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2015  Crack Assessment of the New Galata Bascule-Type Steel Bridge

2015  Experimental Study on Cracking of Thick-Walled Welded Beam-Column Connections with Incomplete Penetration in Steel Bridge Piers

2015  Field Testing of a Decommissioned Skewed Steel I-Girder Bridge: Analysis of System Effects

2015  Flexural and Punching Shear Capacity Comparison of Full-Scale ABC Steel Bridge Girders

2015  Instrumentation of a Horizontally Curved Steel I-Girder Bridge during Construction

2015  Investigation and Retrofit of Distortion-Induced Fatigue Cracks in a Double-Deck Cantilever-Suspended Steel Truss Bridge

2015  Life-Cycle Cost Evaluation of Conventional and Corrosion-Resistant Steel for Bridges

2015  Steel Bridge Girder Strengthening Using Postinstalled Shear Connectors and UHM CFRP Laminates

2014  Bridge Deck and Guardrail Anchorage Detailing for Sustainable Construction

2014  Corrosion-Fatigue Strain-Life Model for Steel Bridge Girders under Various Weathering Conditions

2014  Curve-Approximated Hysteresis Model for Steel Bridge Columns

2014  Design Equations and Example for FRP Deck-Steel Girder Bridge System

2014  Determining Geometric Out-of-Plane Imperfections in Steel Tied-Arch Bridges Using Strain Measurements

2014  Displacement Monitoring of Expansion Joints of Long-span Steel Bridges with Viscous Dampers

2014  Effect of Deck Deterioration on Overall System Behavior, Resilience and Remaining Life of Composite Steel Girder Bridges

2014  Evaluation of a Steel Girder Bridge Collapse during Deck Removal

2014  Fatigue Retrofitting of Web Stiffeners in Steel Bridges Using Pultruded FRP Sections

2014  Increasing Girder Elastic Buckling Strength Using Split Pipe Bearing Stiffeners

2014  Influence of Asphalt Surfacing on Fatigue Evaluation of Rib-to-Deck Joints in Orthotropic Steel Bridge Decks

2014  Influence of Soil-Structure Interaction and Liquefaction on the Isolation Efficiency of a Typical Multispan Continuous Steel Girder Bridge

2014  Laser-Based Field Measurement for a Bridge Finite-Element Model Validation

2014  Lateral Live-Load Distribution Characteristics of Simply Supported Steel Girder Bridges Loaded with Implements of Husbandry

2014  Modal Analysis for the Rehabilitation Assessment of the Luiz I Bridge

2014  National Review on Use and Performance of Uncoated Weathering Steel Highway Bridges

2014  Optimizing Horizontally Curved, Steel Bridge, Cross-Frame Arrangements to Enhance Construction Performance

2014  Post-Fire Strength Assessment of Steel Bridges Based on Residual Out-of-Plane Web Deformations

2014  Rehabilitation and Restoration of Old Steel Railway Bridges: Laboratory Experiment and Field Test

2014  Repairing Distortion-Induced Fatigue Cracks in Steel Bridge Girders Using Angles-with-Plate Retrofit Technique. I: Physical Simulations

2014  Repairing Distortion-Induced Fatigue Cracks in Steel Bridge Girders Using Angles-with-Plate Retrofit Technique. II: Computer Simulations

2014  Use of CFRP Overlays to Repair Fatigue Damage in Steel Plates under Tension Loading

2013  Comparison between Eurocodes and North American and Main International Codes for Design of Bolted Connections in Steel Bridges

2013  Design and Development of In Situ Fatigue Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring of Highway Bridges

2013  Development of an Efficient Maintenance Strategy for Corroded Steel Bridge Infrastructures

2013  Effect of Pier Section Reinforcement on Inelastic Behavior of Steel I-Girder Bridges

2013  Evaluating Fire Resistance of Steel Girders in Bridges

2013  Evaluation of a Noncomposite Steel Girder Bridge through Live-Load Field Testing

2013  Experimental Characterization of Aging Effects on Steel Bridge Bearings under Cyclic Loads

2013  Extremely Low-Cycle Fatigue Tests of Thick-Walled Steel Bridge Piers

2013  Fatigue Assessment and Service Life Prediction of Existing Steel Bridges by Integrating SHM into a Probabilistic Bilinear S-N Approach

2013  Imaging Tools for Evaluation of Gusset Plate Connections in Steel Truss Bridges

2013  Lifetime Extension of a Realistic Model of an In-Service Bridge through a Response Modification Approach

2013  Nonlinear Seismic Response and Parametric Examination of Horizontally Curved Steel Bridges Using 3D Computational Models

2013  Numerical Simulations of Multilayer Surfacing Systems on Orthotropic Steel Deck Bridges

2013  Objective Load Rating of a Steel-Girder Bridge Using Structural Modeling and Health Monitoring

2013  Overview of Structural Health Monitoring for Steel Bridges

2013  Parametric Analysis of Cross-Frame Layout on Distortion-Induced Fatigue in Skewed Steel Bridges

2013  Robustness Assessment of a Steel Truss Bridge

2013  Study of the Performance of Membrane Material between the Asphalt Concrete Surfacing Layers and the Decks of Steel Bridges

