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Found 99 Records with the keyword term of "Strain gages"

2014  Curvature Monitoring of Beams Using Digital Image Correlation

2014  Damage/Deterioration Detection for Steel Structures Using Distributed Fiber Optic Strain Sensors

2014  Determining Geometric Out-of-Plane Imperfections in Steel Tied-Arch Bridges Using Strain Measurements

2013  Bonding Integrity Study between Steel Pipeline and Composite Wraps Using Structural Health Monitoring Technique

2013  Internal Forces Arising in the Segmental Lining of an Earth Pressure Balance-Bored Tunnel

2013  Robust Flexible Capacitive Surface Sensor for Structural Health Monitoring Applications

2012  A Method for Measuring Average Strain of Cracked Ferrocement Plates

2012  NewsBrief: Paint Holds Promise As Structural Sensor (Popular Science)

2012  Optimum Accuracy of Two-Dimensional Strain Measurements Using Digital Image Correlation

2012  Short- and Long-Term Evaluation of Asphalt Concrete Strain Gauge Installation Methods Applied to the KHCTR

2011  Load-Transfer Efficiencies of Rigid Airfield Pavement Joints Based on Stresses and Deflections

2010  Exhumed Geogrid-Reinforced Retaining Wall

2010  Field Behavior of an Integral Abutment Bridge Supported on Drilled Shafts

2009  Lessons Learned: Field Installation of Strain Gages on High-Strength Geotextile

2008  Vibrating Wire Strain Gages and Civil Structures

2007  Factors Influencing the Performance of Strain Gauges: A Singapore Perspective

2007  Research on Influence Factor in Semi-rigid Base Course Material Temperature Shrinkage Coefficient Test Using Strain Gauge

2006  An Application of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor to Piles

2006  Foil Strain Gage Attachment Techniques for Geotextile and Geogrid

2006  Use of Digital Photography to Analyze Foil Strain Gages on Geosynthetics

2005  Direct Measurement of Asphalt Binder Thermal Cracking

2005  Survivability of Foil Strain Gages Mounted on Geosynthetics Under Full-Scale Construction Loads

2004  Condition Assessment of the Eastbound 6th Avenue Viaduct using Strain Gauges

2003  Full-Scale Testing of Procedures for Assembling Trunnion-Hub-Girder in Bascule Bridges

2003  Laboratory Evaluation of Fiber-Optic Sensors for Strain Monitoring

2002  Manson—Coffin Relationship for Shear Connectors

2001  Asphalt Concrete Strain Responses at High Loads and Low Speeds at the National Airport Pavement Test Facility (NAPTF)

2000  Concrete Strain Monitoring with Fabry-Pérot Fiber-Optic Sensor

2000  Performance of an Anchored Sheet-Pile Wall

2000  Strain Measurements of Concrete Piers in Expansive Soils

1999  An Experiment with Statnamic Lateral Loading of a Drilled Shaft

1999  Restoring Historic Bridges using Modern Methods

1999  Strain Gauge Measurements of Interfacial Cracks in Bimaterial

1999  Testing Programs for Instrumentation to Monitor Boston Red Line Subway Tunnels

1998  Lateral Load Behavior of Full-Scale Pile Group in Clay

1998  Not Your Father’s Strain Gauge

1997  Acoustic Strain Gauge’s Ease Bridge Monitoring

1997  Folsom Spillway Gate Failure and Lessons Learned

1997  Propagation of Explosive Pulses in Assemblies of Disks and Spheres

1997  Runway Instrumentation at Denver International Airport—Development of Database

1997  Ultrasonic Load Testing of Steel Highway Bridges


1996  Investigation of Bridge Floor-Truss Behavior in Tied-Arch Span

1996  Measurement of Applied Stress in Steel Bridges

1996  Probabilistic Framework to Detect and to Identify Anomalies in Structures

1995  Construction Shoring Load Measurements

1995  Experimental Verification of Hydraulic Robot for Remote Handling of HLNW

1995  Monitoring Behavior of Grouted Anchors Using Vibrating-Wire Gauges

1995  Neural Network Based Sensor Signal Monitoring of Instrumented Structures

1994  Experimental Study of Embedded Fiber-Optic Strain Gauges in Concrete Structures

1994  Investigating the Behavior of a Lattice Structural Section

1994  Physical Model Tests of Dolos Impact Stresses

1994  Strain Measurement on the Runner of a Hydroelectric Turbine

1993  Extrinsic Fabry-Perot Sensor for Structural Evaluation

1993  Interpretation of Embedded Optical Fiber Sensor Signals

1993  Serpentine Optical Fiber Strain Gauge Evaluation

1992  Field Evaluation of Strain Gauges in Asphalt Concrete Pavements

1992  Prestressed-Concrete Railway-Bridge Live-Load Strains

1992  Strain and Stress Measurements in Pavements

1991  Applications of Strain and Deflection Monitoring Systems for Post-Earthquake Safety and Usability of Lifelines

1991  Penstock Monitoring System in Active Landslide Areas

1991  Screening Data with an Expert System (PDAS)

1991  Use of a Tie-Back Retaining Wall to Stabilize a Moving Landslide

1990  Dynamic Response of Shallow-Buried Cylindrical Structures

1990  Field Installation of Strain Gaged Geotextiles

1990  Pile Behavior Established from Model Tests

1990  Residual Stresses in Asbestos-Cement Pipes

1989  Current Bridge Research at Iowa State University

1989  Instrumentation and Testing of Bridge Rehabilitated with Exodermic Deck

1986  Monitoring a Bridge’s Pulse

1986  Strain Gaging and Data Acquisition at the TLMRF

1985  Maintaining a Natural Gas Pipeline in Active Landslides

1982  Field Tests of Long-Span Aluminum Culvert

1982  Modal Testing of Trashrack at Hiwassee Dam

1981  Techniques for Testing Splice-Plate Connections

1980  Bolt Tension Measurement from Head Strain Data

1980  A Study of Downdrag on a Cast-in-Place Concrete Pile

1980  Thermal Stresses in Skew Bridge by Model Test

1980  Unstiffened Pipe Riser Clamps

1979  An Eroding Long Rod Penetrator Model for Hard Target Penetration

1979  Oil Shale Properties by Split Cylinder Method

1977  Design and Field Behavior of Reinforced Earth Wall

1977  Modified Soil Strain Gage

1976  Shaft Failure of Large Axial Flow Pumps

1973  Constructional Deformations in Rockfill Dam

1971  Behavior of Sands under Surface Loads

1971  Rigid Pavement Stresses under Aircraft Loading

1971  Structural Reaction Dynamometers

1970  Axisymmetric Stress Wave Propagation in Sand

1970  Tests on Instrumented Piles, Ogeechee River Site

1970  Wave Propagation in Confined Clay

1969  Behavior of Unsymmetrical-Continuous Folded Plates

1969  Field Observation of Tagus River Suspension Bridge

1969  Strain in Brick Wall of Five-Story Building

1968  Large Area Wave-Load Meter

1968  Uncased Pipeline Crossings of Railroads and Highways

1964  Strain-Gage Analysis For Uncased Pipeline Crossing: Report of the Research Council on Pipeline Crossing of Railroads and Highway of Pipeline Division

1960  Tests on Prestressed Concrete Embedded Cylinder Pipe

1956  A Direct Method for Model Analysis