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2015  Carbon Dioxide-Activated Steel Slag for Slag-Bonded Wallboard Application

2015  Column Base Connections for Hollow Steel Sections: Seismic Performance and Strength Models

2015  Comparison of Evolutionary Algorithms for the Identification of Bouc-Wen Hysteretic Systems

2015  Correlation of Compressive Strength and Other Engineering Properties of High-Performance Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

2015  Deterioration Modeling of Steel Moment Resisting Frames Using Finite-Length Plastic Hinge Force-Based Beam-Column Elements

2015  Experimental Investigation on the Impact Performance of Concrete-Filled FRP Steel Tubes

2015  Experimental Study of RC Beams Strengthened with Prestressed Steel-Wire BFRP Composite Plate Using a Hybrid Anchorage System

2015  Failure Behavior of a Top and Seat Angle Bolted Steel Connection with Double Web Angles

2015  Fire Performance of Steel Reinforced Concrete Columns

2015  In-Plane Analyses of Elastic Three-Pinned Steel Arches

2015  Investigation of Concrete-Filled Double-Skin Steel Tubular Columns with Ultrahigh-Strength Steel

2015  Prediction of Fracture Behavior of 20MnCr5 and S275JR Steel Based on Numerical Crack Driving Force Assessment

2015  Probabilistic Approach for Durability Design of Concrete Structures in Marine Environments

2015  Prying Models for Strength in Thick-Flange Built-Up T-Stubs with Complete Joint Penetration and Fillet Welds

2015  Section Characterization of Wide-Flange Steel Sections Subjected to Combined Thermal and Mechanical Loading

2015  Stress Intensity Factors for Cracked Steel Girders Strengthened with CFRP Sheets

2014  Acoustic Emission Historic Index and Frequency Spectrum of Reinforced Concrete under Accelerated Corrosion

2014  Analysis and Design of Steel-Concrete Composite Frame Systems

2014  Beam-Truss Model of Steel-Concrete Composite Box-Girder Bridges

2014  Behavior of CFRP Laminates Bonded to a Steel Substrate Using a Ductile Adhesive

2014  Behavior of Hybrid FRP-Concrete-Steel Double-Skin Tubes Subjected to Cyclic Axial Compression

2014  Bond Behavior of Plain Round Bars Embedded in Concrete Subjected to Biaxial Lateral Tensile-Compressive Stresses

2014  Curvature Monitoring of Beams Using Digital Image Correlation

2014  Design Rules, Experimental Evaluation, and Fracture Models for High-Strength and Stainless-Steel Hourglass Shape Energy Dissipation Devices

2014  Development of an Innovative Load-Bearing Steel Stud Wall System for Blast Protection of Building Envelopes

2014  Eccentric Axial Load Capacity of High-Strength Steel-Concrete Composite Columns of Various Sectional Shapes

2014  Effect of Deterioration on the Performance of Corrugated Steel Culverts

2014  Experimental Investigation of SPSW Web Plate Stress Field Development and Vertical Boundary Element Demand

2014  Experimental Investigation on Lateral Performance of Timber-Steel Hybrid Shear Wall Systems

2014  Experimental Resistance Function Development of Steel Studs under Combined Axial and Flexural Loads Using Load-Tree Testing

2014  Experimental Studies and Models for Ductile Fracture in ASTM A992 Steels at High Triaxiality

2014  Experimental Study of the Steel-Concrete Connection in Hybrid Cable-Stayed Bridges

2014  Experimental Study on Bond Behavior of Deformed Bars Embedded in Concrete Subjected to Biaxial Lateral Tensile Compressive Stresses

2014  A Failure Criterion for Steel-Concrete Composite Walls

2014  Fast-to-Compute Weakly Coupled Ductile Fracture Model for Structural Steels

2014  Imaging-Based Rating for Corrosion States of Weathering Steel Using Wavelet Transform and PSO-SVM Techniques

2014  Integrity of Steel Single Plate Shear Connections Subjected to Simulated Column Removal

2014  Large-Scale Testing of a Steel-Concrete Composite Floor System under Column Loss Scenarios

2014  Measurement of Local Deformations in Steel Monostrands Using Digital Image Correlation

2014  Mechanical Performance of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams Subjected to a Hogging Moment

2014  A New Seismic Design Method for Steel Multi-Tiered Braced Frames

2014  Preliminary Study of Blast Response of Steel Plate-Reinforced Concrete Walls

2014  Prestress Loss of a New Vertical Prestressing Anchorage System on Concrete Box-Girder Webs

2014  Probability Distribution Model for Cross-Sectional Area of Corroded Reinforcing Steel Bars

2014  Seismic Performance of Steel MRFs with Partially-Restrained, Bolted, Beam-to-Column Connections through FE Simulations

2014  Short-Term Partial-Interaction Behavior of RC Beams with Prestressed FRP and Steel

2013  Anchorage System to Prestress FRP Laminates for Flexural Strengthening of Steel-Concrete Composite Girders

2013  Basic Performance of the Composite Deck System Composed of Orthotropic Steel Deck and Ultrathin RPC Layer

2013  Behavior of Hybrid FRP-Concrete-Steel Double-Skin Tubular Columns with a Square Outer Tube and a Circular Inner Tube Subjected to Axial Compression

