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2015  Fractional Ensemble Average Governing Equations of Transport by Time-Space Nonstationary Stochastic Fractional Advective Velocity and Fractional Dispersion. I: Theory

2015  Fractional Ensemble Average Governing Equations of Transport by Time-Space Nonstationary Stochastic Fractional Advective Velocity and Fractional Dispersion. II: Numerical Investigation

2015  Nonlinear Reservoir Optimization Model with Stochastic Inflows: Case Study of Lake Tenkiller

2015  Physics-Based Stochastic Model to Determine the Failure Load of Suspension Bridge Main Cables

2015  Setting Water Quality Trigger Levels for the Operation and Management of a MAR System in Parafield, South Australia

2015  Stochastic Identification of Linear-Viscoelastic Models of Aged and Unaged Asphalt Mixtures

2015  Stochastic, Multiobjective, Mixed-Integer Optimization Model for Wastewater-Derived Energy

2014  Chance-Constrained Optimal Hedging Rules for Cascaded Hydropower Reservoirs

2014  Fracture and Size Effect on Strength of Plain Concrete Disks under Biaxial Flexure Analyzed by Microplane Model M7

2014  Heterogeneous Residential Water and Energy Linkages and Implications for Conservation and Management

2014  Improving Groundwater Predictions Utilizing Seasonal Precipitation Forecasts from General Circulation Models Forced with Sea Surface Temperature Forecasts

2014  Modeling Automatic Meter Reading Water Demands as Nonhomogeneous Point Processes

2014  Modeling Deterioration in Concrete Pipes as a Stochastic Gamma Process for Time-Dependent Reliability Analysis

2014  Optimal Reliability-Based Design of Bulk Water Supply Systems

2014  Optimization of Resilient Biofuel Infrastructure Systems under Natural Hazards

2014  Parallel Programming Techniques Applied to Water Pump Scheduling Problems

2014  Seismic Fragility Evaluation with Incomplete Structural Appraisal Data: An Iterative Statistical Approach

2014  Simulation Study to Evaluate Temporal Aggregation and Variability of Stochastic Water Demands on Distribution System Hydraulics and Transport

2014  Stochastic Analysis of the Duration of Occlusion of an Overhead Sign by a Leading Heavy Vehicle: Application to Sign Design

2014  Three-State Continuous-Time Markov Chain Model for Mixed-Size Sediment Particle Transport

2013  Comparative Study of Three Stochastic Models for Prediction of Pipe Failures in Water Supply Systems

2013  Development and Evaluation of Methods for Constructing Breakdown Probability Models

2013  Developments in Stochastic Dynamic Programming for Reservoir Operation Optimization

2013  Evaluating the Impact of Alternative Hydro-Climate Scenarios on Transfer Agreements: Practical Improvement for Generating Synthetic Streamflows

2013  Impact of Variable Hydraulic Conductivity on Bioretention Cell Performance and Implications for Construction Standards

2013  Modeling Bed-Load Transport by a Three-State Continuous-Time Markov Chain Model

2013  Modeling of Simultaneously Continuous and Stochastic Construction Activities for Simulation

2013  Probabilistic Porous Model to Simulate the Retention Curve of Soils

2013  Quay Length Optimization Using a Stochastic Knapsack Model

2013  Stochastic Energy Simulation for Risk Analysis of Energy Retrofits

2013  A Stochastic Finite Element Approach to Determine the Safety of Suspension Bridge Cables

2013  Stochastic Forecast of Construction Cost Index Using a Cointegrated Vector Autoregression Model

2013  Velocity and Depth Distributions in Stream Reaches: Testing European Models in Ecuador

2012  Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Optimal Timing of Road Infrastructures

2012  Development and Application of High-Sensitivity Wireless Smart Sensors for Decentralized Stochastic Modal Identification

2012  Efficiency of Storm Detention Tanks for Urban Drainage Systems under Climate Variability

2012  Ensemble Modeling of Hydrologic and Hydraulic Processes at One Shot: Application to Kinematic Open-Channel Flow under Uncertain Channel Properties and Uncertain Lateral Flow Conditions by the Stochastic Method of Characteristics

2012  Ensemble Modeling of Hydrologic and Hydraulic Processes at One Shot: Application to Kinematic Open-Channel Flow under Uncertain Channel Properties by the Stochastic Method of Characteristics

2012  Evaluation of Process Uncertainty in Activated Sludge Treatment by Probabilistic Modeling

2012  Geotechnical Characterization and Random Field Modeling of Desiccated Clay

2012  Impact of Water Demand Parameters on the Reliability of Municipal Storage Tanks

2012  Modeling the Cooperation Network Formation Process for Evacuation Systems Design in Disaster Areas with a Focus on Japanese Megadisasters

2012  Multiscale Stochastic Modeling of the Elastic Properties of Strand-Based Wood Composites

2012  Relative Importance of the Different Rainfall Statistics in the Calibration of Stochastic Rainfall Generation Models

2012  Risk-Neutral Pricing Approach for Evaluating BOT Highway Projects with Government Minimum Revenue Guarantee Options

2012  Spatial Interpolation for Missing Precipitation Data: Use of Proximity Metrics, Nearest Neighbor Classifiers, and Clusters

