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2015  Sprinkler Distribution Uniformity for Strawberry Cold Protection

2014  Field-Scale Sprinkler Irrigation System Hydraulic Model. I: Hydraulic Characterization

2014  Field-Scale Sprinkler Irrigation System Hydraulic Model. II: Hydraulic Simulation

2014  Solid-Set Sprinkler Irrigation Controllers Driven by Simulation Models: Opportunities and Bottlenecks

2013  Crop Water Stress in Peach Orchards and Relationships with Soil Moisture Content in a Chernozem of Dobrogea

2013  Initial Drop Velocity in a Fixed Spray Plate Sprinkler

2013  Role of Transpiration Reduction during Center-Pivot Sprinkler Irrigation in Application Efficiency

2013  Survey of Irrigation Methods in California in 2010

2012  Effect of Sprinkler Head Geometrical Parameters on Hydraulic Performance of Fluidic Sprinkler

2012  Testing of Microhydropower Generation from a Sprinkler Irrigation System

2010  Comparison of Different Irrigation Methods Based on the Parametric Evaluation Approach in Abbas Plain: Iran

2009  Allocation of Flow to Plots in Pressurized Irrigation Distribution Networks: Analysis of the Clément and Galand Method and a New Proposal

2009  Evaluation of Closed-Loop Site-Specific Irrigation with Wireless Sensor Network

2009  Improved Pressurized Pipe Network Hydraulic Solver for Applications in Irrigation Systems

2009  Simplified Method for Sizing Laterals with Two or More Diameters

2009  Simulation of a Collective Solid-Set Sprinkler Irrigation Controller for Optimum Water Productivity

2008  Contribution of Evapotranspiration Reduction during Sprinkler Irrigation to Application Efficiency

2008  Operational Analysis of Water Applications of a Sprinkler Irrigation System Installed in a Golf Course: Case Study

2008  Optimal Design of Pressurized Irrigation Submit

2007  Experimental Assessment of the Sprinkler Application Rate for Steep Sloping Fields

2007  Water Reuse Using Drip Irrigation and Micro-Sprinklers

2006  Method for Measurement of Canopy Interception under Sprinkler Irrigation

2006  Set Sprinkler Irrigation and Its Cost

2005  Hydraulic Analysis of Multidiameter Center-Pivot Sprinkler Laterals

2005  Measurement Accuracy Analysis of Sprinkler Irrigation Rainfall in Relation to Collector Shape

2005  Modified Hazen–Williams and Darcy–Weisbach Equations for Friction and Local Head Losses along Irrigation Laterals

2004  Coupled Crop and Solid Set Sprinkler Simulation Model. I: Model Development

2004  Coupled Crop and Solid Set Sprinkler Simulation Model. II: Model Application

2004  Economic Design of Center-Pivot Sprinkler Laterals

2004  Hydrologic Impacts due to Changes in Conveyance and Conversion from Flood to Sprinkler Irrigation Practices

2003  Computing Inlet Pressure Head of Multioutlet Pipeline

2003  Optimal Design of Multidiameter, Multioutlet Pipelines

2003  Performance of Rotating Spray Plate Sprinklers in Indoor Experiments

2003  Water Stress Detection under High Frequency Sprinkler Irrigation with Water Deficit Index

2002  Applications of Drag-Reducing Polymers in Sprinkler Irrigation Systems: Sprinkler Head Performance

2002  Drop and Energy Characteristics of a Rotating Spray-Plate Sprinkler

2002  Equivalent Friction Factor Method for Hydraulic Calculation in Irrigation Laterals

2001  Analytical Solution for Normal Irrigation Distribution Parameters

2001  Comparison of Fixed and Rotating Spray Plate Sprinklers

2001  Selection of Sprinkler Lateral for Shorter Life Cycle

2001  Sprinkler and Corn Canopy Effects on Water Application Characteristics

2001  Sprinkler Technologies, Soil Infiltration and Runoff

2000  Adjusted Average Correction Factors for Sprinkler Laterals

