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2014  Eccentric Discharge from Silos: Bulk Solids Behavior, Loads and Structural Implications

2013  Analysis-Based Design Provisions for Steel Storage Racks

2013  Improving In-Building Asset Localization by Offset Vector and Convergence Calibration Methods

2013  Proof of Concept: Firn Air Facility Cooling at Summit Station, Greenland

2013  Quantification of Flood Runoff Reduction Effect of Storage Facilities by the Decrease in CN

2013  Replacement of a Failing Bulkhead Wall with Inches to Spare

2012  A Case Study on the Collapse of Industrial Storage Racks

2012  Dangerous Chemicals Logistics Warehouse Fire Risk Evaluation

2012  Design and Development of a Warehouse Management System Based on RFID Technology

2012  Design and Implementation of Intelligent Logistics Warehouse Management System Based on Internet of Things

2012  A Modular Design of Standard Unit for Automated Storage Logistics System for Aging Tobacco Leaves

2012  Optimal Analysis and Design of a Warehouse Management Business Process Based on RFID Technology

2012  Research on Joint Optimization Method for Warehousing and Transportation of Iron and Steel Enterprise

2012  Warehousing Performance Evaluation for Logistics Enterprises Based on Combinational Evaluation Model

2011  Automatic Tiered Warehouse Storage System Capacity Based on Random Probability

2011  Intelligent Distribution System Based on IOT Technology

2011  Modeling of Logistics Warehousing System Based on Timed Petri Net

2011  Planning Problems of Storing Position in Storage Area of Multi-Layer Logistics Facilities

2011  Reducing Risks to Tailings Storage Facilities through In-Line Flocculant Addition

2011  An RFID-Based Localization Algorithm for Shelves and Pallets in Warehouse

2010  Based on P-Median Location Model in Emergency Material Storage Facility Location Problem on Anhui Province

2010  Comprehensive Evaluation of Credit Risk of Warehousing Logistics Financial Business Supervisor

2010  Design and Implementation of Logistics Warehouse Management System Based on RFID and WSN

2010  Distribution Park Vehicle Scheduling Optimization Model

2010  Dynamic Control for the Risk of Value in the Loans of Warehouse Receipt Collateral Based on CVAR

2010  Multi-Class Based Revenue Optimization on Distribution Processing Capacity Allocation for Third Party Warehousing

2010  Optimal Policy of Manufacturer in Warehouse Confirming Contract

2010  Research and Design on Pneumatic Conveyer Model GFD

2010  Research on Application of Mathematical Methods to Layout and Planning of Distribution Park

2010  Research on Applied of RF Network in the Logistics Warehouse

2010  Research on Emergency Material Storage Facility Location Problem of Guangdong Province

2010  Research on Farmers Financing Based on Grain Warehouse Receipts Pledging

2010  Research on the Operational Control Policy of Multi-Load AS/RS System

2010  Throughput Analysis of an Automated Warehouse with Pallet Shuttle

2009  Cause of Damage and Failures in Silo Structures

2009  Design of Intelligent Decision Module for Storage Location Assignment in AS/RS

2009  Distribution Processing Capacity Allocation Optimization for Third Party Warehousing Based on Revenue Management

2009  The Dynamic Relocation of Logistics Distribution Centers with Inventory

2009  Investigation of Collapse of Wood-Framed Warehouse during Construction

2009  Life-Cycle Analysis of Roofing Insulation Levels for Cold Storage Buildings

2009  Modeling Simulation of the Storage Management System Using AutoMod Software

2009  Models and Algorithms for Optimal Warehouse Space Utilization in Railway Freight Station

2009  Soil Improvement to Support a Warehouse Building over Difficult Soils

2009  The Solution of Drawing the Cargoes from Different Warehouses for Third Party Logistics Based on TSP

2008  An Analysis Method of the Loan-Pledge-Rate of Warehouse Receipts Pledge Using VAR

2008  The Application of Bassan Model in the Warehouse Interior Space Layout and Its Development of Decision Support System

