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2014  Ideal Location of Intermediate Ring Stiffeners on Discretely Supported Cylindrical Shells

2014  Increasing Girder Elastic Buckling Strength Using Split Pipe Bearing Stiffeners

2014  Instantaneous Stiffness of Cracked Reinforced Concrete Including Steel-Concrete Interface Damage and Long-Term Effects

2014  Transverse Stiffener Requirements to Develop Shear-Buckling and Postbuckling Resistance of Steel I-Girders

2013  Comparative Performance of Stiffened Sandwich Foam Panels under Impulsive Loading

2013  Experimental Study on Two Simple Mechanical Precast Beam-Column Connections under Reverse Cyclic Loading

2013  Prediction of Flexural Deformation of a Corroded RC Beam with a Polynomial Tension-Stiffening Model

2012  Branch Plate-to-Circular Hollow Structural Section Connections. I: Experimental Investigation and Finite-Element Modeling

2012  Fatigue Performance of Stiffened Pole-to-Base Plate Socket Connections in High-Mast Structures

2012  Laterally Loaded Reinforced Concrete Stiffened Plates: Analytical Investigations

2011  Eliminating Shrinkage Effect from Moment Curvature and Tension Stiffening Relationships of Reinforced Concrete Members

2011  FRP-Reinforced Concrete Beams: Unified Approach Based on IC Theory

2011  Uniaxial Tension Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Members Strengthened with Carbon Fiber Sheets

2010  Cyclic Behavior of Shear Links of Various Grades of Plate Steel

2010  Deflection Prediction for FRP-Strengthened Concrete Beams

2010  Experiments on the Buckling Behavior of Ring-Stiffened Pipelines under Hydrostatic Pressure

2010  Laboratory Evaluation of Moisture Susceptibility of Hot-Mix Asphalt Containing Cementitious Fillers

2010  Torsional Strength of RC Beams Considering Tension Stiffening Effect

2009  Local Buckling of RBS Beams Subjected to Cyclic Loading

2009  Parametric Study on the Dynamic Instability Behavior of Laminated Composite Stiffened Plate

2009  Tensegrity Structures with Buckling Members Explain Nonlinear Stiffening and Reversible Softening of Actin Networks

2008  CFRP Prestressed High-Strength Concrete Prisms Subjected to Direct Tension

2008  Experimental Study of Complex High-Strength Cold-Formed Cross-Shaped Steel Section

2008  Graphical Application of Buckling Equations for a Cylindrical Steel Tunnel Liner with and without Stiffeners

2008  New Approach for Estimating the Deflection of Beams Reinforced with FRP Reinforcement

2008  Shear Strength and Moment-Shear Interaction in Transversely Stiffened Steel I-Girders

2006  Behavior of Stiffened Plates Subjected to a Combined Loading Condition

2006  Comparison of Beam Depths for Stiffened Slabs on Shrink-Swell Soils Using WRI, PTI 2004 and AS 2870

2006  Hysteretic Model of Stiffened Shear Panel Dampers

2006  Mechanics of Web Panel Postbuckling Behavior in Shear

2006  Response Prediction of RC Beams Externally Bonded with Steel-Reinforced Polymers

2006  Strength of CFT Connection Stiffened with T-Shaped Interior Diaphragms

2006  Tension Stiffening Model for Concrete Beams Reinforced with Steel and FRP Bars

2006  Two Dimensional Simulation of a Stiffened Slab on Expansive Soil Subject to a Leaking Underground Water Pipe

2005  Explaining the Riddle of Tension Stiffening Models for Shear Panel Experiments

2005  Stability of Stiffened Steel Plates under Axial Compression

2005  Strength of Longitudinally Stiffened Webs Subjected to Concentrated Loading

2005  Strength of Stiffened Flanges in Horizontally Curved Box Girders

2004  Design Expressions Based on a Finite Element Model of a Stiffened Cold-Formed Steel C-Section

2004  Design of Cold-Formed Steel Channel Columns with Complex Stiffeners by Direct Strength Method

2004  Design of Stiffened Elements in Cold-Formed Stainless Steel Sections

2004  Design Provisions for Sections Containing Unstiffened Elements with Stress Gradient

2004  Effective Widths of Unstiffened Elements with Stress Gradient

2004  Modeling of Tension-Stiffening Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Ties Strengthened with Fiber Reinforced Plastic Sheets

