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2014  Application of Dormant Reliability Analysis to Spillways

2014  Effects of Step Pool Porosity upon Flow Aeration and Energy Dissipation on Pooled Stepped Spillways

2014  Hydraulics, Air Entrainment, and Energy Dissipation on a Gabion Stepped Weir

2014  Spillway Collapse of the Montedoglio Dam on the Tiber River, Central Italy: Data Collection and Event Analysis

2013  Aeration, Flow Instabilities, and Residual Energy on Pooled Stepped Spillways of Embankment Dams

2013  Cavitation Potential of Flow on Stepped Spillways

2013  Debris-Blocking Sensitivity of Piano Key Weirs under Reservoir-Type Approach Flow

2013  Deflector Effect on Chute Flow

2013  Discharge Coefficient for Siphon Spillways

2013  Evaluation of Aeration Efficiency over Broad-Crested Stepped Spillways Using an Intelligent Computational Approach

2013  Evaluation Type of Flow Regime over Broad-Crested Stepped Spillways Using a Hybrid FVM-ANN Approach

2013  Hydraulic Model Study of the Fuse Plug Spillway at Hagneck Canal, Switzerland

2013  Inception Point for Embankment Dam Stepped Spillways

2013  Parapet Wall Effect on Piano Key Weir Efficiency

2013  The Reincarnation of Lake Townsend Dam

2013  Selection of Wall Rock Thickness for Thermal Stress Analysis of Circular Tunnel Concrete Lining

2013  System Reliability of Concrete Dams with Respect to Foundation Stability: Application to a Spillway

2012  Comparing of Flow Pattern and Energy Dissipation over Different Forms of Stepped Spillway

2012  Converging Stepped Spillways: Simplified Momentum Analysis Approach

2012  Discharge Capacity of Piano Key Weirs

2012  Experimental Studies on Flow over Labyrinth Weir

2012  Inception Point of Air Entrainment and Training Wall Characteristics of Baffles and Sills on Stepped Spillways

2012  Orifice Spillway Aerator: Hydraulic Design

2012  Photogrammetric Methods and Geologic Discontinuity Mapping for Spillway Modifications, Pathfinder Dam, Wyoming

2012  Skimming, Nonaerated Flow on Stepped Spillways over Roller Compacted Concrete Dams

2012  Three-Dimensional Hydromechanical Sectional Analysis of Cracked Nonprismatic Concrete Spillway Piers

2012  Use of Photogrammetric Measurements in a Concrete Damage Survey: Guernsey Dam South Spillway

2011  50-Year Flood in the Lower Illinois River: Sensitivity of Spillway and Levee Failure Option Parameters in the UNET Model

2011  Chute Aerators: Preaerated Approach Flow

2011  Chute Aerators: Steep Deflectors and Cavity Subpressure

2011  Comparison and Two Operation Rules for Gated Spillways: Application to Karkheh Dam

2011  Energy Dissipation down a Stepped Spillway with Nonuniform Step Heights

2011  Estimating Energy Dissipation in Stepped Spillways with Reverse Inclined Steps and End Sill

2011  Experiments and Numerical Analyses for Spillway on Small Earth Dam Subjected to Simple Shear

2011  Flow Rating Improvement for Culverts and Spillways Using Hybrid of Field Flow Measurements and Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations

