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2014  Effects of Runoff Characteristics and Filter Type on Geotextile Storm Water Treatment

2014  Efficacy of Averaging Interval for Nonstationary Winds

2014  Engineering Investigations of Hurricane Damage, Wind versus Water

2014  Insights into Building Damage and Vulnerability from the Recent Severe Thunderstorm Outbreaks: Analyses of Post-Damage Surveys and Insurance Claims Data

2014  New Method for Estimating Landslide Losses from Major Winter Storms in California and Application to the ARkStorm Scenario

2014  Postoperation Performance of the Tai Hang Tung Storage Scheme in Storm Events: 2D Hydraulic Analysis and Field Verification

2014  Probable Maximum Precipitation in a Changing Climate: Implications for Dam Design

2014  Rapid Flood Exposure Assessment of Vermont Mobile Home Parks Following Tropical Storm Irene

2013  Analytical Closed-Form Solution for 1D Linear Kinematic Overland Flow under Moving Rainstorms

2013  Impact of Climate Change on Extreme Rainfall across the United States

2013  Risk Analysis for Medium- and Small-Sized Ships’ Navigation in Stormy Waves

2013  Storm Event Characteristics Based on IETD for Different Climatic Regions within United States

2013  Use of Storm Life Cycle Information and Lightning Data in Radar-Rainfall Estimation

2012  April’s Fury: Alabama Power’s Transmission Organization Battles Historic Losses after April 27th Storms

2012  Beach Erosion and Recovery

2012  Engineering Standards for Glazing Performance

2012  Hazard Mitigation of the Building Envelope: Are Our Building Envelopes Ready for a Powerful Storm?

2012  Improved SCS-CN-Inspired Model

2012  Improved Storm Duration and Antecedent Moisture Condition Coupled SCS-CN Concept-Based Model

2012  Maximization of Precipitation for the 1997 Storm Event over American River Watershed, California, Using a Regional Atmospheric Model

2012  Pacific Northwest Storms of December 1-4, 2007, Lifeline Performance

2012  Protection and Performance before, during, and after the Storm

2012  Quantifying Regional Risk Profiles Attributable to Sea Level Rise

2012  Sea Level Rise and the Impact of Lesser Storms

2011  Analytical Probabilistic Approach for Estimating Design Flood Peaks of Small Watersheds

2011  Behavior of Shore Protection Structures in Alexandria, Egypt, during the Storm of December 2010

2011  Changes to Geomorphic and Bathymetric Features Due to Extreme Storm Events Near East Pass Inlet, Florida

2011  Comparison of Synthetic Design Storms with Observed Storms in Southern Arizona

2011  Incorporating the Effect of Moving Storms into Hillslope Hydrology: Results from a Multiple-Slope Soil Flume

2011  Near-Coastal Storms and Associated Waves

2011  Storm and Gust Duration Effects on Design Wind Loads for Glass

2011  Study on the Assessment of Highway Traffic Risk in Hail Storm Weather

2010  Back Matter

2010  Deficiency Analysis of Coastal Buildings toward Storm Damage Reduction

2010  Estuarine and Coastal Modeling

2010  Flooding Impacts and Modeling Challenges of Tropical Storms in Eastern Yemen

2010  Front Matter

2010  Structural Evaluation of Storm Damaged Solar Well Connections at the One Technology Center (Formerly WilTel Building) in Tulsa, Oklahoma

2009  The Behaviour of Tuned Liquid Dampers—Experiment and Analytical Solution

2009  Berm and Dune Erosion during a Storm

2009  Changing the Home Building Paradigm of the Gulf South through Education

2009  Financial Model for Insuring against Catastrophic Storm Risks

2009  An Investigation of Building Damage Caused by Thunderstorm Winds

2009  NRCS Design Storm Erosivity

2009  Numerical Simulations of Coastal Floods and Morphological Changes Due to Sea Level Rise and Hazardous Storm

2009  Radar-Rainfall Analysis for Extreme August Storm in Sacramento

2009  Storm Identification and Tracking Algorithm for Modeling of Rainfall Fields Using 1-h NEXRAD Rainfall Data in Texas

