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2015  Engineering Iron and Stone, Understanding Structural Analysis and Design Methods of the Late 19th Century

2015  Maintenance Strategy for Steel Structures of Large Gantry Crane Based on Fatigue Reliability

2015  Rational Design of Pipe Racks Used for Oil Sands and Petrochemical Facilities

2015  Transforming Seismic Performance of Deficient Steel Concentrically Braced Frames through Implementation of Rocking Cores

2014  Braced Ductile Shear Panel: New Seismic-Resistant Framing System

2014  Collapse Fragility of Steel Structures Subjected to Earthquake Mainshock-Aftershock Sequences

2014  Collapse of a Car Park Canopy

2014  Composite Floor Systems under Column Loss: Collapse Resistance and Tie Force Requirements

2014  Computational Simulation of Gravity-Induced Progressive Collapse of Steel-Frame Buildings: Current Trends and Future Research Needs

2014  Damage/Deterioration Detection for Steel Structures Using Distributed Fiber Optic Strain Sensors

2014  Design and Installation of Auger Steel Catenary Risers

2014  Design and Research on Braced Frames Steel Structure

2014  Design Concepts for Controlled Rocking of Self-Centering Steel-Braced Frames

2014  Detailing and Erection of a Steel Building in the Remote Arctic with Materials Sourced from the US and Europe

2014  Ductile Fire-Resistive Material for Enhanced Fire Safety Under Multi-Hazards - A Feasibility Study

2014  Effect of Dynamic Loading and Environmental Conditions on the Bond between CFRP and Steel: State-of-the-Art Review

2014  Empirical Selection Equation for Friction Pendulum Seismic Isolation Bearings Applied to Multistory Woodframe Buildings

2014  Experimental and Numerical Study of Postbuckling Ductile Fracture of Heat-Treated SHS Stub Columns

2014  Generalized Component-Based Model for Shear Tab Connections

2014  Lessons Learned from the Design of Steel and RC Structures against Progressive Collapse Using Nonlinear Alternate Path Analysis

2014  Load Rating of Steel Girder Structures

2014  Low-Complexity Candidate for Benchmarking Collapse Prediction of Steel Braced Structures

2014  Mechanics-Based Approach for Modeling Delamination of Fire Insulation from Steel Structures

2014  Modeling and Analysis of Single-Plate Shear Connections under Column Loss

2014  Modeling of Heat Transfer in Gas-Filled Furnace for Steel Members

2014  Offshore Platform Steel Specification

2014  Quasi-Static Cyclic Behavior of Controlled Rocking Steel Frames

2014  Seismic Vulnerability of Older Braced Frames

2014  Three-Dimensional, Nonlinear, Dynamic Analysis of Modular Steel Buildings

2013  Analysis-Based Design Provisions for Steel Storage Racks

2013  Assessment of Software for Blast Loading and Structural Response Analysis Using a Lightweight Steel-Joist Roof as a Test Case

2013  Behavior of Horizontally Curved I-Girders during Lifting

2013  Bolted Connections in Cold-Formed Steel: Reliability Analysis for Rupture in Net Section

2013  Collapse Assessment of Steel Moment Frames Based on E-Defense Full-Scale Shake Table Collapse Tests

2013  Damage-Control Systems Using Replaceable Energy-Dissipating Steel Fuses for Cold-Formed Steel Structures: Seismic Behavior by Shake Table Tests

2013  Effect of Color Space, Color Channels, and Sub-Image Block Size on the Performance of Wavelet-Based Texture Analysis Algorithms: An Application to Corrosion Detection on Steel Structures

2013  Effects of Fire Following Earthquakes on Steel Frames with Reduced Beam Sections

2013  Experimental Study on the Mechanical Behavior and Failure Mechanism of a Latticed Steel Transmission Tower

2013  Laboratory Load Tests and Analysis of Bailey Bridge Segments

2013  New Design Rules for the Shear Strength of LiteSteel Beams with Web Openings

2013  Performance of Steel Moment Connections under a Column Removal Scenario. I: Experiments

2013  Performance of Steel Moment Connections under a Column Removal Scenario. II: Analysis

2013  Preparation and Characterization of Steel Surfaces for Adhesive Bonding

2013  Reliability and Remaining Life Assessment of Fatigue Critical Steel Structures: Integration of Inspection and Monitoring Information

2013  Seismic Behavior of Steel Buildings with Hybrid Braced Frames

2013  Seismic Design and Analysis of Steel Plate Shear Walls with Coupling

2013  Simplified Method for Estimation of Beam Plastic Rotation Demand in Special Moment-Resisting Steel-Frame Structures

