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2013  Numerical Modeling of the Effect of Duration of Barotropic Forcing on Sea Strait Flow: Case Study of the Bosphorus Strait

2012  3D Numerical Modeling of Stratified Flows: Case Study of the Bosphorus Strait

2012  Inertial Density Currents over Porous Media Limited by Different Lower Boundary Conditions

2011  Implementation and Testing of RANS Turbulence Models for Stably Stratified Flows

2010  Modeling Oxygen Mass Transfer Rate through the Air-Water Surface in Stratified Flows

2009  Density Effect on Round Turbulent Hypersaline Fountain

2008  Destratification by Mechanical Mixers: Mixing Efficiency and Flow Scaling

2008  Numerical Simulation of Flushing of Trapped Salt Water from a Bar-Blocked Estuary

2008  Thermistor Chain Data Assimilation to Improve Hydrodynamic Modeling Skill in Stratified Lakes and Reservoirs

2007  Downscaling Model Resolution to Illuminate the Internal Wave Field in a Small Stratified Lake

2005  Residence Time Distribution Characterization of the Flow Structure in Dissolved Air Flotation

2005  Validation of a 3D RANS Model to Predict Flow and Stratification Effects in River-Dam Forebays

2004  Experiments on Selective Withdrawal of a Codirectional Two-Layer Flow through a Line Sink

2004  Structure of Turbulent Flow in a Shallow Tidal Estuary

2004  Supercritical Exchange Flow Down a Sill

2003  Field Experiment Study of Transient Stratified Flow in an Estuary

2003  Fluid-Particle Interactions and Resuspension in Simple Shear Flow

2002  Multi-Phase Plumes in Uniform, Stratified, and Flowing Environments

2001  Mixing in Stratified Jets

2000  Axisymmetric Submerged Intrusion in Stratified Fluid

2000  BIEM Modeling of 3D Circulation and Transport in Stratified Estuaries

2000  Internal Characteristics of Two-Layer Stratified Flow Systems Under Wind Stress

1999  Temporal Observations of Interfacial Layer between Fluids of Different Density

1998  Modeling Density and Turbulence in Stratified Tidal Medium

1998  Three-Dimensional Finite-Element Model for Stratified Coastal Seas

1998  Two-Dimensional Simulations of Contaminant Currents in Stratified Reservoir

1997  The Erosion of a Salt Wedge Trapped Behind a Barrage Across an Estuary

1997  Flow Separation and Mixing Caused by Sills in Two-Layer Flow

1997  Hydraulics of Two-Layer Exchange Flow Over a Sill

1997  Salinity Control in Mississippi River Under Drought Flows

1997  Stratified Flow Approximation for Sloping Aquifers

1996  Numerical Model for Sea Outfall Hydraulics

1996  Turbulence Measurements in Saline Gravity Current Fronts

1995  Application of Neural Networks in Stratified Flow Stability Analysis

1995  Modeling of Mixing by Turbulent Jet in Stably Stratified Fluid

1995  Prediction of Estuarine Instabilities with Artificial Neural Networks

1995  Study of Upwelling Phenomena of Anoxic Water ‘A-oshio’

1994  The Formation of a Turbidity Maximum in an Estuary

1994  Hydraulics of Seawater Purging in Tunneled Wastewater Outfall

1994  Localized Sigma Coordinates for the Vertical Structure of Hydrodynamic Models

1994  Simple Internal Waves and Bores

1994  Simulation of Round Buoyant Jet in Stratified Flowing Environment

1994  Stratified Cooling Channel for Thermal Discharges

1994  Stratified Flow in an Impounded Inland River

1994  Wave Interaction with Fluid Mud in Rectangular Trench

1993  Gravity-Current Fronts Advancing into Horizontal Ambient Flow

1993  Kinematic Mixing in Stratified Aquifers

1993  Mixing Characteristics of a Transitional Stratified Two-Layer Flow

1993  A Model for Vertical Transport at a Sheared Density Interface

