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2014  Frequency Response Diagram for Pipeline Leak Detection: Comparing the Odd and Even Harmonics

2014  Hydraulic Conductivity Variation in a Confined Aquifer

2013  Iterative Solution for Ideal Fluid Jets

2013  Mechanics of Three-Dimensional Pipeline Scour in Unidirectional Steady Current

2013  Potential Flow Solution for Open-Channel Flows and Weir-Crest Overflow

2013  A Preliminary Numerical Approach for the Study of Compressed Air Injection in Inverted Siphons

2013  Revisiting the Energy-Momentum Method for Rating Vertical Sluice Gates under Submerged Flow Conditions

2012  Earthen Levee Shear Stress Estimates for Combined Wave Overtopping and Surge Overflow

2011  Hydraulics of Center-Pivot Laterals: Complete Analysis of Friction Head Loss

2011  Temporal Variation of Scour Depth at Nonuniform Cylindrical Piers

2010  Turbulence Characteristics in Flows Subjected to Boundary Injection and Suction

2010  Two-Dimensional Simulation of Subcritical Flow at a Combining Junction: Luxury or Necessity?

2010  Wavelet Analysis of Steady State Groundwater Flow in a Bounded Domain

2009  Enhanced Global Gradient Algorithm: A General Formulation

2009  Modeling of Flow in Three-Dimensional, Multizone, Anisotropic Porous Media with Weakly Singular Integral Equation Method

2009  The Simulation of Steady Flow in Condensate Gas Pipeline

2009  Tool for Estimation of Additional Drawdown Due to Partially Penetrating Wells in Confined and Semi-Confined Aquifers

