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2015  Fault Early Recognition and Health Monitoring on Aeroengine Rotor System

2015  Finite-Element Reliability Analysis of Structures Subjected to Fire

2015  Is Deferrable Demand an Effective Alternative to Upgrading Transmission Capacity?

2015  N-1 Reliable Unit Commitment via Progressive Hedging

2015  Probability of Overturning for Vehicles Moving on a Bridge Deck in a Wind Environment Considering Stochastic Process Characteristics of Excitations

2015  Stochastic Programming for Improved Multiuse Reservoir Operation in Burkina Faso, West Africa

2014  Automated Productivity-Based Schedule Animation: Simulation-Based Approach to Time-Cost Trade-Off Analysis

2014  Comparison of Stochastic Optimization Algorithms in Hydrological Model Calibration

2014  Data-Driven Benchmarking of Building Energy Efficiency Utilizing Statistical Frontier Models

2014  Dimension Reduction of the FPK Equation via an Equivalence of Probability Flux for Additively Excited Systems

2014  Freeway Capacity Estimation Method for Planning Applications

2014  Inferring Contagion Patterns in Social Contact Networks Using a Maximum Likelihood Approach

2014  Multiobjective Stochastic Inoperability Decision Tree for Infrastructure Preparedness

2014  Natural Flow Reconstruction Using Kalman Filter and Water Balance-Based Methods I: Theory

2014  Natural Flow Reconstruction Using Kalman Filter and Water Balance-Based Methods II: Case Studies, Results, and Discussion

2014  Nonstationary Stochastic Response Determination of Nonlinear Systems: A Wiener Path Integral Formalism

2014  Performance-Based Evaluation of an Improved Robust Optimization Formulation

2014  Prediction of Multidimensional Deformation Behavior Based on Observed Values

2014  Productividad Automatizada Basada en el Itinerario Animado (APBSA): Una Simulacion Basada en un Enfoque del Analisis de Compensacion Tiempo-Costo

2014  Reliability-Based Analysis and Design of Wide-Span Structures under Stochastic Wind Loads

2014  Robust Design of Tuned Mass Damper Systems for Seismic Protection of Multistory Buildings

2014  Simulation-Based Inexact Two-Stage Chance-Constraint Quadratic Programming for Sustainable Water Quality Management under Dual Uncertainties

2014  Stochastic Method for Examining Vulnerability of Hydropower Generation and Reservoir Operations to Climate Change: Case Study of the Dworshak Reservoir in Idaho

2014  Stochastic Optimal Maneuver Strategies for Transfer Trajectories

2014  Stochastic Revenue and Cost Model for Determining a BOT Concession Period under Multiple Project Constraints

2014  Transient Response of Structural Dynamic Systems with Parametric Uncertainty

2014  Use of Support Vector Regression to Improve Computational Efficiency of Stochastic Time-Cost Trade-Off

2014  Valuation of Projects with Stochastic Cash Flows and Intertemporal Correlations: Practical Modeling Guidelines

2014  Wavelet-Based Evolutionary Response of Multispan Structures Including Wave-Passage and Site-Response Effects

2013  Efficient and Accurate Method for Calculating the Stochastic Seismic Response of a Nonproportionally Damped Structure

2013  Energy and Environmental Systems Planning with Recourse: Inexact Stochastic Programming Model Containing Fuzzy Boundary Intervals in Objectives and Constraints

2013  Estimation of Pavement Crack Initiation Models by Combining Experimental and Field Data

2013  Incorporating Dissipated Impact into Random Vibration Analyses through the Modified Hertzian Contact Model

2013  Integrated Regional Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Policies Identified through Interval Stochastic Semi-Infinite Programming

2013  A Mechanistic-Stochastic Approach to Classify Water Consumers and Simulate Urban Water Demand

2013  Modeling Subsurface Heterogeneity of Irrigated and Drained Fields. II: Multivariate Stochastic Analysis of Root-Zone Hydrosalinity and Crop Yield

2013  New Stochastic Subspace Approach for System Identification and Its Application to Long-Span Bridges

2013  Optimal Design of Groundwater-Quality Sampling Networks with Three-Dimensional Selection of Sampling Locations Using an Ensemble Smoother

2013  Precipitation Simulation Based on k-Nearest Neighbor Approach Using Gamma Kernel

2013  Reservoir Operation for Simultaneously Meeting Water Demand and Sediment Flushing: Stochastic Dynamic Programming Approach with Two Uncertainties

2013  Response and First-Passage Statistics of Nonlinear Oscillators via a Numerical Path Integral Approach

2013  Robust Optimization Model of Bus Transit Network Design with Stochastic Travel Time

2013  Self-Adaptive PSO-GA Hybrid Model for Combinatorial Water Distribution Network Design

2013  Site and Regional Statistics Preserving Interpolation for Missing Precipitation Data Estimation

2013  Speed Stochastic Processes and Freeway Reliability Estimation: Evidence from the A22 Freeway, Italy

2013  Stochastic Analysis of Hydraulic Hysteresis in Multi-Layer Unsaturated Soil Covers Under Random Flux Boundary Conditions