2004  Tests of Unstiffened Plate Elements Under Combined Compression and Bending

2003  Compression Tests of Channels with Inclined Simple Edge Stiffeners

2003  Effects of Stiffeners on Nonlinear Stability of Self-Erecting Dome

2003  New Design Rule for Intermediate Transverse Stiffeners Attached on Web Panels

2003  Scale Transition in Steel-Concrete Interaction. I: Model

2003  Tension Stiffening and Cracking of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

2002  Axial Load Behavior of Stiffened Concrete-Filled Steel Columns

2002  Behavior of Intermediate Transverse Stiffeners Attached on Web Panels

2002  Comparison of Unstiffened and Ring Stiffened Large Diameter Flexible Steel Pipe Response to Handling, Transportation, Backfilling and Traffic Loads

2002  Determination of Physical Parameters of Stiffened Plates using Genetic Algorithm

2002  Evaluation of Elastomeric Bearing Performance at Low Temperatures

2002  Free Vibration Analysis and Design Aids of Stiffened Conoidal Shells

2002  Thermomechanical Response Variability of Stiffened Composite Panels

2001  Tension Stiffening Effect in RC Beams with Steel Fiber

2000  Construction Progresses on Longest Suspension Bridge in Korea

2000  Effects of Longitudinal Stiffeners on Curved I-Girder Webs

2000  Fatigue Behavior of Internally Ring-Stiffened Welded Steel Tubular Joints

2000  Nonlinear Dynamics of Stiffened Flat Panels under Thermomechanical Loads

2000  Nonlinear Stability of Ring-Stiffened Prestressed Domes

2000  Structural Design Forum: The New Millennium Starts Year Five

1999  Alleviation of Deformation of Cylindrical Shell Using Piezoelectric Rings

1999  Behavior of Internally Ring-Stiffened Joints of Offshore Platforms

1999  Buckling Design of Stringer-Stiffened Conical Shells in Compression

1999  Column Economy Considering Stiffening Requirements

1999  Computer-Aided Retrofitting of Damaged RC Cooling Tower Shell

1999  Laterally Braced Cold-Formed Steel Flexural Members with Edge Stiffened Flanges

1999  Retrofitting of a RC Cooling Tower: From Concrete Modelling to Structural Design

1998  Cold-Formed Steel Members with Multiple Longitudinal Intermediate Stiffeners

1998  Flutter Stability of Very Long Suspension Bridges

1998  Shear Stiffness for Z-Core Sandwich Panels

1998  Upgrading Continuous Reinforced Concrete Beams by Gluing Steel Plates to Their Tension Faces

1997  Behaviour and Cracking of Slabs as Part of Composite Beams in Regions with Negative Bending Moments

1997  Buckling Capacity of Tunnel and Penstock Liners Using Finite Element Analysis Techniques

1997  Buckling Experiments on Hollow Flange Beams with Web Stiffeners

1997  Collapse Analysis of Ring-Stiffened Cylinders Using Ring Elements

1997  Cracking of Concrete Mechanical Models of the Design Rules in Eurocode 4

1997  Crossover of Integral-Ring Buckle Arrestor: Computational Results

1997  Finite-Element Analysis of Hollow Flange Beams with Web Stiffeners

1997  Ritz Method for Vibration Analysis of Cylindrical Shells with Ring Stiffeners

1997  Strengthening of RC Flexural Members with FRP Composites

1997  Tension Stiffening Behavior of Reinforced Masonry

1996  Analysis of Deep Excavation with Column Type of Ground Improvement in Soft Clay

1996  Finite Element Analysis of Longitudinally Stiffened Cylinders in Bending

1996  Free Vibration of Stiffened Composite Laminates

1996  Probability Based Design Requirements for Unstiffened Panels in Ship Structures

1996  Probability-Based Design Requirements for Longitudinally Stiffened Panels in Ship Structures

1996  Shear Stiffness D\dQ\dy for C-Core Sandwich Panels

1996  Ultimate Compressive Strength of Orthogonally Stiffened Steel Plates

1995  Aerodynamic Performance of the Deer Isle - Sedgwick Bridge

1995  Bracing for Stability—State-of-the-Art

1995  Cross Stiffeners for Beams in Torsion

1995  Effects of External Pressure on Capacity of Tubular Beam-Columns

1995  Imperfection Sensitivity of Layered Composite Cylinders

1995  An Information System on the Performance of Suspension Bridges Under Wind Loads: 1701-1993

1995  Nonlinear Composite Plate Displacements Considering Transverse Shear

1995  Nonlinear Stability Analysis Using a New Stiffener Element