2008  Accuracy of Kinematic Wave and Diffusion Wave Approximations for Flood Routing. I: Steady Analysis

2008  Characteristics of Turbulent Flow in Submerged Jumps on Rough Beds

2008  Clear-Water Scour below Underwater Pipelines under Steady Flow

2008  Critical Bed-Shear Stress for Cohesive Sediment Deposition under Steady Flows

2008  Cutthroat Measurement Flume Calibration for Free and Submerged Flow Using a Single Equation

2008  Scour at Submerged Cylindrical Obstacles under Steady Flow

2007  Analytical Relationships for Designing Multiple Outlets Pipelines

2007  Characteristics of Horseshoe Vortex in Developing Scour Holes at Piers

2007  Characteristics of Loose Rough Boundary Streams at Near-Threshold

2007  Experimental Study of Ice Jam Thickening under Dynamic Flow Conditions

2007  Multilayer Depth-Averaged Flow Model with Implicit Interfaces

2007  Scour below a High Vertical Drop

2007  Solution for the Closed-Loop Problem in Pressurized Multipipe Systems

2007  Three-Dimensional Flow around a Bottom-Mounted Short Cylinder

2006  Equivalent Roughness Height for Plane Bed under Steady Flow

2006  General Validity of Conductivity Means in Unsaturated Flow Models

2005  End Depth in U-Shaped Channels: A Simplified Approach

2005  Modeling of Flow Around a Cylinder Over a Scoured Bed

2005  Pollutant Trapping at a Coastal Headland

2005  Scour in Long Contractions

2005  Steady-State Solutions of Multilayered and Cross-Anisotropic Poroelastic Half-Space due to a Point Sink

2004  Direct Integration of the Equation of Gradually Varied Flow

2004  End Depth-Discharge Relation at Free Overfall of Trapezoidal Channels

2004  Gradually Varied FLow Computation in Cyclic Looped Channel Networks

2004  Mixing Center of a Channel

2004  Profiles of Steady-State Suction Stress in Unsaturated Soils

2003  Determination of Unsaturated Flow Paths in a 2-D Randomly Distributed Fracture Network

2003  Free Overfall in Inverted Semicircular Channels

2003  Overfall in U-Shaped Channels

2003  Stability of Periodically Unsteady Axisymmetric Jet

2002  Discharge-Drawdown Relationship of Eccentric Wells

2001  Application of Riemann-Green Functions on Solving Linearized de Saint Venant Equations

2001  Leak Detection in Pipes by Frequency Response Method

2001  Sediment Pickup on Streamwise Sloping Beds

2001  Wave Scour around a Large Vertical Circular Cylinder

2000  Lateral Weir and Split Flow Optimization with the Hydrologic Engineering Center’s River Analysis System (HEC-RAS)

1999  Conservative Semi-Lagrangian Algorithm for Pollutant Transport in Rivers

1999  Seepage Effects on Sediment Transport by Waves and Currents

1998  Choke-Free Flow in Circular Channels with Increase in Bed Elevations

1998  End Depth in Circular Channels

1998  Frequency and Duration of Bankfull Flow and Application for Natural Channel Design

1998  Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow

1998  An Improvement to Stokes Nonlinear Theory for Steady Waves

1998  Local Scour Under Tidal Flow Conditions

1998  Transient Flow Analysis of Canal Networks Using the Implicit Finite Difference Model

1997  Analytic Benchmark Solutions for Open-Channel Flows

1997  Chaotic Advections for Stokes Flows in Circular Cavity

1997  GVF Computation in Tree-Type Channel Networks

1997  Relationship of Critical Flow in Waterfall to Minimum Energy Head

1997  Reliability of Steady Surface Profile in Irrigation Canal

1997  Scaling Relationships for Sand Wave Development in Unidirectional Flow

1997  Spatially Varied Flow over an Embankment Side Weir

1997  Steady Flow Over an Obstacle with Contraction and Sill

1995  Minimum Cost Design of a Funnel-and-Gate System

1994  Application of the FESWMS-2DH Software to Solve the Navigation Problem at EL-Menya Bridge in Egypt

1994  Combined Oscillatory and Steady Flow Over Ripples

1994  HEC River Analysis System (HEC-RAS)

1994  Improved Hydraulic Features of the HEC River Analysis (HEC-RAS)

1994  No-Choke Flow in Trapezoidal Channels

1994  Numerical Analysis of High Velocity Flow with Zero-Depth Line and Oblique Shock Wave in Steep Open-Channels

1993  Modeling Critical Depth in Open Channels

1992  Flow Dynamics in an End-to-End Vascular Graft Junction

1992  SCS Water Surface Profile Model—WSP2

1992  Steady and Unsteady Flow Profiles in Reclamation

1991  Computer Simulations of Rapid Granular Flows Interacting with a Flat, Frictional Boundary

1991  Finite Analytic Explicit Scheme for Viscous Burgers’ Equation

1991  Mechanics of Cohesionless Sediment Transport in Coastal Waters

1991  Microstructure and Stress Differences in Shearing Flows

1991  Normal-Depth Calculations in Complex Channel Sections

1991  Sand Transport Rate Under Wave-Current Action

1990  Application of Weakly Compressible Flow Method to 2-D Open Channel Flows

1990  Effects of Data Errors on Computed Steady-Flow Profiles

1990  Numerical Accuracies in Steady Open Channel Flow

1990  Turbulent Shear Stress in Heterogeneous Sediment-Laden Flows

1989  Analysis of Pumping Station and Force Main Networks

1989  Improved Numerical Analysis of Steady Water Surface Profiles

1989  Initial Motion in Combined Wave and Current Flows

1988  Discrete Vortex Model of Jet-Forced Flow Inside Circular Reservoir

1988  Flow Through Disc-Type Valve. I: Finite-Analytic Solution

1988  Flow Through Disc-Type Valve. II: Study on Disc Size and Position

1988  Numerical Analysis of Steady Flow in a 90° Circular Section Bend

1988  Time-Marching Approach for Pipe Steady Flows

1987  Accuracy of Computed Water Surface Profiles