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2014  Quantitative Analysis of State Transportation Agency’s Experience with Constructability Reviews

2013  Enterprise Risk Management Strategies for State Departments of Transportation

2013  Public-Private Partnerships: Capital Market Conditions and Alternative Finance Mechanisms for Australian Infrastructure Projects

2013  Risk-Based Protocol for Inspection of Transportation Construction Projects Undertaken by State Departments of Transportation

2012  California Plans up to $17 Billion in Flood Protection Improvements

2012  Evaluating State Multimodal Transportation Policy Responses

2012  Planning for Resiliency: Evaluation of State Hazard Mitigation Plans under the Disaster Mitigation Act

2012  Vulnerability and Governance for Adapting to Sea Level Rise

2011  The Inherent Value of Maintenance

2011  Lessons Learned from the Utah Experience: Suggestions for Implementing a Structural License and Practice Act in Your State

2011  Maintenance Makes Sense

2011  The New 16-Hour NCEES Structural Exam—How We Got Here

2011  State Transportation Programs Must Reexamine Priorities and Processes, Reports Say

2011  Virginia DOT Aims To Save Money, Time With Innovative Paving Techniques

2010  A 2050 Vision for Colorado’s Water Supply Future

2010  Longitudinal Study of Innovative Contracting Practices in State Departments of Transportation

2010  Moving towards Sustainability: New York State Department of Transportation’s GreenLITES Story

2010  Special Report: The Infrastructure Roundtables: Concluding Thoughts—Develop Federal, Regional, and State Infrastructure Plans

2010  Special Report: The Infrastructure Roundtables: Develop Federal, Regional, and State Infrastructure Plans

2010  Special Report: The Infrastructure Roundtables: Increase Infrastructure Investment at All Levels of Government

2009  How Will State Transportation Agencies Handle the Issue of Climate Change: A Case Study from the State of Maryland

2009  An Implementation Study of the Right-of-Way Acquisition and Utility Adjustment Process Duration Information (RUDI) Tool

2009  State Approaches to Reducing Transportation Sector Greenhouse Gas Emissions

2009  Suggested Steps to Follow for the Enactment of a Separate Structural Engineering Practice Act

2008  Current State of Highway Safety Education: Safety Course Offerings in Engineering and Public Health

2008  Geotechnical Data Sharing and Electronic Data Exchange at Minnesota DOT

2008  Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure

2007  Cash Flow Projections for Selected TxDoT Highway Projects

2007  Georgia’s Comprehensive State Water Plan: The Reasons and Procedures for Developing the Plan

2006  CommunityViz-Based Prototype Model for Assessing Development Impacts in a Naturalized Floodplain — EmiquonVIz

2006  Computer-Assisted Scheduling and Dispatching Systems for Paratransit Transportation: An Assessment of Agency Readiness in Planning for Statewide Deployment

2006  Considering the Environment in Transportation Planning: Review of Emerging Paradigms and Practice in the United States

2006  Front Matter

2006  Geotechnical Data Management Initiatives at Caltrans

2006  Index

2006  Landslide Hazard Rating System in Ohio DOT

2006  Mn/DOT’s On-Line Geo-Spatial Borehole/Sounding Database Development

2006  State Water Resources Planning in the United States

2006  Texas IRI Summary (2000-2005)

2005  Automation: From Bridge Design to Contract Drawings

2005  Environmental Protection Indicators for California

2005  Resolving Sinkhole Issues: A State Government Perspective

2005  State and Federal Management of Submerged Cultural Resources

2005  State-Local Coordination in Managing Land Use and Transportation along State Highways

2005  TMDL Program: Are the State Standards Attainable?

2004  Budget Allocation for Steel Bridge Paint Maintenance

2004  California Floodplain Management Task Force

2004  CalSim: Generalized Model for Reservoir System Analysis

2004  Clean It and They Will Come? Defining Successful Brownfield Development

2004  Conditional Reliability Modeling of Short-Term River Basin Management

2004  Contractor-Performed Quality Control: Is the Fox Guarding the Henhouse?

2004  Court Decisions: State Waived Its Immunity From Being Sued

2004  NJTxtr — A Computer Program Based on LASER to Monitor Asphalt Segregation

2004  Use of Warranties on Highway Projects: A Real Option Perspective

2003  Florida DOT Project-Level Bridge Management Models

2003  Regulated Riparian Model Water Code

2003  Technology: Virginia DOT Launches Online Project Tracking System

2002  Coastal Flood Mitigation in Delaware: A Contrast in Agency Approaches

2002  Court Decisions: Paving Requirement Did Not Violate Due Process

2002  Former ASCE Congressional Fellow Runs for State Seat

2002  High-Priced Splicing

2002  History of the Illinois State Water Survey

2002  State of Utah Performance Information Procurement System Tests

2002  Washington UpDate: State Budget Shortfalls Affecting Infrastructure Programs

2001  Assessing Water Availability under a Water Rights Priority System

2001  Brownfields in Florida: Designation Process and Incentives for Redevelopment and Sustainable Reuse

2001  Illinois River Basin Environmental Problems and Solutions: Illinois Rivers 2020 State of Illinois Cooperative Project with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

2001  Managing Petroleum Contaminated Soil: Department of Transportation Perspective

2001  Parkway Payoff

2001  Peer Review to Enhance State Transportation Research Program

2001  Praise for Recycling

2001  The Road to Reuse

2001  Team Permitting in Florida -- An Effective and Efficient Approach to Environmental Protection?

2001  WESTCAPS -- Public and Private Cooperation to Solve Water Resource Issues

2000  California Department of Transportation BMP Retrofit Pilot Program

2000  Civil Engineers Can Influence State Legislatures

2000  Construction Forum: Construction Division Diamond Jubilee

2000  The Importance of a Long Range Vision of the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council

2000  Information Management at State Highway Departments: Issues and Needs

2000  Lessons Learned: The SIP Process and State Department of Transportation (DOT) Interaction

2000  Partnered Project Performance in Texas Department of Transportation

2000  State and Federal Funding for Beach Restoration Projects

2000  State Approaches to Watershed Management: Transferring Lessons between the Northeast and Southwest

2000  Statewide Non-Point-Source Pollution Assessment Methodology

2000  Study to Provide Solutions for Traffic Centers

2000  Water Quality Assessment for the California Department of Transportation San Diego Region

1999  1998 State Elections: New Players, Same Challenges

1999  Federal and State Roles in Regional Water Planning

1999  Implementation of Quality Improvement for Transportation Construction Administration

1999  Pump Modernization Program: California Department of Water Resources

1999  Rating Tidal Bridges for Vulnerability to Scour Damage

1999  States Responsible for Restrictions

1999  The Warranty Alternative

1998  ASCE Applauds ‘No’ Vote on California’s Proposition 224

1998  ASCE’s State Affairs: On the Right Track

1998  Colorado Department of Transportation Limon Wetland Bank

1998  A Comparison of BMP Requirements: A Case Study

1998  Comprehensive Wetland Mitigation for Maryland 100

1998  In-Situ Burning Policy Development for California

1998  Joint Agency Cooperation to Ensure Safety and Protection of the Environment Through Pipeline Inspections