2008  Design of Logistic Warehouse Information System Based on RFID Techniques

2008  Game Analysis on Agricultural Quality Control between Wholesale Market and Suppliers

2008  Operational Trends Visualization of Air Traffic Flow Based on Data Warehouse Technique

2008  Performance-Based Seismic Design of an Industrial Storage Rack System

2008  Research on Major Transport Hub Warehousing Financing Base on Logistics Finance

2008  Research on Workstation-Oriented Location Optimization Model in Vehicle Assembly Line

2008  RFID-Based Warehouse Management of Dangerous Chemical

2008  Study of the Durability of OPC versus GGBS Concrete on Exposure to Silage Effluent

2008  Study on Economy Hi-Tech Logistics Warehouse & Automatic Systems Solutions

2008  Study on Mode of Mobile Warehousing

2008  Study on Warehouse Receipt Hypothecating Risk in TPL

2008  Warehouse Warrent Trust, a New Model of Logistic Finance

2007  Capacity Allocation Policy of Third Party Warehousing Based on Revenue Optimization

2007  Demarcating Location of Distribution Center

2007  Internal Roads Layout Optimization in Waterpower Project Site

2007  Logistics Satisfactory Optimization Model and Algorithm for Forward-Reserve Problem

2007  A Method for Rack Area Zoning Based on Task Cycle Time in Automated Storage/Retrieval System

2007  Model and Algorithm for Inventory-Transportation Integrated Optimization — In View of One-Warehouse Multi-Retailer Distributing Network

2005  Building Underground: Special Techniques for a Storage Facility

2005  More Than Just a Maintenance Facility: The DFW Airport Maintenance & Storage Facility

2005  Urban Storm Water Control Evaluation with Analytical Probabilistic Models

2002  Warehousing and the Efficiency of the Transportation System

2001  Discharge and the Eccentricity of the Hopper Influence on the Silo Wall Pressures

2001  Geotechnical Engineering: Retired Mine Finds New Life as Air Storage Facility

2000  Data Warehousing in Construction Organizations

1999  Non-Halites and Fluids in Salt Formations, and Effects on Cavern Storage Operations

1999  Risk Based Corrective Action: An Application to Closure of a Fuel Oil Bunker Site

1999  Utilities Plan Largest Temporary Nuclear Fuel Storage Site

1998  Recent Approaches to Shear Design of Structural Concrete

1997  Better Salt Storage

1997  Conical Hoppers of Tall Steel Tanks: Case History of Failure and Repair

1996  Containing Spills and Fire

1996  Failure of a Stiffened Seat Bracket Connection

1996  Probability Based Estimation of Expected Annual Benefits

1996  Thermal Response of Bare Steel Roof Assemblies to Fire Environments in Aerosol Storage Facilities

1995  Basin Barriers Steel Hanford Against Quakes

1995  Bowser, Rita C.

1995  Design and Construction of Refrigerated Facilities

1995  Hawaii’s Red Hill Fuel-Storage Facility Is CE Landmark

1995  Integrated Waste Management System Costs in a MPC System

1995  Nuclear Waste Storage: A Legislative Issue

1995  San Francisco CSO

1995  Simulation in the Alberta Construction Industry

1995  Tensioned Top Has Reservoir Covered

1994  Bridge System Breaks New Ground as Storage Vault

1994  Library of Congress Collecting GIS Maps

1994  Seismic Response of Concrete Tilt-Up Systems

1994  Settlement Predictions at a Florida Port Facility

1994  The Usefulness of Stone Columns to Reduce Settlements and Distortions - A Case History

1993  Cask Storage Verification Test—Full Scale Test

1993  Code Requirement for Concrete Repository and Processing Facilities

1993  A Computer-Generated Film of Repository Operations

1993  Conceptual Design of a Monitored Retrievable Storage Facility

1993  Congressional-Executive Interaction and the Nuclear Waste Repository Site Selection Process