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2015  Modeling the Hydraulic Effectiveness of a Proposed Storm Surge Barrier System for the Houston Ship Channel during Hurricane Events

2015  Storm Surge and Surface Waves in a Shallow Lagoonal Estuary during the Crossing of a Hurricane

2014  Collapse Limit State Fragilities of Wood-Framed Residences from Storm Surge and Waves during Hurricane Ike

2014  Component Level Framework for Developing Storm Surge Damage Functions for Application in Catastrophe Models

2014  Experimental Study on Real-Time Tsunami Protection Structures

2014  Modeling Attenuation of Storm Surge over Deformable Vegetation: Methodology and Verification

2014  Modeling of a Transient Event in the Tunnel and Reservoir Plan System in Chicago, Illinois

2014  Stability Monitoring of Articulated Concrete Block Strengthened Levee in Combined Wave and Surge Overtopping Conditions

2014  Surge Wave Propagation in a Common Tailrace Channel for Two Large Pumped-Storage Plants

2014  Turbulence Measurement of Combined Wave and Surge Overtopping of a Full-Scale HPTRM-Strengthened Levee

2013  Coastal Hazards

2013  Combined Loss due to Hurricanes and Storm Surge

2013  Distributed Hydrologic Forecast Reliability Using Next-Generation Radar

2013  The Effect of Surge Tanks in the Process of the Protection towards Water Hammer Fluctuation in Long-Distance Pipelines

2013  An Efficient Tool to Assess Risk of Storm Surges Using Data Mining

2013  Error Quantification for Hurricane Storm Surge Simulations along the Coasts of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia

2013  Hydrodynamic Modeling of Tides and Hurricane Storm Surge for Pre- and Post-Dredging Conditions in the Lower St. Johns River, Florida

2013  Laboratory Measurements of Wave Attenuation Through Model and Live Vegetation

2013  Negative Surges in Open Channels: Physical and Numerical Modeling

2013  Pipeline Optimization Accounting for Transient Conditions: Exploring the Connections between System Configuration, Operation, and Surge Protection

2013  Prediction of Wind, Wave, and Storm Surge due to Hurricane ISAAC in the Northern Gulf Coast

2013  Probabilistic Modeling of Bridge Deck Unseating during Hurricane Events

2013  Rapid Assessment of Wave and Surge Risk during Landfalling Hurricanes: Probabilistic Approach

2013  Sea-Level Rise Effects on Storm Surge and Nearshore Waves on the Texas Coast: Influence of Landscape and Storm Characteristics

2013  Simulating Hurricane Storm Surge in the Lower Mississippi River under Varying Flow Conditions

2013  Storm Surge to Demand Surge: Exploratory Study of Hurricanes, Labor Wages, and Material Prices

2013  Surge Analysis and Engineering Design for a Somerset Pump Station and its Water Distribution System

2013  Surge Generation Mechanisms in the Lower Mississippi River and Discharge Dependency

2012  Advanced Estimation of Coastal Storm Surge: Application of SWAN+ADCIRC in Georgia/Northeast Florida Storm Surge Study

2012  Arthur Kill Storm Surge Barrier: Design Concept

2012  An Automated Operational Storm Surge Prediction System for the National Hurricane Center

2012  Back Matter

2012  Coupling of Tides and Storm Surge for Operational Modeling on the Florida Coast

2012  Cyclone Risk from Wind, Flood, and Storm Surge Perils in Australia: A Comprehensive Model

2012  Development of Extratropical Surge and Tide Operational Forecast System (ESTOFS)

2012  Earthen Levee Shear Stress Estimates for Combined Wave Overtopping and Surge Overflow

2012  East River Storm Surge Barrier

2012  Engineering-Based Hurricane Risk Estimates and Comparison to Perceived Risks in Storm-Prone Areas

2012  Estimated Increase in Inundation Probability with Confidence Intervals for Galveston, Texas

2012  Evaluating the Impacts of Climate Change on Nunavik Marine Infrastructure and Adaptation Solutions

2012  The Evolution and Development of Improved Data Collection Methods and Mobile Networks for the Observation of Inland Hurricane Storm Surge

2012  Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway in a Storm Surge Setting: Longwave Physics and Mesh Resolution

2012  Front Matter

2012  Geotechnical Aspects of Three Storm Surge Barrier Sites to Protect New York City from Flooding

2012  A Global Overview of Navigable Storm Surge Barriers: Suitable Gate Types for New York for a Dutch Perspective

2012  Hydrodynamic/GIS Simulation of Storm Surge Flooding in the NY/NJ Harbor System

2012  Hydrologic Feasibility of Storm Surge Barriers

2012  Impact of 2008 Hurricane Ike on Bridge Infrastructure in the Houston/Galveston Region

2012  Implementation of a Hybrid Laplacian Filter in SLOSH to Suppress Numerical Grid Splitting

2012  Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Hurricane Surge Protection Barrier A Case Study in Jet Grouting for Seepage Mitigation and Structural Support

