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2015  Choice of Land Use Development Type within Commercial and Industrial Zoning

2015  Measuring Spatial Structure of China’s Megaregions

2015  Physical Infrastructure Assessment for Emergency Medical Response

2015  Water-Distance-Based Kriging in Chesapeake Bay

2014  Analysis of the Mechanisms Contributing to Spatial Mismatch in Transitional Chinese Cities

2014  Application of Geographically Weighted Regression Technique in Spatial Analysis of Fatal and Injury Crashes

2014  Development and Application of a Distributed Hydrological Model: EasyDHM

2014  Influence of Rain Gauge Density on Interpolation Method Selection

2014  Mean and Variance of Mobilized Shear Strength for Spatially Variable Soils under Uniform Stress States

2014  Spatial Moment Equations for a Groundwater Plume with Degradation and Rate-Limited Sorption

2014  Use of Geographic Information Systems in Spatial Planning: A Case Study of an Institute Campus

2013  Assessment of Spatial Dependence Using Spatial Autoregression Models: Empirical Analysis of Shopping Center Space Supply in Ohio

2013  Definition and Implementation of Temporal Operators for a 4D Query Language

2013  Effect of Spatial Correlation of Cone Tip Resistance on the Bearing Capacity of Piles

2013  Effects of Measurement Method, Scale, and Landscape Features on Variability of Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity

2013  Effects of Spatial Variability on Reliability-Based Design of Drilled Shafts

2013  Feature Conjugation for Intensity-Coded LIDAR Point Clouds

2013  Foundation Engineering in the Face of Uncertainty, Honoring Fred H. Kulhawy

2013  Global Calibration of Distributed Hydrological Models for Large-Scale Applications

2013  Influence of Spatially Variable Side Friction and Collocated Data on Single and Multiple Shaft Resistances

2013  Spatiotemporal Distribution of Calibration Coefficients of Hargreaves Equation for Estimating Potential Evapotranspiration in Mainland China

2012  Analysis of Traffic Accident Temporal and Spatial Impact Based on Shockwave Theory

2012  Developing Regional Map-Based Platform for Spatial and Temporal Assessment of Traffic Emission Inventory

2012  Development and Implementation of a GIS-Based Safety Monitoring System for Hydropower Station Construction

2012  Development of Geospatial Analysis Method to Detect Outlying Data Points

2012  Effect of Spatial Variability on Probability-Based Design of Excavations against Basal-Heave

2012  Geo-Spatial Analysis and Development of Alternative Energy Refueling Infrastructure

2012  Hazard-Based Analysis of Travel Distance in Urban Environments: Longitudinal Data Approach

2012  Impact of Spatial Variability on the Design of Drilled Shafts in Weak Carbonate Rocks

2012  Influence of Soil Spatial Variability and Stochastic Ground-Motion on the Dynamic Behavior of a Slope

2012  Probabilistic Model for Overall Shear Strengths of Spatially Variable Soil Masses

2012  Site Suitability Analysis for Natural Systems for Wastewater Treatment with Spatial Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

2012  Structural Behavior of Inferior-Deck Spatial Arch Bridges with Imposed Curvature

2012  Study on the Hierarchical Structure of Park and Ride Facilities in Historic City

2012  Theoretical Basis and Indicator System of Spatial Analysis of Cultural Landscape

2011  An Automated Stabilization Method for Spatial-to-Structural Design Transformations

2011  Comparison of Rainfall Interpolation Methods in a Mountainous Region of a Tropical Island

2011  Detection of Patterns in Water Distribution Pipe Breakage Using Spatial Scan Statistics for Point Events in a Physical Network

2011  Determining the Minimum Number of Stochastically Generated Point Precipitation Records Required to Model Basinwide Precipitation

2011  Effects of Spatial Variability of Soil Property on Slope Stability

2011  Environmental Impact Assessment for Transportation Projects: Case Study Using Remote-Sensing Technology, Geographic Information Systems, and Spatial Modeling

2011  Estimation of Continuous Streamflow in Ontario Ungauged Basins: Comparison of Regionalization Methods

2011  Method of Revising Hinged Slabs of Simply Supported Slab Bridges Considering Deck Pavement from the Perspective of Spatial Analysis

2011  Methodology for Risk Analysis of Ground Surface Subsidence

2011  Spatial Analysis of Individual Activity Locations and Concentration Levels in Calgary

2011  Spatial Analysis of Rainfall Erosivity Trends in South Korea

2011  Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Reference Evapotranspiration Trends in the Haihe River Basin, China