2013  Symmetric and Asymmetric Collapse Mechanisms of a Multi-Story Steel Structure subjected to Gravity and Fire

2012  Application of Virtual Work Method for Progressive Collapse Analysis of Steel Buildings

2012  Branch Plate-to-Circular Hollow Structural Section Connections. I: Experimental Investigation and Finite-Element Modeling

2012  Branch Plate-to-Circular Hollow Structural Section Connections. II: X-Type Parametric Numerical Study and Design

2012  Collapse Performance Evaluation of Steel Buildings after Loss of Columns

2012  Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations to Predict Wind-Induced Damage to a Steel Building during Hurricane Katrina

2012  Drive-In Steel Storage Racks I: Stiffness Tests and 3D Load-Transfer Mechanisms

2012  Earthquake and Tsunami Damage to Steel Structures

2012  Effects of Fire on a Tall Steel Building Designed to Resist Progressive Collapse

2012  The Effects of Low-Cycle Fatigue in Steel Structures

2012  Enhanced Modeling of Steel Structures for Progressive Collapse Analysis Using the Applied Element Method

2012  Failures of Light Gage Steel Structural Framing

2012  Fire Induced Progressive Collapse of Steel Building Structures

2012  Influence of Negative Phase Loading on Cable Net Facade Response

2012  Mechanism of Collapse of Tall Steel Moment-Frame Buildings under Earthquake Excitation

2012  Pounding of an 18-Story Building During Recorded Earthquakes

2012  Repair and Retrofit of Open-Framed Steel Structures

2012  Residual Stress Tests of High-Strength Steel Equal Angles

2012  Role of Composite Action in Collapse Resistance of Steel Frame Buildings

2012  Seismic Design of Multi-Story Cold-Formed Steel Buildings: The CFS-NEES Archetype Building

2012  Seismic Performance of Low-to-Moderate Height Eccentrically Braced Steel Frames Designed for North American Seismic Conditions

2012  Simulation Calculation over Removing Process of Temporary Supports for Large-Span Cantilever Steel Structure

2012  Structural and Non-Structural Seismic Demands on Controlled Rocking Steel Braced Frame Buildings

2012  Thermal Load-Induced Failure of a Steel Space Frame Structure

2012  Vector Form Intrinsic Finite-Element Analysis of Steel Frames with Semirigid Joints

2011  Design of Steel Transmission Pole Structures

2011  Installation Technology and Deformation Control of a High-Level, Large-Span Steel Hoisting Structure

2011  Numerical Modeling of LiteSteel Beams Subject to Shear

2011  Residual Drift Response of SMRFs and BRB Frames in Steel Buildings Designed according to ASCE 7-05

2011  Role of Insulation Effectiveness on Fire Resistance of Steel Structures under Extreme Loading Events

2011  Seismic Analysis and Rehabilitation of a 15 Story Pre-Northridge Steel Moment Resisting Frame Building

2011  Seismic Behavior of Tubular Steel Offshore Platforms

2011  Seismic Retrofit of Pre-Northridge Steel Moment Frame Building Using Nonlinear Static Analysis per ASCE 41-06

2011  Simple Shear Connections—Not So Simple

2011  Testing and Analysis of Steel and Concrete Beam-Column Assemblies under a Column Removal Scenario

2011  Thermal Behavior of Steel Cables in Prestressed Steel Structures

2010  An Application of a Proposed Stiffness-Strength-Ductility Design Approach to a Five Storey Steel Building Structure

2010  Behavior of Steel Single-Plate Beam End Framing Connections in Fire

2010  Building Robustness Research during World War II

2010  Catastrophic Sliding of a Concrete Deck during Its Launching on the Steel Girders of a Composite Bridge

2010  Combined Distortional and Overall Flexural-Torsional Buckling of Cold-Formed Stainless Steel Sections: Design

2010  Combined Distortional and Overall Flexural-Torsional Buckling of Cold-Formed Stainless Steel Sections: Experimental Investigations

2010  Design of Steel Buildings for Earthquake Conditions Using Next-Generation Elastomeric Dampers

2010  Experimental and Analytical Assessment on Progressive Collapse Potential of Two Actual Steel Frame Buildings

2010  Fragility Assessment of Reduced Beam Section Moment Connections

2010  High-Temperature Properties of Steel for Fire Resistance Modeling of Structures

2010  Local Buckling Study of Flanges And Webs in I-Shapes at Elevated Temperatures

2010  Robustness of Steel Buildings: 3-D Modeling, Simulation, and Evaluation

2010  Soil-Steel Interaction of Long-Span Box Culverts—Performance during Backfilling

2010  Testing the Response of Box-Type Soil-Steel Structures under Static Service Loads

2010  Unified Element and Section Approach to Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structures

2009  Accelerated Fresh Water Corrosion Study & Remediation of Steel Structures

2009  Analytical Response and Design of Buildings with Metallic Structural Fuses. I