2013  Stochastic Analysis of Seepage under Hydraulic Structures Resting on Anisotropic Heterogeneous Soils

2013  Stochastic Assessment of Reservoir Storage-Yield Relationships in Portugal

2013  Stochastic Evaluation of Hydraulic Hysteresis in Unsaturated Soils

2013  A Stochastic Hydrothermal Decision Support System for Planning Operation: New Developments for the HIDROTERM Model

2013  Stochastic Traffic Assignment Algorithm Based on Probit Model

2013  Two-Dimensional Surface Flow and Solute Transport Model for Basin Irrigation with Conventional Fertilization

2013  Value of Information in the Design of Resilient Water Distribution Sensor Networks

2012  Adaptive Kalman Filtering Scheme for the Simulation of Benzene in Subsurface Environment

2012  An Algorithm for SDIRP with Hard Time Windows

2012  Closed-Form Prediction of the Alongwind-Induced Fatigue of Structures

2012  Determination of 18 Flutter Derivatives of Bridge Decks by an Improved Stochastic Search Algorithm

2012  Generalized Variability Response Functions for Beam Structures with Stochastic Parameters

2012  Heuristic-Based Pipe Dimensioning Model for Water Distribution Networks

2012  Incorporating an Adaptive Adjusting Scheme into Method of Successive Averages for Solving Stochastic User Equilibrium Problem

2012  Incorporating Stochastic Evaluation in the Estimation of Soil Resilient Modulus

2012  Integrated Heteroscedasticity Test for Vehicular Traffic Condition Series

2012  Longitudinal Dispersion in River Flows Characterized by Random Large-Scale Bed Irregularities: First-Order Analytical Solution

2012  Model and Algorithm for Link-Based Stochastic User Equilibrium Traffic Assignment

2012  Modeling of Continuous Stochastic Construction Operations for Discrete Event Simulation

2012  Novel Stochastic Procedure for Designing Yellow Intervals at Signalized Intersections

2012  Quality Measures of Origin-Destination Trip Table Estimated from Traffic Counts: Review and New Generalized Demand Scale Measure

2012  Research on Continuous Equilibrium Network Design Model of Stochastic Demand and Supply Based on Genetic Algorithm

2012  Responses of Nonlinear Oscillators Excited by Nonzero-Mean Parametric Poisson Impulses on Displacement

2012  Seismic Hazard Characterization through Stochastic Ground Motion Modeling

2012  Simulation of Non-Gaussian Stochastic Process with Target Power Spectral Density and Lower-Order Moments

2012  Staged Climate Change Adaptation Planning for Water Supply in Amman, Jordan

2012  State and Parameter Estimation with an SIR Particle Filter in a Three-Dimensional Groundwater Pollutant Transport Model

2012  Stochastic Method for Forecasting Project Time and Cost

2012  Stochastic Optimization of Construction Projects Planning with Genetic Algorithm

2012  Stochastic Project Financing Analysis System for Construction

2012  Support Vector Machines Approach to Conditional Simulation of Non-Gaussian Stochastic Process

2012  Tracking of Structural Dynamic Characteristics Using Recursive Stochastic Subspace Identification and Instrumental Variable Technique

2011  Application of a Stochastic Test Case Generation for Water Distribution Systems

2011  Applying Dynamic Surrogate Models in Noisy Genetic Algorithms to Optimize Groundwater Remediation Designs

2011  Comparison between Different Approaches for Stochastic Generation of Spatial-Temporal Rainfall Patterns

2011  Determining the Minimum Number of Stochastically Generated Point Precipitation Records Required to Model Basinwide Precipitation

2011  Doubly Spectral Stochastic Finite-Element Method for Linear Structural Dynamics

2011  Effect of Ice Sheet on Stochastic Response of Offshore Wind Turbine–Seawater–Soil Interaction Systems Subjected to Random Seismic Excitation

2011  Effect of Imperfections on Elastic Stiffness of Polymers Reinforced with Long Aligned Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

2011  Ensemble Kalman Filter to Improve the Accuracy of a Three Dimensional Flow and Transport Model with a Continuous Pollutant Source

2011  Impact Resistance of Annealed Glass Panels

2011  Long-Range Forecasting of Colorado Streamflows Based on Hydrologic, Atmospheric, and Oceanic Data

2011  Modeling and Optimization of Fish Passage Structures

2011  Modeling Uncertainties in Emergency Service Resource Allocation

2011  Optimal Drought Management Using Sampling Stochastic Dynamic Programming with a Hedging Rule

2011  Optimal Multipurpose-Multireservoir Operation Model with Variable Productivity of Hydropower Plants

2011  Output-Only System Identification of Posttensioned Segmental Concrete Highway Bridges

2011  Principles of Stochastic Generation of Hydrologic Time Series for Reservoir Planning and Design: Case Study

2011  Probabilistic Analysis of Pressurized Tunnels against Face Stability Using Collocation-Based Stochastic Response Surface Method

2011  Reliability Evaluation of Corroding Pipelines Considering Multiple Failure Modes and Time-Dependent Internal Pressure

2011  Risk Management of Long Term Infrastructure Projects "PPP-BOT Projects" by Using Uncertainty, Probabilistic and Stochastic Methods, and Models

2011  Sample Average Approximation Technique for Flexible Network Design Problem

2011  Statistical Characterization and Stochastic Simulation of Load-Displacement Behavior of Shallow Footings

2011  Stochastic Analysis of Water Hammer and Applications in Reliability-Based Structural Design for Hydro Turbine Penstocks