2009  Storm Wave Kinematics

2009  Use of Lightning and Storms Life Cycle Information in Radar Rainfall Estimation

2008  Anatomies of Historical Storm Events in the Pacific

2008  Assessing the Storm Vulnerability of Natural and Cultural Resources in Coastal National Parks

2008  Coastal Storms and Climate Change over the Last Two Centuries, East Coast, Australia

2008  Comparison of Compost and Hydromulch for Stabilization of Disturbed Sites

2008  Design Hyetograph for Typhoon Rainstorms in Taiwan

2008  Development of a Hurricane Storm Surge Damage Model for Residential Structures

2008  Estimation of Average Rainfall Areal Reduction Factors in Texas Using NEXRAD Data

2008  Evaluation of Impacts of the Patriots’ Day Storm (April 15-18, 2007) on the New England Coastline

2008  Experimental System for Real-Time Discharge Estimation Using an Image-Based Method

2008  Extrapolation of Historical Storm Data for Estimating Design Wave Heights

2008  Geologic Effects and Coastal Vulnerability to Sea-Level Rise, Erosion, and Storms

2008  Hourly Disaggregation of Daily Rainfall in Texas Using Measured Hourly Precipitation at Other Locations

2008  An Index for Predicting Storm Erosion Due to Increased Waves and Water Levels

2008  National Park Service and Federal Highway Administration: Partners in Replacing Storm-Damaged Roads at Gulf Islands National Seashore

2008  Networked Infrastructure Performance for the 2006 Hanukkah Eve Storm

2008  The NOAA Coastal Storms Program

2008  Removal of Metals in Constructed Wetlands: Review

2008  Simulating Waves and Water Levels in the Chesapeake Bay during Hurricane Isabel Using a Coupled Wave-Current Model

2008  Storm QuickLook and Reporting Tools: Coastal Oceanographic and Meteorological Monitoring and Analysis for Tropical Cyclone Events

2008  Understanding How Overhead Lines Respond to Localized High Intensity Wind Storms

2007  Assessing Nearshore Bar Movements during Storms Using Time-Averaged X-Band Radar Images

2007  Characterisation and Modeling of Washover Fans

2007  The ERP Report: What Went Wrong and Why

2007  Impact of a Major Storm on Sediment Exchanges between the Dunes, Beach, and Nearshore

2007  Is the Mississippi Next?

2007  Katrina Provokes Regret

2007  Linking Coastal Evolution and Super Storm Dune Erosion Forecasts

2007  Long-Term Wave Probabilities Based on Hindcasting of Severe Storms

2007  On the Use of Copulas in Hydrology: Theory and Practice

2007  Quantifying Long-Term Hydrologic Response in an Urbanizing Basin

2007  Storm Event and Continuous Hydrologic Modeling for Comprehensive and Efficient Watershed Simulations

2007  Storm Patterns and Climatic Trends Based on Water Level Fluctuations: Duck, North Carolina, USA

2007  Weathering the Storm: the Galveston Seawall and Grade Raising

2006  Assessment of the Failure of an Electrical Transmission Line Due to a Downburst Event

2006  Bar Changes Due to Storm Events Using Argus: Lido di Dante, Italy

2006  Enhanced Runoff Curve Number Model Incorporating Storm Duration and a Nonlinear Ia-S Relation

2006  Field Measurements on Sediment Transport Near the Shoreline under Developed Long Period Waves During a Storm

2006  Guideline for Assessing the Performance of Electric Power Systems in Natural Hazard and Human Threat Events

2006  Intertidal Morphology and Wave Run-Up Observations during a Storm Event with X-Band Nautical Radar

2006  Modeling of Storm Induced Island Breaching at the Baltic Sea Coast

2006  Performance Evaluation of Best Management Practices for Urban Storm Water Runoff

2006  State-of-the-Art Protection Against Severe Storms

2006  A Storm Classification Based on the Beach Erosion Potential in the Catalonian Coast

2006  Storm Clouds

2006  Storm Clouds

2006  Storm Clouds

2006  Storm Water: Test Results Permit Side-by-Side Comparisons of BMPs

2005  15 Years Experiences of Sustainable Urban Storm Drainage in the City of Malmo, Sweden

2005  Actual Storm Events Outperform Synthetic Design Storms: A Review of SCS Curve Number Applicability

2005  Analyzing Potential Benefits of Low Impact Development in Reducing Combined Sewers Overflows

2005  Areal Reduction Factors for Two Eastern United States Regions with High Rain-Gauge Density