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2014  Analysis of Crash Data Using Quantile Regression for Counts

2014  Application of Statistical Analysis for Mixture Design of High-Strength Self-Consolidating Concrete Containing Metakaolin

2014  Applying Geostatistics to Continuous Compaction Control of Construction and Demolition Materials for Road Embankments

2014  Automated Detection of Pipe Bursts and Other Events in Water Distribution Systems

2014  Comparison of Interpolation, Statistical, and Data-Driven Methods for Imputation of Missing Values in a Distributed Soil Moisture Dataset

2014  Comparison of the Hu-Duan Boundary Effect Model with the Size-Shape Effect Law for Quasi-Brittle Fracture Based on New Comprehensive Fracture Tests

2014  Derivation of a Statistical Framework for Strength Prediction in Deep Cement Mixing

2014  Determining and Classifying Factors of Employees’ Expatriation Willingness Using Rough Set Theory

2014  Developing Cost Estimation Models for Road Rehabilitation and Reconstruction: Case Study of Projects in Europe and Central Asia

2014  Evaluation of Rule and Decision Tree Induction Algorithms for Generating Climate Change Scenarios for Temperature and Pan Evaporation on a Lake Basin

2014  Image-Aided Element Shape Generation Method in Discrete-Element Modeling for Railroad Ballast

2014  Improving AADT Estimation Accuracy of Short-Term Traffic Counts Using Pattern Matching and Bayesian Statistics

2014  Lateral Live-Load Distribution Characteristics of Simply Supported Steel Girder Bridges Loaded with Implements of Husbandry

2014  Measurement of Gravel-Bed Topography: Evaluation Study Applying Statistical Roughness Analysis

2014  New Evidence and Perspective to the Poisson Process and Earthquake Temporal Distribution from 55,000 Events around Taiwan since 1900

2014  Nonlinear Random Vibrations of Beams with Fractional Derivative Elements

2014  Prediction of Multidimensional Deformation Behavior Based on Observed Values

2014  Procedure for Statistical Categorization of Overweight Vehicles in a WIM Database

2014  Railroad Energy Efficiency in the United States: Analytical and Statistical Analysis

2014  Seismic Fragility Evaluation with Incomplete Structural Appraisal Data: An Iterative Statistical Approach

2014  Selection of Geotechnical Parameters Using the Statistics of Small Samples

2014  Simulation-Based and Statistical Analysis of the Learning Effect in Floating Caisson Construction Operations

2014  Statistical Analysis of Concrete Compressive Strengths for California Highway Bridges

2014  Statistical Properties of Partial Duration Series: Case Study of North Island, New Zealand

2014  Statistical, Risk, and Reliability Analyses of Bridge Scour

2014  Statistical Soil Type Estimation Using Cross-Plots of S-Wave Velocity and Resistivity in Japanese Levees

2014  Stiffness of Clays and Silts: Modeling Considerations

2014  Study of MEPDG Sensitivity Using Nonparametric Regression Procedures

2014  Uniform and Pitting Corrosion Modeling for High-Strength Bridge Wires

2014  Universal Size-Shape Effect Law Based on Comprehensive Concrete Fracture Tests

2014  Using the Artificial Neural Networks Methodology to Predict the Vertical Swelling Percentage of Expansive Clays

2014  What Should Be the 95th Percentile Rainfall Event Depths?

2013  3σ-Rule for Outlier Detection from the Viewpoint of Geodetic Adjustment

2013  Analysis Method of Track Quality State of Urban Rail Transit Based on Track Spectrum

2013  Analysis of Freeway Visibility Characteristics and Influencing Factors Based on Statistical Analysis Method

2013  Assessment of Various Statistical Downscaling Methods for Downscaling Precipitation in Florida

2013  Bayesian Approach for Probabilistic Site Characterization Using Cone Penetration Tests

2013  Bayesian Statistic Forecasting Model for Middle-Term and Long-Term Runoff of a Hydropower Station

2013  Boat-Wake Statistics at Jensen Beach, Florida

2013  Bootstrapping for Characterizing the Effect of Uncertainty in Sample Statistics for Braced Excavations

2013  Clustering Pavement Condition Data Based on Spatiotemporal Patterns

2013  Cramér-von Mises and Anderson-Darling Goodness-of-Fit Tests for the Two-Parameter Kappa Distribution

2013  Defining Spatial Heterogeneity of Hillslope Infiltration Characteristics Using Geostatistics, Error Modeling, and Autocorrelation Analysis

2013  Distributions of Wave Heights in Time Domain in Stationary Sea States

2013  Ecological Significance of Instream Hydrological Statistical Parameters

2013  Effects of Variable Message Sign Guidance Information on Drivers Behavior with RP Survey

2013  Epistemic Uncertainty, Rival Models, and Closure

2013  Exploring the Association between Traffic Safety and Geometric Design Consistency Based on Vehicle Speed Metrics

2013  External and Internal Corrosion of Large-Diameter Cast Iron Mains

2013  Field Validation of a Statistical-Based Bridge Damage-Detection Algorithm

2013  Fire Risks for Highway Bridges: A Statistical Investigation

2013  Geo-Spatial and Statistical Methods to Model Intracity Truck Crashes

2013  Has Western Transport Improvement Promoted Economic Growth in China’s Sichuan Ethnic Area? Evidence from Statistical Yearbook Data from 2000 to 2010

