NCHRP Project No. 24-16

2001  Modeling Package for Assessing the Potential Effects of Hydrologic Change on Stream Form and Integrity

2001  Multi-Component Stream Channel Remediation and Restoration Approach

2001  Quantification of Habitat Diversity in Lowland Rivers

2001  Results from a Channel Restoration Project: Hydraulic Design Considerations

2001  Specific Stream Power and a Risk-Based Design Approach

2001  Urban Stream Restoration Using a Natural Channel Design Approach

2001  West Branch Paint Creek Rehabilitation Erosion Reduction using Hydrologic, Hydraulic and Physical Channel Modifications

2000  Hydraulic Characteristics of a Doubly Meandering Compound Channel

2000  Modeling Channel Instabilities and Mitigation Strategies in Eastern Nebraska

2000  Monitoring Road Removal on the Clearwater National Forest

2000  Prediction of Stream Geometry in the Maryland Piedmont Based on Land Use and Urbanization

2000  The Response of Pool-Riffle Bedforms to Variations in Stream Discharge: A Modelling Approach.

1999  Roughness Coefficients in Manning’s Equation as an Estimating Tool for Bankfull Discharge in Natural Channels

1999  Supply of Large Woody Debris in a Stream Channel

1999  Utilizing Geomorphic Analogs for Design of Natural Stream Channels

1998  Application of Deformable Stream Bank Concepts to Natural Channel Design

1998  Bioengineered System in Existing Stream Channel

1998  Native vs Exotic: Natural Colonization vs Planting

1998  Placer-Mine Site Reclamation Evaluation in Alaska

1998  The Reference Reach: A Blueprint for Natural Channel Design

1998  Stream Corridor Restoration: Principles, Processes, and Practices

1998  Upland Watershed Considerations for Comprehensive River Restoration

1998  Urban Stream Restoration in Anchorage, Alaska

1998  Urban Stream Restoration on Tributaries of Accotink Creek

1998  Woody Debris Influence on Flow Resistance

1997  Experience from Morphological Research on Canadian Streams: Is Control of the Two-Year Frequency Runoff Event the Best Basis for Stream Channel Protection?

1997  Grain Sorting in Meander Bends

1997  Routing of Tailings in a Stream Channel

1997  Streambank Restoration Design with Vinyl Sheet Pile Grade Control Structures

1997  Uncertainty in the Design of Stream Channel Restorations

1997  Using Artificial Neural Networks in Meandering Compound Channels

1996  Retrofitting an Urban Watershed for Improved Water Quality

1996  Scour Study for Bridge Design on Temecula Creek

1996  Simulation of Channel Changes Induced by a Reservoir

1996  Stream Instability in Loess Base Channels

1996  Tributary No. 9 Restoration, Maryland State Highway Administration

1996  Utilizing Geomorphic Analogs for Design of Natural Stream Channels

1995  Case Studies in Stream Preservation/Restoration

1995  Channel Degradation in Southeastern Nebraska Rivers

1995  Comparison of Distributive vs. Lumped Rainfall-Runoff Models on Goodwin Creek Watershed

1995  Cost-Benefit Analysis of Urban Stormwater Controls

1995  Drainage Network Simulation Using Digital Elevation Models

1995  Equilibrium Slope and Width Relationships in the Rio Grande Conveyance Channel Upstream of Elephant Butte Reservoir

1995  Equivalencing Rock Riprap and Gabions for Stream Channel Protection

1995  Flood Control and Habitat Preservation in the Mojave River Victorville, California

1995  Local Scour at Bridge Piers in Coarse-Bed Channels

1995  Navigation Problems on the Zaire River, Africa

1995  Reliability of Bridge Foundations in Unstable Alluvial Channels

1995  Scour at Bridge Abutments

1994  Analysis of blocking phenomena in bifurcated channels found in mountainous rivers

1994  Bed Load Prediction in Steep Mountain Rivers

1994  Bias in Regression Estimates of Manning’s n

1994  Erosion and Deposition by Debris Flows in Mountainous Channels on North Fork Mountain, Eastern West Virginia

1994  Evaluating Flow Resistance Using Height of Roughness Protrusions

1994  Flow Resistance of High-Gradient Gravel Channels

1994  A General Theory of Channel Adjustment in High Gradient Streams

1994  Mathematical Models to Assess Stream Dynamics

1994  On Habitat Simulation in Mountain Rivers

1994  Problems with Indirect Determinations of Peak Streamflows in Steep, Desert Stream Channels

1994  Roughness Coefficients for High-Gradient Channels in New York State

1994  Steep Constructed Stream Channels and Chutes

1994  Supercritical Flows Versus Subcritical Flows in Natural Channels

1993  Basin-Scale Modeling as Tool for Water-Resource Planning

1993  Bridge Abutment Scour in Compound Channels

1993  Double Rock Park Stream Restoration Project

1993  Effect of Choptank Watershed Drainage Project on Stream Temperatures

1993  Sediment Entrapment by Stream Channel Vegetation

1993  Selecting Sediment Transport Equation for Scour Simulation at Bridge Crossing

1993  Supply of Large Woody Debris in a Stream Channel

1993  Travel Time in Mountain Basins

1992  International Survey of Levee Freeboard Design Procedures

1991  Effects of Fine Sediment Intrusion on Spawning Gravel in Southeast Alaska

1991  Rio Moquino Stream Stability and Erosion Protection, Jackpile Uranium Mine

1990  Advances in Hydraulic Stream Modeling Using HEC-2

1990  Hydraulic Geometry of Mississippi Hill Streams