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Found 60 Records with the keyword term of "Strain hardening"

2012  Effects of Cold Temperature and Strain Rate on the Stress-Strain Behavior of ASTM A706 Grade 420(60) Steel Reinforcement

2012  Parametric Study of the Use of Strain Softening/Hardening FRC for RC Elements Failing in Bending

2010  Effects of Large Cumulative Travel on the Behavior of Lead-Rubber Seismic Isolation Bearings

2009  Modeling of Residual Stresses in Structural Stainless Steel Sections

2007  Analytical Model for Tensile Strain Hardening and Multiple Cracking Behavior of Hybrid Fiber-Engineered Cementitious Composites

2002  Introducing Ductile Strip for Durability Enhancement of Concrete Slabs

2001  Cross-Sectional Classification for Aluminum Beams—A Parametric Study

2000  Tensile Stress-Strain Modeling of Pseudostrain Hardening Cementitious Composites

1999  Cyclic Hardening Rule for Structural Steels with Yield Plateau

1999  Discontinuous Deformation of Tensile Steel Bars: Experimental Results

1999  New Micromechanics Design Theory for Pseudostrain Hardening Cementitious Composite

1999  Response of Quasi-Brittle Materials Reinforced by Short, Aligned Fibers

1996  Experimental Measurement of Strain Gradient Effects in Granular Materials

1996  Strength and Ductility of Rectangular Concrete Columns: A Plasticity Approach

1995  Advanced Cement-Based Composites

1995  Strain-Hardening Behavior of Shear Panels Made of Low-Yield Steel. I: Test

1995  Strain-Hardening Behavior of Shear Panels Made of Low-Yield Steel. II: Model

1994  Advances in Strain-Hardening Cement Based Composites

1994  Anisotropic Plasticity Model for Foams and Honeycombs

1994  Flexural/Tensile-Strength Ratio in Engineered Cementitious Composites

1994  Predictions of Footing Tests Sponsored by the FHWA Using a Strain Hardening Elastoplastic Constitutive Model

1993  Strain Hardening Beams Under Shear, Bending, and Axial Forces

1992  Micromechanics Based Design for Pseudo Strain-Hardening in Cementitious Composites

1992  Rate-Dependent Plasticity Representation for Energy-Absorbing Materials

1992  Shear Zone Formation and Slope Stability Analysis

1992  Steady-State and Multiple Cracking of Short Random Fiber Composites

1991  Development of a Constitutive Model for Impact Limiters

1991  Material Effects—Statistics of Steel Tube Struts

1991  Modelling of Tubes with Large Plastic Deformation

1990  Beam Strength Enhancement at Design Ductility Factor Demands

1989  Compressive Concrete Strain at Buckling of Longitudinal Reinforcement

1989  Inelastic Buckling of Reinforcing Bars

1986  ET for Tensile Prestrained Tubular Struts

1986  Finite-Strain, Elasto-Plastic Solution for Contact Problems

1985  Polyaxial Yielding of Granular Rock

1985  Third-Invariant Plasticity Theory for Low-Strength Concrete

1981  Accumulation of Second Order Strain in Cyclic Loading of Viscous Bar

1981  Dynamic Collapse of Frames Under Wind Disturbances

1981  Second-Order Strain Accumulation in Workhardening Media

1980  Compaction of Dry or Fluid-Filled Porous Materials

1980  Further Consideration of Progressively Fracturing Solids

1980  A Plastic-Fracture Model for Concrete

1979  Constitutive Model for Short-Time Loading of Concrete

1979  Inelastic Material Models in Earthquake Response

1979  Model for Mild Steel in Inelastic Frame Analysis

1978  Anisotropic Undrained Stress-Strain Behavior of Clays

1977  Progressive Failure in a Model Heterogeneous Medium

1977  A Theory of Creep Failure in Overconsolidated Clay

1976  Instability, Ductility, and Size Effect in Strain-Softening Concrete

1976  Ultimate Strength of Continuous Composite Beams

1975  Analysis of Pressuremeter in Strain-Softening Soil

1975  Behavior of Cold-Rolled Stainless Steel Members

1975  Strain Hardening and Aging in Cold-Formed Steel

1975  Utilization of Cold Work in Cold-Formed Steel

1973  Predicted Pullout Strength of Sheet-Piling Interlocks

1972  Buckling of Inelastic I-Beams under Uniform Moment

1972  Finite Element Analysis of Strain-Softening Clay

1972  Shakedown of Strain-Hardening Structures

1971  Response of Rate-Sensitive Frames to Impulsive Load

1965  Importance of Strain Hardening in Plastic Design