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2013  Analysis of Elastic, Doubly Symmetric, Horizontally Curved Beams during Lifting

2013  Hydraulic Design and Analysis of Labyrinth Weirs. II: Nappe Aeration, Instability, and Vibration

2013  Lateral Stability of Imperfect Discretely Braced Steel Beams

2013  Shields versus Isbash

2012  Comparisons of the Computed and Measured Behavior of Curved Steel I-Girders during Lifting

2012  In-Plane Elastic Buckling of Shallow Parabolic Arches under an External Load and Temperature Changes

2012  Modeling and Stability Assessment of Locally Damaged Steel Columns

2012  NewsBriefs: Which European Towers Now Lean the Most? (New York Times)

2012  Stability Formula for Tetrapods

2012  Stability of Elastomeric and Lead-Rubber Seismic Isolation Bearings

2011  Analysis of the Stability of Floating Ice Blocks

2011  Experimental Investigation of the Pressure Distribution beneath a Floating Ice Block

2011  Factors Influencing Longitudinal Stability Analysis of Unit Slab Track on Subgrade

2011  New Elastic Model of Pipe Flow for Stability Analysis of the Governor-Turbine-Hydraulic System

2011  Practical Design Considerations for Lightweight Channels under Combined Compression, Major and Minor Axis Bending

2011  Stability Analysis of Composite Plates with Through-the-Width Delamination

2011  Stability Analysis of Horizontal Directional Drilling Borehole Wall in Pre-Reinforced Sandy Pebble Stratum

2011  Stability and Optimization of the Portal Frame with Rigid Members and Flexible Joints

2011  Stability Evaluation Method for Karst Cave Roof Based on Fuzzy Theory

2011  Stone Stability in Nonuniform Flow

2010  Application of Recovered Strength in Stability Analysis of Reactivated Landslide, Xuechengzhen, China

2010  Controlling the Bullwhip Effect of Supply Chain System Based on the Stability Analysis

2010  Dynamic Instability of Functionally Graded Shells Using Higher-Order Theory

2010  Experimental Study on the Stability of Railroad Silt Subgrade with Increasing Train Speed

2010  Explicit Pseudodynamic Algorithm with Improved Stability Properties

2010  Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis of Plane Frames Subjected to Temperature Changes

2010  Influence of Relative Roughness and Reynolds Number on the Roll-Waves Spatial Evolution

2010  Instability in Granular Materials: Experimental Evidence of Diffuse Mode of Failure for Loose Sands

2010  Linear Instability Theory for Frequency Assessment of Coherent Vortices in Submerged and Aside Rigid Canopies

2010  Modification to Translational Failure Analysis of Landfills Incorporating Seismicity

2010  Nonlinear, Large Deformation Finite-Element Beam/Column Formulation for the Study of the Human Spine: Investigation of the Role of Muscle on Spine Stability

2010  Ranking Binder Creep Performance Using the ARRB Elastometer

2010  Stability Analysis for a Landfill Experiencing Elevated Temperatures

2010  Stability Analysis of Direct Integration Algorithms Applied to MDOF Nonlinear Structural Dynamics

2010  Stability Analysis of Vertical Boreholes Using a Three-Dimensional Hoek-Brown Strength Criterion

2009  Built-Up Column Stability in Wood Construction

2009  Dynamic Axial-Moment Buckling of Linear Beam Systems by Power Series Stiffness

2009  Energy Dissipation on Block Ramps with Staggered Boulders

2009  Hydrodynamic Stability of a Periodically Unsteady Swirling Jet

2009  In-Plane Load-Deflection Behavior and Buckling of Pressurized Fabric Arches

2009  Probabilistic Analysis of the Face Stability of Circular Tunnels

2009  Stability Analysis of Widened-Embankment Based on Strength Reduction Finite Element Method

2009  Stability Charts for the Collapse of Residual Soil in Karst

2009  Stability of a Pair of Counterrotating and Corotating Vortices of Different Strengths

2008  Artificial Swarm System: Boundedness, Convergence, and Control

2008  Cyclic Elastoplastic Analysis and Stability Evaluation of Steel Braces of Hollow Section

2008  Development of Direct Integration Algorithms for Structural Dynamics Using Discrete Control Theory

2008  Direct Analysis and Design of Steel Frames Accounting for Partially Restrained Column Base Conditions

2008  Linearized Stability and Accuracy for Step-by-Step Solutions of Certain Nonlinear Systems

2008  Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall Failure at Two Soft and Sensitive Soil Sites

