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2014  Assessment of Winter Maintenance of Porous Asphalt and Its Function for Chloride Source Control

2014  Calibration of Rainfall-Runoff Model in Urban Watersheds for Stormwater Management Assessment

2014  Climate Change, Urban Development, and Storm Water: Perspectives from the Field

2014  Design of Outlet Control Structures for Ecological Detention Ponds

2014  Development and Demonstration of a GIS-Based Cumulative Effectiveness Approach to Buffer Design and Evaluation

2014  Evaluating Rain Barrel Storm Water Management Effectiveness across Climatography Zones of the United States

2014  Evaluation of Surface Infiltration Testing Procedures in Permeable Pavement Systems

2014  Exploring Seasonality in Escherichia coli and Fecal Coliform Ratios in Urban Watersheds

2014  Mixed Flows with Depressurizing Wavefront in Circular Pipe

2014  Mixed-Media Filter System for Removal of Multiple Contaminants from Urban Storm Water: Large-Scale Laboratory Testing

2014  Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Pressurized Wave Front in a Circular Pipe

2014  Optimal Real-Time Operation of Multipurpose Urban Reservoirs: Case Study in Singapore

2014  PAHs Removal from Urban Storm Water Runoff by Different Filter Materials

2014  State of the Practice: Evaluation of Sediment Basin Design, Construction, Maintenance, and Inspection Procedures

2014  Storm Water Pollution Source Identification in Washington, DC, Using Bayesian Chemical Mass Balance Modeling

2014  Storm-Water Bioinfiltration as No-Irrigation Landscaping Alternative in Semiarid Climates

2014  Subdivision Infrastructure Affecting Storm Water Runoff and Residential Property Values

2014  Sustainable Stormwater Management Using Underground Injection Control Wells: A Case Study

2014  Techniques for In Situ Evaluation of Stormwater Infiltration Rate

2014  Turbidity in Highway Construction Site Runoff: Preparing for Numerical Effluent Limits

2014  Water Quality Capture Volume for Storm Water BMP and LID Designs

2013  Air-Water Flow Structure in a Circular Dropshaft

2013  Analytical Probabilistic Model for Evaluating the Hydrologic Performance of Green Roofs

2013  Application of a Monitoring Plan for Storm-Water Control Measures in the Philadelphia Region

2013  Assessing the Importance of Temporary Storage Volume Occupied by Emergent Vegetation in Constructed Storm Water Wetlands

2013  Assessment of Clogging Dynamics in Permeable Pavement Systems with Time Domain Reflectometers

2013  Baffle-Drop Structure Design Relationships

2013  Bayesian Approach for Uncertainty Analysis of an Urban Storm Water Model and Its Application to a Heavily Urbanized Watershed

2013  Bayesian Chemical Mass Balance Method for Surface Water Contaminant Source Apportionment

2013  Case Study of Simulation of Heat Export by Rainfall Runoff from a Small Urban Watershed Using MINUHET

2013  Case Study of St. Louis, Missouri: Comparison of Bioretention Performance to the Runoff Component of a Restored Water Balance

2013  Catchment Scale Hydrologic and Water Quality Impacts of Residential Stormwater Street Retrofits in Wilmington, North Carolina

2013  Catchment-Scale Evaluation of the Hydrologic and Water Quality Impacts of Residential Street Retrofits in Wilmington, NC

2013  Characterization of Storm Water-Suspended Sediments and Phosphorus in an Urban Catchment in Florida

2013  Classic Optimization Techniques Applied to Stormwater and Nonpoint Source Pollution Management at the Watershed Scale

2013  Comparison of Maintenance Cost, Labor Demands, and System Performance for LID and Conventional Stormwater Management

2013  Continuous Modeling of Bioinfiltration Storm-Water Control Measures Using Green and Ampt

2013  Creating a Stormwater Park in the City Meadow of Norfolk, Connecticut

2013  Degradation of Harmful Bacteria in Simulated Wastewater by the White Rot Fungus Pleurotus Ostreatus

2013  Design of Storm-Water Retention Ponds with Floating Treatment Wetlands

2013  Discharge Coefficients for Orifices Cut into Round Pipes

2013  Distributed Hydrologic Forecast Reliability Using Next-Generation Radar

2013  Effect of the Seasonal Rainfall Distribution on Storm-Water Quality Capture Volume Estimation

2013  Effects of Media and Plant Selection on Biofiltration Performance

2013  Eliciting Stakeholders’ Preferences for Low-Impact Design Incentives: Conjoint Analysis Approach

2013  ET Influence on Urban Stormwater Runoff Estimation

2013  Evaluation of Adsorption for the Removal of Heavy Metals in Stormwater Runoff

2013  Evaluation of Nitrogen Removal and Fate within a Bioinfiltration SCM

2013  Evapotranspiration from a Green-Roof Storm-Water Control Measure

2013  Examination of the Material Found in the Pore Spaces of Two Permeable Pavements

2013  Explicit Equation for Estimating Storm-Water Capture Efficiency of Rain Gardens

2013  Feasibility Study of As-Received and Modified (Dried/Baked) Water Treatment Plant Residuals for Use in Storm-Water Control Measures