2013  Health Monitoring of Structures Using Statistical Pattern Recognition Techniques

2013  Improved AHP Method and Its Application in Risk Identification

2013  Large-Span Rock-Anchored Beam Safety Pre-warning Method and Its Application in Underground Powerhouse

2013  Lifetime Highway Bridge Traffic Load Effect from a Combination of Traffic States Allowing for Dynamic Amplification

2013  Limitation of the Artificial Neural Networks Methodology for Predicting the Vertical Swelling Percentage of Expansive Clays

2013  Microsimulation Evaluation of Eurocode Load Model for American Long-Span Bridges

2013  Model of Prediction and Statistics on Time Pattern of Traffic Flow

2013  Multi-Objective Optimization Methods for Bias Correction of Statistically Downscaled Precipitation

2013  Performance Measures And Evaluation of Asphalt Pavements Using the Internal Roughness Index

2013  Pervasive Sensing for Real-Time Rainfall Quantification

2013  Pore-Scale Flow Measurements at the Interface between a Sandy Layer and a Model Porous Medium: Application to Statistical Modeling of Contact Erosion

2013  Principle of Demographic Gravitation to Estimate Annual Average Daily Traffic: Comparison of Statistical and Neural Network Models

2013  Protocol to Include Ecosystem Service Constraints in a Wind Farm Cost Model

2013  Rational Analysis of the Cultivated Land Decrease in China

2013  Recovering the Release History of a Pollutant Intrusion into a Water Supply System through a Geostatistical Approach

2013  Relating Stormwater Treatment Device Design Criteria to Effluent Quality: An In-Depth Statistical Analysis of the BMP Database

2013  Resilient Modulus Modeling with Information Theory Approach

2013  Response and First-Passage Statistics of Nonlinear Oscillators via a Numerical Path Integral Approach

2013  Robust SCC Mixes through Mix Design

2013  Site and Regional Statistics Preserving Interpolation for Missing Precipitation Data Estimation

2013  Statistical Analysis of Non-Pressure-Compensating and Pressure-Compensating Drip Emitters

2013  Statistical Analysis of Passenger Flow Characteristics at Shanghai Pudong International Airport

2013  Statistical Analysis of Survey of Traffic Safety Behavior for Migrant Workers

2013  Statistical Approach to Determining Ground Vibration Monitoring Distance during Pile Driving

2013  Statistical Characterization of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with FRP Sheets

2013  A Statistical Downscaling Model for Extreme Daily Rainfalls at a Single Site

2013  Statistical Evaluation of Parameters in Heterogeneous Aquifers

2013  Statistical Modeling for Energy Consumption and Anomaly Detection in Rubber Vulcanization Process

2013  Stiffness of Clays and Silts: Normalizing Shear Modulus and Shear Strain

2013  Stress-Strain Behavior and Statistical Continuous Damage Model of Cement Mortar under High Strain Rates

2013  Study on a Test Data Validation Method for Asphalt Pavements

2013  Substructure Vibration NARX Neural Network Approach for Statistical Damage Inference

2013  Texas Department of Transportation Fly Ash Database and the Development of Chemical Composition-Based Fly Ash Alkali-Silica Reaction Durability Index

2013  Traditional and Bayesian Statistical Models in Fluvial Sediment Transport

2013  Uncertainty Quantification for a Middle East Water Supply System

2012  Analysis of Footing Load Tests on Aggregate Pier Reinforced Clay

2012  Bayesian Analysis of Heterogeneity in Modeling of Pavement Fatigue Cracking

2012  Change Orders and Lessons Learned: Knowledge from Statistical Analyses of Engineering Change Orders on Kentucky Highway Projects

2012  Comparison of Highway Traffic Breakdown Features between U.S. and China Using Discrete Wavelet Transform: An Empirical Study

2012  Computation of Probability Distribution of Strength of Quasibrittle Structures Failing at Macrocrack Initiation

2012  Construction Small-Projects Rework Reduction for Capital Facilities

2012  Costs and Effectiveness of Flexible Pavement Treatments: Experience and Evidence

2012  Designing a Groundwater-Level Monitoring Network Using Geostatistics: A Case Study for South and Central Florida, USA

2012  Distributions and Trends of Death and Destruction from Hurricanes in the United States, 1900–2008

2012  Dynamic Response to Pedestrian Loads with Statistical Frequency Distribution

2012  Effect of SCC Mixture Composition on Thixotropy and Formwork Pressure

2012  Effects of Lime Content on Moisture Susceptibility of Rubberized Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixtures Using Warm Mix Additives in Terms of Statistical Analysis