2012  Introduction

2012  Joint Distributions of Hurricane Wind and Storm Surge for the City of Charleston in South Carolina

2012  Loss Analysis for Combined Wind and Surge in Hurricanes

2012  NY/NJ Outer Harbor Gateway

2012  Overview of Deep Mixing at Levee LPV 111, New Orleans, LA

2012  Pressure Surges Following Sudden Air Pocket Entrapment in Storm-Water Tunnels

2012  Rapid Estimation of Storm Surge within the Disaster Response Intelligent System (DRIS)

2012  Rapid Probabilistic Assessment of Wave and Surge Hurricane Risk

2012  A Regional Testbed for Storm Surge and Coastal Inundation Models—An Overview

2012  Regulatory Challenges to a New York Harbor Storm Barrier System

2012  Review Panel: Should Barriers Be Built in New York City?

2012  Sensitivity of an ADCIRC Tide and Storm Surge Model to Manning’s n

2012  Shore Protection against Sea Level Rise and Tropical Cyclones in Small Island States

2012  A Simplified Reliability-Based Method in Estimating Losses to Fixed Offshore Oil Platforms in GOM

2012  Simulation of Storm Surge in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Using an Integrated Coastal Processes Model

2012  Storm Surge Barriers: Ecological and Special Concerns

2012  Storm Surge Barriers to Protect New York City, Against The Deluge

2012  Storm Surge Return Periods for the United States Gulf Coast

2012  Storm Surge Return Periods for the United States Gulf Coast

2012  Student Designs of Storm Surge Barriers for the NYC Metropolitan Area

2012  Synthetic Storm Simulation for Wind Risk Assessment

2012  A Two-Dimensional Finite Volume Model for Tide and Storm Surge Predictions

2012  Verrazano Narrows Storm Surge Barrier: A Dutch Vision

2012  Vulnerability and Potential Losses in New York City from Coastal Flooding

2012  Wave Effects on Hurricane Storm Surge Simulation

2011  Building Destruction from Waves and Surge on the Bolivar Peninsula during Hurricane Ike

2011  Case Study of Concrete Bridge Subjected to Hurricane Storm Surge and Wave Action

2011  Coastal Storm Modeling-System Integration

2011  Comparison of Two Severe Storms in Terms of Wave Characteristics Based on Recorded Field Data

2011  A Coupled Model for Highly Accurate Calculation of Storm Surge Occurring in Inner Bay

2011  Dade County, Florida, Beach Nourishment and Hurricane Surge Protection Project

2011  A Discussion on the Influence of Wave Setup on Water Levels in San Francisco Bay

2011  Dispersive and Nonhydrostatic Pressure Effects at the Front of Surge

2011  Dynamic Modeling of Storm Surge and Inland Flooding in a Texas Coastal Floodplain

2011  Estimation of Extreme Sea Levels in a Tide-Dominated Environment Using Short Data Records

2011  Estimation of Storm Surge Inundation and Hazard Mapping

2011  FEMA’s Update Process for Coastal Surge and Wave Analysis for Flood Insurance Rate Maps

2011  A High Resolution Unstructured Model to Study Storm Surge in the Pacific Island of Guam

2011  Improvements in Hurricane Surge Response Functions: Incorporating the Effects of Forward Speed, Approach Angle, and Sea Level Rise

2011  Issues of the Measure of Evacuation against a Storm Surge by Hitting a Huge Typhoon in Japan

2011  Low-Versus High-Resolution Finite Element Modeling of Storm Surge in the Yellow River, Florida

2011  Numerical Modeling of Storm Surge Induced by May 2009 East Coast Low in Gold Coast, Australia

2011  Observations and Modeling of Cyclone Nargis Storm Surge in Myanmar

2011  Performance of Coastal Structures during Cyclone Sidr

2011  Physical Processes Resulting in Geysers in Rapidly Filling Storm-Water Tunnels

2011  Probabilistic Hurricane Surge Risk Estimation through High-Fidelity Numerical Simulation and Response Surface Approximations

2011  Railroad Damage from Two Hurricanes

2011  Real-Time Wave Prediction and Virtual Buoy Systems

2011  Reliability and Efficiency of a Coupled Wind-Wave-Current Forecasting System for Cook Inlet, Alaska

2011  Rip Currents: A Major Coastal Hazard and Public Safety Challenge