2011  Gated Spillways Operation Rules Considering Water Surface Elevation and Flood Peak: Application to Karkheh Dam

2011  Improved Efficiency

2011  Inception Point Relationship for Flat-Sloped Stepped Spillways

2011  Investigation into the Total Dissolved Gas Dynamics of Wells Dam Using a Two-Phase Flow Model

2011  Numerical Modeling of Probable Maximum Flood Flowing through a System of Spillways

2011  Rooster Tail Wave Hydraulics of Chutes

2011  Scour due to Crossing Jets at Fixed Vertical Angle

2011  Selection of Empirical Formulae for Design of Stepped Spillways on RCC Dams

2011  Stop Logs for Emergency Spillway Gate Dewatering

2011  Supercritical Flow over a Dentated Sill

2011  Work Begins on Control Structure for Folsom Dam Auxiliary Spillway

2011  A Year of Water through the Spillway Gates

2010  Chute Aerators. I: Air Transport Characteristics

2010  Chute Aerators. II: Hydraulic Design

2010  Diaphragm Walls at the Canton Dam Auxiliary Spillway

2010  Earth Dam Failure by Erosion: A Case History

2010  Hydrodynamic Forces on Spillway Torque-Tube Gates

2010  Ka Loko Dam Break

2010  Modeling Erosion of an Unlined Spillway Chute Cut in Rock

2010  Optimization of Energy Dissipation Works for Nai Gaj Dam Project

2010  Performance of Spillway Structures Using Hoover Dam Spillways As a Benchmark

2010  Seismic Analysis of High-Rise Intake Tower of the 2nd Spillway Tunnel of Zipingpu Hydro-Junction

2010  Seismic Behavior Analysis for Intake Tower of Luding Hydropower Station

2010  Shallow Marine MASW: A Case History and Lessons Learned

2009  Developing Flow Region and Pressure Fluctuations on Steeply Sloping Stepped Spillways

2009  The Effect of Step Height on Energy Dissipation in Stepped Spillways

2009  Generalized Flow Rating Equations at Prototype Gated Spillways

2009  The Geneva Dam, IL, Hydraulic Roller Problem: Design of a Temporary Steep Riprap Ramp

2009  Local Scour Downstream of Positive-Step Stilling Basins

2009  Performance Evaluation of Articulated Contrete Matting (ACM) Spillway at Lake Odessa, Iowa

2009  Seismic Safety Assessment of Gated Spillways

2009  Skimming Flow in the Nonaerated Region of Stepped Spillways over Embankment Dams

2009  Stepped Spillway with Hydraulic Jumps: Application of a Numerical Model to a Scale Model of a Conceptual Prototype

2009  Turbulence Modeling of Flows over Circular Spillways

2008  Application of a Mitered Ogee Crest to Steep Stair-Stepped Spillways

2008  Application of a Nonhydrostatic Model to Flow in a Free Surface Fish Passage Facility

2008  Bubble Entrainment and Distribution in a Model Spillway with Application to Total Dissolved Gas Minimization

2008  Deflector Ski Jump Hydraulics

2008  Dynamic Behavior for Lightweight Spillway with Geosynthetics on Small Earth Dam

2008  Experimental Study of a Right-Angled End Junction between a Pipe and an Open Channel

2008  Extension of the Gravity Method for 3D Cracking Analysis of Spillway Piers Including Uplift Pressures

2008  The Folsom Dam Auxiliary Spillway Physical Model Study as a Design Tool

2008  Free Surface Simulations for a Removable Spillway Weir

2008  Hydraulic Performance of Step Aerator

2008  Hydraulics of 3D Plunge Pool Scour

2008  Impact of Converging Chute Walls for Roller Compacted Concrete Stepped Spillways

2008  Inception Point and Air Concentration in Flows on Stepped Chutes Lined with Wedge-Shaped Concrete Blocks

2008  Modeling Total Dissolved Gas Concentration Downstream of Spillways

2008  Physical Modelling, Scale Effects, and Self-Similarity of Stepped Spillway Flows

2008  Reducing Detention Volumes with Improved Outlet Structure

2008  Remedial Measures for Spillway Stability Problem on the Colorado Front Range

2008  Research and Design of Renwick Dam Stepped Spillway

2008  Side-Channel Spillway Hydraulics (Case Study: Lake Skinner Spillway Adequacy Evaluation)

2008  Spillway and Metal Toxicity Influenced Stream Reaeration

2008  Study of the Free Surface Flow on an Ogee-Crested Fish Bypass

2008  Superload Evaluation of the Bonnet Carré Spillway Bridge

2008  Temporal Evolution of Plung Pool Scour

2008  Transcritical Flow due to Channel Contraction

2007  Dams: Rock Faulting Leads to Spillway Redesign

2007  Renovating Loch Raven Dam

2006  Bottom Aeration of Stepped Spillways

2006  Case Study of an S-Shaped Spillway using Physical and Numerical Models

2006  Converging RCC Stepped Spillways

2006  Development of Air Concentration on Chute Spillways

2006  Experimental Study and 3D Numerical Simulations for a Free-Overflow Spillway