2013  Total Cost-Benefit Analysis of Alternative Corrosion Management Strategies for a Steel Roadway Bridge

2013  Trio of Steel Bridges Designed to Strengthen Road Transport in Nepal

2013  Uncertainties in Identification of a Steel Bridge Dynamic Characteristic

2012  Buckling Behavior of Steel Bridge I-Girders Braced by Permanent Metal Deck Forms

2012  Computation Method for Fatigue Strain in a Long-span Steel Bridge Asphalt Pavement by Using the Three-hierarchy Structure

2012  Effect of Temporary Shoring Location on Horizontally Curved Steel I-Girder Bridges during Construction

2012  Effects of Temperature Variations on the In-Plane Stability of Steel Arch Bridges

2012  Erection Engineering Analysis for Curved and Skewed Girder Bridges

2012  Fatigue Enhancement of Welded Details in Steel Bridges Using CFRP Overlay Elements

2012  Fatigue Performance of High-Strength Reinforcing Steel

2012  Fatigue Reliability Updating Evaluation of Existing Steel Bridges

2012  Flexural Performance of Steel Girders Retrofitted Using CFRP Materials

2012  Influential Curved Steel Bridge Fragility Analysis Parameters

2012  Life-Cycle Cost Analyses of a New Steel for Bridges

2012  Modeling of Stress Spectrum Using Long-Term Monitoring Data and Finite Mixture Distributions

2012  Parametric Studies and Preliminary Design Recommendations on the Use of Postinstalled Shear Connectors for Strengthening Noncomposite Steel Bridges

2012  Pavement Rehabilitation Strategy Selection for Steel Suspension Bridges Based on Probabilistic Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

2012  Probabilistic Fatigue Life Estimation of Steel Bridges by Using a Bilinear S- N Approach

2012  Rapid Assessment of Gusset Plate Safety in Steel Truss Bridges

2012  Research for Calibration and Resistant Factors of LRFD Design of Steel Bridge in China

2012  Response Modification Approach for Safe Extension of Bridge Life

2012  Seismic Fragility of Retrofitted Multispan Continuous Steel Bridges in New York

2012  Simplified Method for Evaluating the Redundancy of Twin Steel Box-Girder Bridges

2012  Stress Analyses and Parametric Study on Full-Scale Fatigue Tests of Rib-to-Deck Welded Joints in Steel Orthotropic Decks

2012  Use of CFRP Overlays to Strengthen Welded Connections under Fatigue Loading

2011  Accelerated Testing for Fatigue Crack Resistance of Pavement Systems on Orthotropic Steel Bridge Decks

2011  American Swing Bridges 1797 to 1907

2011  Cement-Based Transition Layer for Orthotropic Steel Bridge Decks

2011  Detection of Critical Fatigue Cracks in Steel Bridge Materials with Remote Acoustic Emission Monitoring

2011  Ductility Evaluation of Concrete-Encased Steel Bridge Piers Subjected to Lateral Cyclic Loading

2011  Dynamic Stress Amplification Caused by Sudden Failure of Tension Members in Steel Truss Bridges

2011  Efficient Longitudinal Seismic Fragility Assessment of a Multispan Continuous Steel Bridge on Liquefiable Soils

2011  Experiment and Theoretical Research on Cable-Girder Anchorage Structure of Long Span Steel Cable-Stayed Bridges

2011  Florida Tampa International Airport Interchange Steel Bridges Design

2011  Light Polymer Cement Mortar Pavement for Orthotropic Steel Bridge Decks

2011  Mitigating Epistemic Uncertainty in Structural Identification: Case Study for a Long-Span Steel Arch Bridge

2011  Pedestrian Bridge Project in San Francisco Region Was No Easy Walk

2011  Proposed Revisions to AASHTO-LRFD Bridge Design Specifications for Orthotropic Steel Deck Bridges

2011  Skewed Slab-on-Girder Steel Bridge Superstructures with Bidirectional-Ductile End Diaphragms

2011  Stochastic Parameters Analyze for Steel Highway Bridge Members

2011  Ultimate Capacity Destructive Testing and Finite-Element Analysis of Steel I-Girder Bridges

2011  Use of Lifetime Functions in the Optimization of Nondestructive Inspection Strategies for Bridges

2010  Application of High-elastic Modified Asphalt in Steel Bridge Pavement

2010  Assessment of Bridge Strength and Stability under Scour Conditions

2010  Box-and-Ellipse-Based ANFIS for Bridge Coating Assessment

2010  Checking Steel Girder Stability during Erection—Rules of Thumb Modified by AASHTO LRFD

2010  Design and Costs for Simple-Made-Continuous Rolled Steel Girder Bridges: Literature Survey

2010  Distortion-Induced Fatigue in Steel Bridges: Causes, Parameters, and Fixes

2010  Fatigue Design of Orthotropic Steel Bridges

2010  Field-Measured Response of an Integral Abutment Bridge with Short Steel H-Piles

2010  Influence of Irregular Pavement on Vehicle-Bridge Coupling Vibration Responses of Bridge with Corrugated Steel Webs

2010  Influence of Surface Condition on the Inspection of Steel Bridge Elements Using the Time-of-Flight Diffraction Method