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2014  Analysis of Irregular Structures Composed of Regular and Irregular Parts Using Graph Products

2014  Characterization of the Stiffness of Unbound Materials for Pavement Design: Do We Follow the Right Approach?

2014  Design and Performance of 6.3-m-High, Block-Faced Geogrid Wall Designed Using K-Stiffness Method

2014  Development of Sustainable Cold Rolled Surface Course Asphalt Mixtures Using Waste Fly Ash and Silica Fume

2014  Effect of Fabric on Low-Strain Stiffness Properties of Granular Soils

2014  Effects of Compaction Effort, Inclusion Stiffness, and Rubber Size on the Shear Strength and Stiffness of Expansive Soil-Rubber (ESR) Mixtures

2014  Enhanced Smooth Hysteretic Model with Degrading Properties

2014  Flexural Strength of Posttensioned Timber Beams

2014  Free-Vibration Analysis of Stiffened Frames

2014  Heat-Induced Bonding of Sands

2014  Impact of Damper Stiffness and Damper Support Stiffness on the Efficiency of a Linear Viscous Damper in Controlling Stay Cable Vibrations

2014  Impact of Key System Parameters on the In-Plane Dynamic Response of a Cable Network

2014  Improvements to the AASHTO Subgrade Resilient Modulus (MR) Equation

2014  In Situ Out-of-Plane Testing of As-Built and Retrofitted Unreinforced Masonry Walls

2014  Influence of Track Support Stiffness of Railway Tracks on Track Impact Factor

2014  Inverse Estimations of Dynamic Stiffness of Highway Bridge Embankment from Earthquake Records

2014  Measurements and Numerical Simulations of Inherent Stiffness Anisotropy in Soft Taipei Clay

2014  Method of Updating the Cholesky Factorization for Structural Reanalysis with Added Degrees of Freedom

2014  New Finite-Element Formulation for Buckling Analysis of Cracked Structures

2014  Nonlinear Behavior and Simulation of Concrete Columns Reinforced by Steel-FRP Composite Bars

2014  Optimum Design of Intermediate Support for Raising Fundamental Frequency of a Beam or Column under Compressive Axial Load

2014  Overconsolidation and Stiffness of Venice Lagoon Sands and Silts from SDMT and CPTU

2014  Simplified Analysis for Preliminary Design of Towers in Suspension Bridges

2014  Simplified Design Equations for Joints in Buried Flexible Pipes Based on Hetényi Solutions

2014  Simulated Bilinear-Elastic Behavior in a SDOF Elastic Structure Using Negative Stiffness Device: Experimental and Analytical Study

2014  Stiffness and Damping of Clean Quartz Sand with Various Grain-Size Distribution Curves

2014  Stiffness of Clays and Silts: Modeling Considerations

2014  Stress Dilatancy and Reinforcement Load of Vertical-Reinforced Soil Composite: Analytical Method

2014  Theoretical Load-Transfer Curves along Piles Considering Soil Nonlinearity

2014  Torsional Shear Behavior of Anisotropically Consolidated Sands

2014  Uniaxial Compressive Strength and Stiffness of Field-Extracted and Laboratory-Constructed Masonry Prisms

2014  Wood Block Tear-Out Resistance and Failure Modes of Timber Rivet Connections: A Stiffness-Based Approach

2013  Adaptive Negative Stiffness: New Structural Modification Approach for Seismic Protection

2013  ASCE/SEI 41 Provisions on Deformation Capacity of Older-Type Reinforced Concrete Columns with Plain Bars

2013  Asphalt Concrete Stiffness Modulus Estimation Utilizing an Algorithm Approach

2013  Bayesian Characterization of Transformation Uncertainty for Strength and Stiffness of Sands

2013  Behavior of Concrete and ECC Structures under Simulated Earthquake Motion

2013  Coda Wave Analysis to Monitor Processes in Soils

2013  Combination of Bamboo Filling and FRP Wrapping to Strengthen Steel Members in Compression

2013  Comparative Study on Steel Plate Shear Walls Used in a High-Rise Building

2013  Creep Behavior of Geocell-Reinforced Recycled Asphalt Pavement Bases

2013  Effect of Manufacturing Factors on Technological Properties of Plywood from Northern Turkey and Suitability of Panels for Use in Shear Walls

