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2012  Drive-In Steel Storage Racks I: Stiffness Tests and 3D Load-Transfer Mechanisms

2012  Reduced Road Salt Spillage Owing to Indoor Delivery and Loading

2012  Underground Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)

2011  Analysis of Casing Failure Associated with Bedded Salt Cavern Gas Storage

2011  Behavior of Reclaimed Polyethylene Modified Asphalt Cement for Paving Purposes

2011  Optimizing Material Procurement and Storage on Construction Sites

2011  Reliability Analysis of Completion Casing in Salt Cavern Gas Storage

2011  Study on the Deformation of Completion Casing for Salt Cavern Gas Storage

2010  Accumulative Sliding Construction Method for Large-Span Latticed Shells

2010  Investigation of Flow Field in Cold Store of Cold Storage Chain

2010  Supply Chain Enterprise Alliance Multi-Time Interval Storage and Transport Optimization Research Based on Slope

2009  Choosing Pipe Diameter to Maximize Inline Storage Volume

2009  Drawdown due to Temporally Varying Pumping Discharge: Inversely Estimating Aquifer Parameters

2009  Efficient Method for Estimating Groundwater Head in the Vicinity of the Underground Gas Storage Caverns in Fractured Media

2009  Storage Management Efficiency Analysis Based on Logistics Transportation Guarantee

2008  Effect of Channel Shape on Time of Travel and Equilibrium Detention Storage in Channel

2008  An Inventory Model with Limited Storage Capacity and Shortages under Permissible Delay in Payments

2007  Methods for Automatic Storage, Visualization, and Reporting in Datalogging Applications

2006  Experimental Stiffness and Seismic Response of Pallet-Type Steel Storage Rack Connectors

2001  Moment-Based Calculation of Parameters for the Storage Zone Model for River Dispersion

2000  Conditional Distributions of Ideal Reservoir Storage Variables

2000  Hydraulic Vulnerability of Elementary Urban Cell

2000  Transient Storage and Gas Transfer in Lowland Stream

1999  Compositing and Storage of Air and Wastewater Samples

1999  Detention Storage Volume for Small Urban Catchments

1999  Fuel Storage System Replacement: U.S. South Pole Station

1999  Modeling Impact of Storage Zones on Stream Dissolved Oxygen

1999  South Pole Fuel Storage: General Arrangement Issues

1999  Storage Area’s Surface Strengthened

1999  Street Surface Storage for CSO Control

1999  Watershed Management: A Tool for Flood Mitigation in the Petra Area (Jordan)

1998  Flood Hazard Identification and Management in Storage Flood Areas

1998  Lunar Base Plant Propagation and Supply

1998  New Automobile Terminal Provides Flexibility for Future Requirements

1998  Port of Seattle—Southwest Harbor Cleanup and Redevelopment Project Implementation of Environmental Controls During Construction

1998  Prospects for Cool Thermal Storage in Competitive Electric Power Industry

1998  Seismic Guidelines for Cargo Handling and Storage Components

1997  Comparison of Analytical Solutions for One- and Two-Layer Aquifers

1997  Mechanical Behavior of Stored Bulk Deformable Particles

1997  Surface Storage in Furrow Irrigation Evaluation

1996  ASR Case Study—City of Salem, Oregon

1996  Maximized Detention Volume Determined by Runoff Capture Ratio

1996  Modified Janssen Theory for Flexible Circular Bins

1996  Volumetric Leaky-Aquifer Theory and Type Straight Lines

1995  Alara Benefits of an MPC Robotic Welding System

1995  Deltaport: A New Container Terminal for Vancouver Port Corporation

1995  Evaluation of the Wilmette Runoff Control Program

1995  Hydrologic Analyses for CSO Storage Tunnels in Fall River, Massachusetts

1995  International Decision Support System for Reservoir Operations

1995  Mill Woods Sanitary Storage Tunnel

1995  National Reservoir Databases

1995  Nonstructural Flood Mitigation Projects in New England

1995  Pumping-Test Analysis of Wells Having Storage Contribution

1995  State of the Art on Runoff Control Facilities in Japan

1995  Understanding Water Supply System Behavior

1995  Whitewater Investigation of Existing and Proposed Flood Control Reservoirs

1994  Contaminant Fate and Transport Model in Pool-and-Riffle Streams

1994  Modeling Work Space to Schedule Repetitive Floors in Multistory Buildings

1994  Retrofit Racks for Revenues

1994  Simulation Modeling Drystack Marina Facilities

1993  The Analysis of Repository-Heat-Driven Hydrothermal Flow at Yucca Mountain

1993  Application of Indicator Geostatistics to the Gorleben Data Set

1993  ATW System Impact on High-Level Waste

1993  Demonstration of a Transportable Storage System for Spent Nuclear Fuel

1993  Design Considerations for Raising Existing Dams for Increased Storage

1993  A Galerkin Method for the Convection—Diffusion Equation Using Asymmetric Weighting Functions

1993  Is An Institute for the Study of High-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Needed in Southern Nevada?

1993  Mercury Porosimetry Studies on a Natural Fracture

1993  Modular Software for Editing Paper Drawings

1993  Multi-Purpose Canisters as an Alternative for Storage, Transportation, and Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel

1993  Nonfuel Components: Regulatory Issues

1993  Robust-Multibarrier Waste Package Thermal Evaluation

1993  Stochastic Modelling of Groundwater Flow at the WIPP Site

1993  Storing Your Computer Data: Is There Such Thing as Security?

1993  Systems Implications of Repository Thermal Loading

1993  Systems Integration and Economic Aspects of the Universal Container System

1993  Utility-DOE Interface Considerations of the Universal Container Systems Concept

1993  Verification of Shielding Analysis for Spent Fuel Storage Casks

1993  Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project Exploratory Studies Facilities Construction Status

1992  Balancing Hydraulic Requirements for Storage and Diversion in Planning Subsurface Facilities for the Control of Combined Sewer Overflows

1992  Sludge Loading Facility at Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant

1992  Storm-Water Detention Storage Design under Random Pollutant Loading

1991  Burns Waterways—Boat Capacity Study

1991  Dry Stack Operations

1991  Effects of Natural Gas Storage on Gas Price Forecasts

1991  Improved Quasi-Newton Methods for Large Nonlinear Problems

1991  Innovation in the Marina Facilities

1991  Interim Spent-Fuel Storage Options at Commercial Nuclear Power Plants

1991  A New Power Invention

1991  Plan and Design of Live Fish Preservation Facility

1991  Rack Storage Marinas in the 1990’s

1991  Slug Test: Double-Porosity, Linear Boundary, and Variable Storage Effects

1991  Space Saving Dry-Stack Boat Storage Facility

1991  Type Curves for a Slug Test in an Infinitely or Semi-infinitely Thick Aquifer

1990  Wastewater Balance for Storage Pond at Land Treatment Site

1989  Analytical Model for Border Irrigation

1989  Contour Map Partitioning for Computer Processing

1989  Design of Wastewater Storage Ponds at Land Treatment Sites. 2: Equilibrium Storage Performance Functions

1989  Devil Canyon Second Afterbay

1989  Numerical Estimation of Aquifer Parameters Using Two Observational Wells