2012  Stochastic Assignment Model for Multiple Travelers Based on Proposal Theory

2012  Stochastic Model for Damage Accumulation in Rubble-Mound Breakwaters Based on Compatibility Conditions and the Central Limit Theorem

2012  Stochastic Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Cracking due to Nonuniform Corrosion: FEM-Based Cross-Scale Analysis

2012  Stochastic Modeling of Service Life of Concrete Structures in Chloride-Laden Environments

2012  Stochastic Models of Uncertainties in Computational Mechanics

2012  Stochastic Optimization for Coordinated Actuated Traffic Signal Systems

2012  Two-Stage Stochastic Optimization of Large-Scale Hydrothermal System

2012  Using Cluster Analysis of Hydraulic Conductivity Realizations to Reduce Computational Time for Monte Carlo Simulations

2011  Bilevel Optimization for Integrated Shelter Location Analysis and Transportation Planning for Hurricane Events

2011  Bridges Loading Course Stochastic Process Model

2011  A Comparative Study on Lagrangian Stochastic Models for Sediment Transport

2011  Design Flood Volume of the Three Gorges Dam Project

2011  Fast and Accurate Risk Evaluation for Scheduling Large-Scale Construction Projects

2011  Reconstruction of Groundwater Contamination History in Hadnot Point Area of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Using Linear Stochastic Control Model

2011  Simulating Nonresidential Water Demand with a Stochastic End-Use Model

2011  Spectral Sampling Method for Uncertainty Propagation in Long-Wave Runup Modeling

2011  Stochastic Generation of Daily and Hourly Temperature Data Using Combined Parametric and Nonparametric Models

2011  Stochastic Modeling of Snow Loads Using a Filtered Poisson Process

2011  Use of Stochastic Modeling during the 2008 and 2009 Drought on the Lower Colorado River in Texas

2010  Bayesian Temporal Modeling of Water Demands at Household Level

2010  Deterioration Forecasting Model with Multistage Weibull Hazard Functions

2010  Economic Analysis of Large-Scale Upstream River Basin Development on the Blue Nile in Ethiopia Considering Transient Conditions, Climate Variability, and Climate Change

2010  Modeling and Simulation of Traffic Movements at Semiactuated Signalized Intersections

2010  Modeling Conjunctive Use Operations and Farm Decisions with Two-Stage Stochastic Quadratic Programming

2010  Optimal Water Distribution Network Design with Honey-Bee Mating Optimization

2010  Reliability-Based Design Using Two-Stage Stochastic Optimization with a Treatment of Model Prediction Errors

2010  The α-Reliable Mean-Excess Path Finding Model in Stochastic Networks

2010  The Risk of a Municipal Storage Tank Running Dry Due to User Demands

2010  Simulating Residential Water Demand with a Stochastic End-Use Model

2010  Speeding Up the Stochastic Analysis of Water Distribution Systems Using a Compression Heuristic

2010  A Study on the Determinants of Regional Growth Differences in China’s Circulation Industry—Empirical Analysis Based on Stochastic Frontier Model

2009  3D Numerical Simulation for Water Flows and Sediment Deposition in Dam Areas of the Three Gorges Project

2009  Approximate Analytical Solution to Groundwater Velocity Variance in Unconfined Trending Aquifers in the Presence of Complex Sources and Sinks

2009  Assessing the Impacts of Nutrient Load Uncertainties on Predicted Truckee River Water Quality

2009  Bridge Structural Condition Assessment Based on Vibration and Traffic Monitoring

2009  Measurement and Stochastic Computational Modeling of the Elastic Properties of Parallel Strand Lumber

2009  Parsimonious SVD/MAR(1) Procedure for Generating Multisite Multiseason Flows

2009  Stochastic Modeling for Pavement Warranty Cost Estimation

2009  Stochastic Optimization Model and O(N²) Solution Algorithm for Highway Investment Decision Making under Budget Uncertainty

2009  Symmetry in Nonlinear Hydrologic Dynamics under Uncertainty: Modeling Approach

2009  A Time-Restricted Stochastic Model of Supply Chain Based on Intermodal Transportation

2008  Analytical Derivation of Steady-State Soil Water Probability Density Function Coupled with Simple Stochastic Point Rainfall Model

2008  Applicability of Rice’s Formula in Stochastic Hydrological Modeling

2008  Assessing Uncertainty in Mass Balance Calculation of River Nonpoint Source Loads

2008  A Continuous Stochastics Model for Recycling Under Deposit Refunding

2008  Developing a Stochastic Conflict Resolution Model for Trading Discharge Permits in River Systems

2008  Dynamic Panel Data Model for Predicting Performance of Asphalt Concrete Overlay

2008  Hourly Disaggregation of Daily Rainfall in Texas Using Measured Hourly Precipitation at Other Locations

2008  Integrating Long- and Short-Term Reservoir Operation Models via Stochastic and Deterministic Optimization: Case Study in Japan

2008  Modeling of Solute Transport and Macrodispersion by Unsteady Stream Flow under Uncertain Conditions

2008  Probabilistic Models and Simulation of Irregular Masonry Walls

2008  Regional Analysis of Daily Precipitation Stochastic Model Parameters Using Artificial Neural Networks

2008  Sizing Municipal Storage Tanks Based on Reliability Criteria

2008  A Statistical/Stochastic Model of the Hydroclimate System