2013  An Effective Flexural Stiffness Equation for Long-Term Deflection of Prestressed Concrete with and without Cracks

2013  Efficient Numerical Method in Second-Order Inelastic Analysis of Space Trusses

2013  Equivalent-Linear Dynamic Impedance Functions of Surface Foundations

2013  Evaluating the In Situ Lateral Stress Coefficient (K0) of Soils via Paired Shear Wave Velocity Modes

2013  Evaluation of Parameters of Bond Action between FRP and Concrete

2013  Evaluation of Stiffness and Fatigue Using 2 Point Bending and Indirect Tensile Fatigue Tests

2013  Evaluation of Temperature-Induced Curling in Concrete Slabs Using Deflection Difference Analysis

2013  Experimental and Modeling Study on Magnetorheological Elastomers with Different Matrices

2013  Experimental Study of Diagonally Stiffened Steel Plate Shear Walls

2013  Generalized Symmetric Formulation of Tangential Stiffness for Nonassociative Plasticity

2013  Improving Mechanical Properties of Sand Using Biopolymers

2013  Inexact Block Diagonal Preconditioners to Mitigate the Effects of Relative Differences in Material Stiffnesses

2013  Influence of Anisotropic Small Strain Stiffness on the Deformation Behavior of Geotechnical Structures

2013  Influence of Salt Freezing on Asphalt Mortar’s Stiffness Modulus

2013  Influence of Track Support Stiffness of Ballasted Track on Dynamic Wheel-Rail Forces

2013  Influences of Cyclic Loadings on the Properties of Pavement Concrete

2013  Investigation of Influencing Factors on Strain Localization inside Sand Specimens Subjected to Triaxial Loading

2013  Long-Term Lateral Cyclic Response of Suction Caisson Foundations in Sand

2013  Mechanisms of Aging-Induced Modulus Changes in Sand with Inherent Fabric Anisotropy

2013  Modified Interval and Subinterval Perturbation Methods for the Static Response Analysis of Structures with Interval Parameters

2013  Multiscale Modeling of Inclusions and Precipitation Hardening in Metal Matrix Composites: Application to Advanced High-Strength Steels

2013  Negative Stiffness Device for Seismic Protection of Structures

2013  Novel Joint for Assembly of All-Composite Space Truss Structures: Conceptual Design and Preliminary Study

2013  Out-of-Plane Behavior of One-Way Spanning Unreinforced Masonry Walls

2013  Overall Stiffness Reduction of Cracked Reinforced Concrete Beams Due to Long Term Effects

2013  Patching Asymptotics Solution of a Cable with a Small Bending Stiffness

2013  Performance Assessment of a Highway Bridge Structure employing Adaptive Negative Stiffness for Seismic Protection

2013  Preliminary Model Development for Predicting Strength and Stiffness of Cement-Stabilized Soils Using Artificial Neural Networks

2013  Seismic Damage Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Frame Using the Force Analogy Method

2013  Stiffness and Strength Governing the Static Liquefaction of Tailings

2013  Stiffness Nonlinearities of SCP-inserted Clay Specimens with Various Replacement Ratios in Triaxial Compression Tests

2013  Stiffness of Clays and Silts: Normalizing Shear Modulus and Shear Strain

2013  Stiffness of High-RAP Asphalt Mixtures: Virginia’s Experience

2013  Stiffness-Based Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics

2013  Strength and Stiffness of Masonry-Infilled Frames with Central Openings Based on Experimental Results

2013  Structural Connections for Small-Diameter Poles

2013  A Study of Effects of Pile Depth and Stiffness on a Homogeneous Soil Slope Stabilized with Pile

2013  Trenching and Elevating Models of Cased Insulated Flowline with Nonlinear Bending Stiffness

2013  Using a Lumped Mass, Nonuniform Stiffness Beam Model to Obtain the Interstory Drift Spectra

2012  Adaptive Configuration Tuned Mass Damper for Mitigation of Rotational Vibrations

2012  Analytical Description of Pinching, Degrading, and Sliding in a Bilinear Hysteretic System

2012  Anisotropy Evolution and Irrecoverable Deformation in Triaxial Stress Probes

2012  Application of Negative Stiffness Devices for Seismic Protection of Bridge Structures

2012  Assessment of Influence of Soil Properties on Subgrade Stiffness Using the Long Term Pavement Performance Data

2012  Assessment of Surcharging on Strength and Stiffness of Cement Treated Clays

2012  Basic Study on the Transform Method of Frequency-Dependent Functions into Time Domain: Relation to Duhamel’s Integral and Time-Domain-Transfer Function

2012  Buckling Behavior of Steel Bridge I-Girders Braced by Permanent Metal Deck Forms

2012  Complex Stiffness Gradient Estimation of Field-Aged Asphalt Concrete Layers Using the Direct Tension Test

2012  Construction Analysis of Cable-Dome Structures

2012  Damage Identification of Euler–Bernoulli Beams Using Static Responses

2012  Design of Optimal Perpetual Pavement Structure

2012  Development of a Predictive System for Estimating Fatigue Life of Asphalt Mixtures Using the Indirect Tensile Test

2012  Displacement-Based Lateral Stiffness Design for Asymmetric-Plan Buildings Subjected to Earthquake Motions

2012  Effect of Bottom Chord Extensions on the Static Flexural Stiffness of Open-Web Steel Joists

2012  Effect of Pipe Stiffness on Maxi-HDD Pull Loads

2012  Effect of Type of Compaction on Mechanical Properties in Warm-Mix Asphalts

2012  Effects of Fillers on Properties of Asphalt-Concrete Mixture

2012  The Effects of Pipe Stiffness on HDD Pull Loads