2000  Inlet Pressure for Horizontal Tapered Laterals

2000  Model of Water Application under Pivot Sprinkler. I: Theoretical Grounds

2000  Model of Water Application under Pivot Sprinkler. II: Calibration and Results

2000  Sprinkler Head Maintenance Effects on Water Application Uniformity

1999  Adjusted Factor Ga for Pipelines with Multiple Outlets and Outflow

1999  Factor G for Pipelines with Equally Spaced Multiple Outlets and Outflow

1999  Friction Correction Factors for Center-Pivots

1999  LEPA and Spray Irrigation for Grain Crops

1996  BMP for Control of Agricultural Nonpoint Source Flow

1996  Irrigation Methods Used in California: Grower Survey

1996  Sprinkler Performance as Function of Nozzle Geometrical Parameters

1995  LEPA and Spray Irrigation in the Southern High Plains

1995  Practical Potential Irrigation Efficiencies

1995  Procedures for Combining Distribution Uniformity Components

1995  Simulating Water-Drop Movement from Noncircular Sprinkler Nozzles

1994  Analysis and Design of Sprinkler Irrigation Laterals

1994  Sediment and Debris Removal Inlet Structure for Canal Pipelines

1994  Wastewater Reclamation at Davenport, Washington

1993  Erosion and Sedimentation Processes on Irrigated Fields

1993  Hydraulics of Irrigation Laterals: Comparative Analysis

1993  Overview of Soil Erosion From Irrigation

1993  Sprinkler Droplet Effects on Infiltration. I: Impact Simulation

1993  Sprinkler Droplet Effects on Infiltration. II: Laboratory Study

1992  Cost Models for Preliminary Economic Evaluation of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

1992  Design and Maintenance Factors Affecting Application Uniformity of Low Pressure Center-Pivot Irrigation Systems

1992  Working Conditions of Sprinkler to Optimize Application of Water

1991  Alfalfa ET Measurements with Drainage Lysimeters

1991  Drainage Lysimeters for High Water Table Citrus Studies

1991  Infiltration of Unconsumed Irrigation Water in Utah

1991  Simulation of Wind-Distorted Sprinkler Patterns

1991  Surface-Slope Effects on Sprinkler Uniformity

1990  Deep Seepage Under Nonuniform Sprinkler Irrigation: I. Theory

1990  Sprinkler System Design for Frost Protection

1989  Equations Describing Sprinkler Droplet Velocity

1989  The MSU Sprinkling Infiltrometer: A Device to Measure Time-to-Ponding

1989  Optimal Real-Time Pump and Irrigation Scheduling for Center-Pivot Sprinkler Systems

1988  Chemigation Backflow Prevention Assemblies

1988  Drip Irrigation for a College Container Nursery

1988  Effect of Trajectory Angle on Performance of Sprinklers in Wind

1988  Sprinkler and Subirrigation Research Park for Multiple Cropping Research

1987  Simulating Sprinkler Performance in Wind

1987  Sprinkler Erosion Model

1987  Sprinkler Evaporation Loss Equation

1986  Erosion and Sedimentation Processes in Irrigation

1986  Modeling Erosion and Sedimentation in Irrigation

1986  Sprinkler Irrigation Project Design with Production Functions

1986  Using Computers to Manage Irrigation Systems

1985  Hydrologic Impacts of Improved Irrigation Efficiencies

1984  Minimizing Capitol Costs of Multi-Outlet Pipelines

1984  Performance of Stationary Gun Irrigation Systems

1984  Suitability of Reduced Pressure Center-Pivots

1984  Turnout Designs for Pressurized Irrigation Systems

1983  Upper Limit Lognormal Distribution for Drop Size Data

1982  Cranberry Frost Protection Using Sprinklers

1982  Scheduling Irrigation and Fertilization for Maximum Yield and Minimum Environmental Pollution in the Southeast

1982  Some Experiences with Irrigating Corn in Delaware

1980  Aerosols in the Treatment Plant Environment