1993  A Model of Mixing in a Stratified Tidal Flow

1993  Numerical Estimation of Macrodispersivities in Heterogeneous Self-similar Aquifers

1993  Selective Withdrawal in a Rotating Stratified Fluid

1992  Boundary Conditions for Sediment-Laden Flows

1992  The Importance of Density Driven Circulation in Well Mixed Estuaries: The Tampa Bay Experience

1992  Modeling Vertical Structure of Open-Channel Flows

1992  Numerical Modeling of Withdrawals at Large Dams

1992  Physical and 2-D Computer Models of Skimmer Curtain Effects on Lewiston Reservoir and Outlet Temperatures

1992  Three-Dimensional Thermal Jump in Stratified Cooling Channel

1991  Critical Submergence in Two-Layer Stratified Flow

1991  Effect of Gas Flow on Physical Absorption

1991  Experiments on Stratified Flows: A Comparison with Theory

1991  The Great Belt Link How to Achieve Zero Environmental Impact on the Baltic Sea

1991  Hydraulic Features of Flexible Curtains Used for Selective Withdrawal

1991  Keulegan Legacy: Saline Wedges

1991  A Knowledge Based System for Design of Localized Mechanical Mixing Systems

1991  On the Application of Multiphase Flow Models for the Simulation of Density Stratified Flow in Aquifers

1991  Quasi-Two-Dimensional Reservoir Simulation Model

1991  Turbulence Measurements and Parameterizations

1991  Withdrawal from Two-Layer Fluid Through Line Sink

1990  Absolute and Convective Instability of Inviscid Stratified Shear Flows

1990  An Advectively Sustained Thermocline on the Agulhas Bank

1990  Applications of a Two-Equation Turbulence Model to Geophysical Boundary Layers

1990  Blocking of Layered Flows in Channels of Gradually Varying Geometry

1990  Clouds Formed by Large Area Fires

1990  A Comparison of Numerical and Laboratory Experiments on Density-Stratified Flows Around a Three-Dimensional Hill

1990  Controls on Density Current Propagation

1990  Dense Inflows Into Narrow Reservoirs

1990  Density Currents from a Radial Source in Stratified Flowing Environments

1990  Development of Density Discontinuities in a Turbulent Fluid

1990  Differential Property Transport Due to Incomplete Mixing in a Stratified Fluid

1990  Direct Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Patches in Stably-Stratified Fluids

1990  Dispersion in a Stratified Flow Adjacent to a Wall

1990  The Effects of Rotation on Selective Withdrawal from a Density-Stratified Reservoir

1990  Eigen Structure of Eddies in Stratified Flow

1990  Entrainment by Katabatic Winds in Adelie land, Antarctica

1990  Entrainment of Two-Layer Thermal Density Flow in a Shallow Channel

1990  The Evolution of a Vortex Pair in Stratified Shear Flows

1990  The Evolution of Cyclonic Disturbance and Lee Waves Over a Topography in a Rapidly Rotating Stratified Flow

1990  The Evolution of Grid-Generated Turbulence in the Neighborhood of a Density Step

1990  An Experimental Evidence for the Existence of a Preferred Wavenumber in Rayleigh-Bénard Convection

1990  Experiments on Baroclinic Eddy Evolution and Stability in Rotating Continuously Stratified Systems

1990  Field, Laboratory and Classroom Design Projects

1990  Generation of Small-Amplitude Surface and Internal Waves

1990  Gravity Flow and Entrainment by Dense Gases Released Instantaneously Into Calm Air

1990  Heat Transfer Effects on Gravity Currents

1990  How to Suppress Transport Across a Density Interface

1990  Hydraulic Control of Multilayered Exchange Flow Through Obstructions

1990  Hydraulic Control of the Marine Layer Over Coastal Upwelling Zones

1990  Hydrodynamic Phase Diagrams for Microstructure in Stratified Flows

1990  Interfacial Mixing in Estuaries and Fjords