2013  Full-Scale Up-Flo® Stormwater Filter Field Verification Tests

2013  Green Roof Storm-Water Runoff Quantity and Quality

2013  Green Streets, Highways, and Development 2013, Advancing the Practice

2013  Have Urban Drainage System Maintenance Practices Made BMPs Passé in a TMDL Toolbox?

2013  How Poor Stormwater Practices Are Shortening the Life of Our Nation’s Infrastructure--Recalibrating Stormwater Management for Stream Channel Stability and Infrastructure Sustainability

2013  Hydrologic Response of Solar Farms

2013  Hydrological Analysis of Potential Campus Expansions by Two Methods

2013  Impact of Infrastructure Coating Materials on Storm-Water Quality: Review and Experimental Study

2013  Impact of Variable Hydraulic Conductivity on Bioretention Cell Performance and Implications for Construction Standards

2013  Improving Stormwater Discharge Outfalls in Playa Lakes

2013  Influence of Aggregate Gradation on the Performance Properties of Porous Asphalt Mixtures

2013  Instantaneous Stepwise-Steady CFD Model of BMP Response to Unsteady PM Loadings

2013  Integrated Surface-Groundwater Model for Storm-Water Harvesting Using Basic Mass Balance Principles

2013  Internal Water Storage Enhances Exfiltration and Thermal Load Reduction from Permeable Pavement in the North Carolina Mountains

2013  Introduction to ASCE Monograph-Permeable Pavements in Cold Climates

2013  Investigating Whether or Not Constructed Stormwater Wetlands Need Maintenance to Sustain Performance and the Effect of Vegetation Occupancy in the Designed Storage Volume

2013  Kinematics of Entrapped Air Pockets in Stormwater Storage Tunnels

2013  Mixture Proportioning Considerations for Improved Freeze-Thaw Durability of Pervious Concrete

2013  Modeling Sedimentation-Filtration Basins for Urban Watersheds Using Soil and Water Assessment Tool

2013  Monitoring Hydrological Performance of Green Infrastructure Stormwater Controls

2013  Naturalized Storm Water Structures for Roadside Drainage in India

2013  Novel Use of Time Domain Reflectometry in Infiltration-Based Low Impact Development Practices

2013  Numerical Investigation of Flow in Triangular Gutters

2013  Numerical Modeling of Mixed Flows in Storm Water Systems: Critical Review of Literature

2013  Optimizing Stormwater Green Infrastructure in the Municipal Roadway Environment: Lessons from Southern California

2013  Paved Area Reduction Factors under Temporally Varied Rainfall and Infiltration

2013  Phosphorus Equilibrium. I: Impact of AlOx Media Substrates and Aqueous Matrices

2013  Physical Modeling of Particulate Matter Washout from a Hydrodynamic Separator

2013  Port of Portland T6 Berth 604-605 Seismic Upgrade and Modernization Project

2013  Predicting Between-Event Variability of Escherichia coli in Urban Storm Water

2013  Predicting Performance for Constructed Storm-Water Wetlands

2013  Preliminary Design Aid for Bioretention Filters

2013  Probabilistic Hydrologic Model to Simulate Response of Urban Drainage System to Implementation of Low Impact Development Stormwater Practices

2013  Quantifying Evaporation from Pervious Concrete Systems: Methodology and Hydrologic Perspective

2013  Rain Barrel-Urban Garden Stormwater Management Performance

2013  Relating Stormwater Treatment Device Design Criteria to Effluent Quality: An In-Depth Statistical Analysis of the BMP Database

2013  Relationship between Urban Runoff Pollutant and Catchment Characteristics

2013  Risk Assessment of City Water Logging Based on the Model of Storm Water System

2013  Simulated Storm-Water Runoff Treatment by Duckweed and Algae Ponds

2013  Site-Level Stormwater Reuse: A Cost Assessment of Commercial Developments in Canada

2013  Site-Level Stormwater Reuse: A Feasibility Analysis of Commercial Developments in Canada

2013  Solids Loading Capacity of Stormwater Biomedia for Estimating Biofilter Longevity

2013  Sorption-Induced Swelling of Tire-Derived Aggregate: Experimental Study

2013  Spatial Accumulation and Strength of Affiliation of Heavy Metals in Bioretention Media

2013  Stormwater Management in the Aftermath of Natural Disasters

2013  Stormwater Runoff Loadings To Coastal Bayous Under A Gradient Of Watershed Urbanization, North Central Gulf of Mexico

2013  Stormwater TMDL Compliance - A Case Study of Implementation Strategies Used in Two Coasts

2013  Stormwater to Base Flow? Investigating Surface-Groundwater Interactions for Stormwater Management and Ecosystem Enhancement