2011  Spatial and Temporal Expansion of Reed Marsh in the Wuliangsuhai Wetland in Inner Mongolia

2011  Spatial Prediction of Groundwater Depth to Trigger Liquefaction in St. Louis

2011  Uncertainty of Precipitation Estimates Caused by Sparse Gauging Networks in a Small, Mountainous Watershed

2011  Wall and Ground Responses in a Braced Excavation Considering Spatial Variability

2010  Comparison of Spatial Interpolation Methods for Water Quality Evaluation in the Chesapeake Bay

2010  Detecting Unsafe Roadways with Spatial Statistics: Point Patterns and Geostatistical Models

2010  The Importance of the Spatial Variability of Geotechnical Properties for Numerical Models of Downhole Seismic Arrays

2010  Inverse Method for Estimating the Spatial Variability of Soil Particle Size Distribution from Observed Soil Moisture

2010  Quantification of Spatial Temporal Congestion in Four-Dimensional Computer-Aided Design

2010  Quantitative Delimitation of Metropolitan Areas Based on a Synthetic Method: Case Study in the Lanzhou Metropolitan Area

2010  Reliability-Based Design for Basal Heave in an Excavation Considering Spatial Variability

2010  Spatial and Temporal Aggregation Analysis for Space-Mean Speed Estimates Using Autoscope Video Detection Data

2010  Spatial Correlation Analysis of Congested Links in Urban Traffic Networks

2010  Spatial Correlation of Groundwater and Leachate Quality Data from a Solid Waste Disposal Site

2010  Spatial Trajectory Analysis for Cranes Operations on Construction Sites

2010  Uncertainties in Geologic Profiles versus Variability in Pile Founding Depth

2009  Application of Spatial Statistic Analysis in Traffic Bottlenecks

2009  Comparison of Methods for Defining Geographical Connectivity for Variables of Trip Generation Models

2009  Concept and Spatial Analysis Method of Urban Environmental Traffic Capacity

2009  GIS and LiDAR Use for Identification of Potential Road Hazard Locations

2009  Implementing Metric Operators of a Spatial Query Language for 3D Building Models: Octree and B-Rep Approaches

2009  Influence of Sorption Intensity on Solute Mobility in a Fractured Formation

2009  Influence of the Spatial Configuration of the Irrigated Zone on the Irrigation Network Layout Design

2009  Investigation of the Importance of Spatial Resolution for Two-Dimensional Shallow-Water Model Accuracy

2009  Numerical Simulation of Nonstationary Earthquake Field Compatible with Prescribed Response Spectrum

2009  Planning for Evacuation: Insights from an Efficient Network Design Model

2009  Random Matrix Theory Analysis on the Spatial Correlation of Section Speed

2009  Spatial and Temporal Exposure to Safety Hazards in Construction

2009  Spatial Clustering Analysis of Water Main Break Events

2009  Stochastic Assessment of Timing and Efficiency of Maintenance for Corroding RC Structures

2008  Analysis of Infinite Slopes with Spatially Random Shear Strength

2008  A Comparative Study of Ordinary Kriging and Support Vector Machine Models for the Spatial Variability of Rock Depth in Bangalore

2008  GIS Applications for Spatial Analysis of Water Distribution Pipeline Breakage and Condition Assessment Data

2008  Infilling of Rain Gage Records Using Radar (NEXRAD) Data: Influence of Spatial and Temporal Variability of Rainfall Processes

2008  Optimal Spatial Weighting Methods for Estimation of Missing Rain Gage Records

2008  Preserving Spatial Correlation in Network Water Demands

2008  Spatial Analysis of Damage Distribution in the 2001 Southern Peru Earthquake

2008  Spatial Analysis of Weather Crash Patterns

2008  Spatial Analysis Tool for Development of Leakage Control Zones from the Analogy of Distributed Computing

2008  Spatial Analysis Using GIS to Study Performance of Highway Culvers in Ohio

2008  Spatial and Temporal Sampling Frequencies Analysis Using the Discrete Entropy Theory: A Case Study of River Water Quality Monitoring

2007  Comparison of Civil Infrastructure Optical-Based Spatial Data Acquisition Techniques

2007  Object Identification Based on 3D Spatial Models of Construction Sites

2007  Quantifying Rainfall and Flooding Impacts on Groundwater Levels in Irrigation Areas: GIS Approach

2007  Spatial Analysis of Optimized Sensor Locations using GIS

2007  Spatially Averaged Turbulent Flow over Square Ribs

2006  Amplitude and Phase Variability from Analyses of Spatially Recorded Data

2006  Computer-Aided Site Layout Planning

2006  The Effect of Spatial Variability on Soil Behavior: Load-Deformation Response

2006  The Influence of Spatial Correlation on the Performance of Earth Structures and Foundations

2006  Mapping Liquefaction Potential Considering Spatial Correlations of CPT Measurements

2006  Spatial Correlation of Shear-Wave Velocity within San Francisco Bay Sediments

2006  Spatial Stability of Shear Deformable Nonsymmetric Thin-Walled Curved Beams: A Centroid-Shear Center Formulation