2008  New Approaches to Stability Analysis of Steep Coastal Bluffs

2008  Performance Evaluation of Asphalt Concrete Mixes Containing Granular Volcanic Ash

2008  Research on Dynamic Stability of Steel Radial Gates

2008  Stability Analysis of Direct Integration Algorithms Applied to Nonlinear Structural Dynamics

2008  Stochastic Response and Stability of a Nonintegrable System

2008  Use of Stability Braces in Floor System

2007  Displacements of Multiblock Geotechnical Structures Subjected to Seismic Excitation

2007  Effect of Longitudinal Stress Gradients on Elastic Buckling of Thin Plates

2007  Ocean Currents-Induced Pipeline Lateral Stability on Sandy Seabed

2007  Proposed Method to Determine the Flow Number in Bituminous Mixtures from Repeated Axial Load Tests

2007  Qinghai-Xizang Railroad Construction in Permafrost Regions

2007  Stability Analysis of Long-span Deck-type CFST Arch Bridge

2007  Stress History Effects on Graded Bed Stability

2006  Charge Reversal Effect on Blanket in Full-Scale Floc Blanket Clarifier

2006  Collapse during Construction of a Precast Girder Bridge

2006  Design and Stability Analysis of a Novel Pretensioned Soil Nailing System in Korea

2006  Finite Element Method for Stability Analysis with Its Application to the Limit Load of Soil Mass

2006  Green’s Function of the Linearized de Saint-Venant Equations

2006  Limitations in the Back-Analysis of Strength from Failures

2006  Postbuckling Analysis of Geometrically Imperfect Conical Shells

2006  Shear-Flexural Buckling of Cantilever Columns under Uniformly Distributed Load

2006  Stability Analysis of Sacramento River Setback Levee

2006  Stability Analysis of Unsaturated Soil Slope by 3-D Strength Reduction FEM

2006  Time-Delayed Positive Velocity Feedback Control Design for Active Control of Structures

2005  Analyses of Instability in Mobile Cranes due to Ground Penetration by Outriggers

2005  Case Study: Bed Stability around the East Caisson of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

2005  Influence of Plastic Deformation of Particulates on Flexure Toughness of Brittle Matrix Composite

2005  Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Stepped Beams with Continuous Bracing

2005  Permafrost Studies in the Qinghai.Tibet Plateau for Road Construction

2005  Planar Bending of Sandwich Beams with Transverse Loads off the Centroidal Axis

2005  Stability Analysis of Steel Trapezoidal Box-Girder Bridges

2005  Wire Gabion for Protecting Bridge Piers

2004  Analysis of Debris Wave Development with One-Dimensional Shallow-Water Equations

2004  Analysis of Sliding Stability of a Submerged Double-T

2004  Analytical Solutions for Stability of Slurry Trench

2004  Centrifuge Tests on Methods Stabilizing Embankments

2004  CMC Foundation System for Embankment Support—A Case History

2004  Column Stability and Minimum Lateral Bracing: Effects of Shear Deformations

2004  Dependence of the Stability of Mound Breakwaters on the Reflection Process

2004  The Effect of Upward Nail Inclination to the Stability of Soil Nailed Structures

2004  Effects of Prescribed End Motion on the Dynamic Stability of a Shallow Arch on an Elastic Foundation

2004  Effects of Rock Shape on Packing and Stability of Rock Armour: New Guidance

2004  Escoffier Curves and Inlet Stability

2004  A Flushing System to Clean up Coastal Lagoons

2004  Gable-End Wall Stability in Florida Hurricane Regions, 10-Year Review: Post-Hurricane Andrew (1992) to Florida Building Code (2002)

2004  Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Pultruded Members: Constitutive Model and Stability Analysis

2004  High-Speed Centrifugal Compressor Instabilities during Speed Transients

2004  Large Deflection Stability of Slender Beam-Columns with Semirigid Connections: Elastica Approach

2004  Linear Quadratic Gaussian-Alpha Control with Relative Stability and Gain Parameter for the Structural Benchmark Problems

2004  Modal Scheduling and Switching Systems