2013  Behavior of Spliced Steel Girders under Impact

2013  Bonded FRP Plates for Strengthening Rectangular Hollow Steel Section T-Joints against Web Buckling Induced by Transverse Compression

2013  Case Study on the Effect of 690 mpa (100 ksi) Steel Reinforcement on Concrete Productivity in Buildings

2013  Comparative Performance of Stiffened Sandwich Foam Panels under Impulsive Loading

2013  Corrosion Damage Quantification of Prestressing Strands Using Acoustic Emission

2013  Creep Effects on the Reliability of a Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Arch Bridge

2013  Design of Steel Shear Connections for Eccentricity as a Result of Secondary Bending Moment

2013  Development Length of High-Strength Steel Rebar in Ultrahigh Performance Concrete

2013  Dynamic Hysteretic Characteristics of High-Strength Steels (POSTEN60, POSTEN80) and Application of a Dynamic Hysteresis Model to FE Analysis

2013  Dynamic Performance of Unbonded Pre-Stressed Steel Bar in CRTS I Ballastless Slab Track under Train Load

2013  Dynamic Properties of Long-Span Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges with External Tendons

2013  Dynamic Tensile and Compressive Behaviors of Mild Steel at Wide Range of Strain Rates

2013  Economical Steel Plate Shear Walls for Low-Seismic Regions

2013  Effects of Elevated Temperatures on Double Shear Bolted Connections of Thin Sheet Steels

2013  Efficient Prestressed Concrete-Steel Composite Girder for Medium-Span Bridges. I: System Description and Design

2013  Efficient Prestressed Concrete-Steel Composite Girder for Medium-Span Bridges. II: Finite-Element Analysis and Experimental Investigation

2013  Experimental Investigation on Scour under a Vibrating Catenary Riser

2013  Experimental Study on Compressive Bond Anchorage Properties of 500 MPa Steel Bars in Concrete

2013  Experimental Study on Fatigue Strength of Corroded Bridge Wires

2013  Finite Element Modeling of Punching Shear in Two-Way Slabs Reinforced with High-Strength Steel

2013  Flexural Strength and Rotation Capacity of I-Shaped Beams Fabricated from 800-MPa Steel

2013  Flexure and Shear Interaction in Steel I-Girders

2013  Functionality of Damaged Steel Truss Systems Strengthened with Posttensioned CFRP Tendon

2013  Impact Analysis on Concrete Mechanical Properties of Steel Fiber Shotcrete

2013  Induction Healing of Porous Asphalt Concrete Beams on an Elastic Foundation

2013  Innovation in Steel Design: Rethinking the Research Paradigm

2013  Large-Scale Experimental Validation of Steel Posttensioned Connections with Web Hourglass Pins

2013  Masonry Confinement Using Steel Cords

2013  Measurement of Accelerated Steel Corrosion in Concrete Using Ground-Penetrating Radar and a Modified Half-Cell Potential Method

2013  A Multidisciplinary Optimal Design for the Section Dimensions of a Side Impact Bar Made of Ultra High-Strength Steel

2013  Multiscale Modeling of Inclusions and Precipitation Hardening in Metal Matrix Composites: Application to Advanced High-Strength Steels

2013  Nonlinear Finite-Element Analysis of Buckling Capacity of Pretwisted Steel Bars

2013  Performance Evaluation of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Pipe under D-Loads

2013  Plate Buckling Strength of Steel Wide-Flange Sections at Elevated Temperatures

2013  Probabilistic Demand Models and Fragility Estimates for Bridges Elevated with Steel Pedestals

2013  Pullout Resistance Factors for Steel Reinforcements Used in TxDOT MSE Walls

2013  RC Columns Strengthened with Steel Angles and Battens: Experimental Results and Design Procedure

2013  Relaxation of Prestressing Steel at Varying Strain and Temperature: Viscoplastic Constitutive Relation

2013  Simultaneous Vehicle Crossing Effects on Fatigue Damage Equivalence Factors for North American Roadway Bridges

2013  Slab Cracking Control in Continuous Steel-Concrete Bridge Decks

2013  Study on Compressive Bearing Capacity of Full-Scale Square Concrete Columns Confined by High Strength Transverse Steels

2013  Temperature Effect on Creep Behavior of CFST Arch Bridges

2013  Utilization of Steel Slag Powder as a Combined Admixture with Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag in Cement Based Materials

2013  UV-Visible Spectrophotometric Determination of Nickel in X70 Pipeline Steels Based on the Reaction of Nickel with Dimethylglyoxime

2013  Versatile Method for the Design of Steel Compression Members

2013  Viscoplastic Constitutive Relation for Relaxation of Prestressing Steel at Varying Strain and Temperature

2012  Active Interfacial Performance Monitoring for Concrete Filled Steel Tube with Embedded PZT Techniques Using Power Spectral Density Analysis

2012  Adhesive Power of Ultra High Performance Concrete from a Thermodynamic Point of View

2012  Analysis of the Temperature Effect of Piers with Concrete-filled Steel Tubes under Cold Currents

2012  Blast Resistance of Steel Orthotropic Bridge Decks

2012  ’Buy America’ Act Threatens U.S. Micropile Business