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2015  Dynamic Behavior of a Pedestrian Bridge in Alicante, Spain

2015  NDT Documentation and Evaluation of the Roman Bridge of Lugo Using GPR and Mobile and Static LiDAR

2015  Performance of Existing Modernist Buildings in Barcelona

2015  Static and Dynamic Testing of High-Speed Rail Bridges in Spain

2014  Ancient Stone Bridge Surveying by Ground-Penetrating Radar and Numerical Modeling Methods

2014  Assessment of the Expected Runoff Change in Spain Using Climate Simulations

2014  Hole Drilling Technique for On-Site Stress Measurements of Masonry Piers: Analysis of the Santa Maria del Mar Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain

2014  Modeling the Effects of Pro Bicycle Infrastructure and Policies Toward Sustainable Urban Mobility

2014  Proposal of a New Global Model of Consistency: Application in Two-Lane Rural Highways in Spain

2014  Relationship between Predicted Speed Reduction on Horizontal Curves and Safety on Two-Lane Rural Roads in Spain

2013  Assessment of Residential Defects at Post-Handover

2013  Imposed Deformations Measured on a Real Integral Structure: New Airport Terminal Barajas, Madrid, Spain

2013  LUTI Model for the Metropolitan Area of Santander

2013  Microstructural Evaluation of the Water Sensitivity of Clayey Rocks

2013  Municipal Spending in Spain: Spatial Approach

2013  Posthandover Housing Defects: Sources and Origins

2013  Short- and Longer-Term Consolidation Effects of Portlandite (CaOH)2 Nanoparticles in Carbonate Stones

2013  Standardizing Housing Defects: Classification, Validation, and Benefits

2013  Surface Subsidence Induced by Groundwater Drainage Tunneling in Granite Residual Soils (Burata Railway Tunnel, Spain)

2012  Bull Market

2012  Evaluation and Regional Calibration of Solar Radiation Prediction Models in Southern Spain

2012  High-Speed Rail Opportunities around Metropolitan Regions: Madrid and London

2012  Impact of the Economic Recession on Toll Highway Concessions in Spain

2012  Influence of Building Type on Post-Handover Defects in Housing

2012  Integration of Occupational Risk Prevention Courses in Engineering Degrees: Delphi Study

2012  Irrigation Patterns and Scheduling of a Telecontrolled Irrigation District in Northeastern Spain

2012  Sustainability Assessment of Concrete Structures within the Spanish Structural Concrete Code

2012  Tsunami Response in Semienclosed Tidal Basins Using an Aggregated Model

2011  Evaluation of Water and Energy Use in Pressurized Irrigation Networks in Southern Spain

2011  Green Areas, the Most Significant Indicator of the Sustainability of Cities: Research on Their Utility for Urban Planning

2011  Intrinsic Beauty

2011  Lezkairu Utilities Tunnel

2011  Mushrooming Timber Structure Stands Out amid Spanish City’s Traditional Architecture

2011  Object-Oriented Bayesian Networks for Participatory Water Management: Two Case Studies in Spain

2011  Port of Barcelona Expansion: Global Instrumentation Program

2011  Restrained Elegance

2011  Siemens CBTC Solution in Barcelona-The First Driverless Metro in Spain

2011  Socioeconomic Impact of the Roads: Case Study of the "Eix Transversal" in Catalonia, Spain

2011  Surface Seiche Formation on a Shallow Reservoir in Complex Terrain

2011  Wind Engineering Studies for a Cable-Stayed Bridge in Talavera de la Reina, Spain

2010  Code Provisions for Wind Loads on Short Road Bridges: Spanish IAP code, UNE-EN 1991-1-4 and 2007 AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications

2010  Conceptual Design of the Cable Stayed Miradoiros Bridge in La Coruna (Spain)

2010  Dynamic Analysis of a Composite Cable-Stayed Bridge: Escaleritas Viaduct

2010  Irrigation Distribution Networks’ Vulnerability to Climate Change

2010  Spanish Civil Engineers Endorse Vision 2025 Unveil Spanish Translation

2009  Alemanes Footbridge

2009  Construction and Demolition Debris in Hot Mix Asphalt

2009  Copula-Based Simulation for the Estimation of Optimal Volume for a Detention Basin

2009  Integrated Water Management in an Ancestral Water Scheme in a Mountainous Area of Southern Spain

2009  The Internalization of External Costs of Motorway: Cases in Spain

2009  NewsBriefs: Fashion Mogul Eyes Alternative Energy

2009  Quality of Service in Irrigation Distribution Networks: Case of Palos de la Frontera Irrigation District (Spain)

2009  Some Results of Evapotranspiration Measured by Three Weighing Lysimeters in La Mancha, Spain

2008  Comparison of Standardized Reference Evapotranspiration Equations in Southern Spain

2008  Description of the Daily Number of Rain-Free Hours Series from a Location in Southern Spain by Using the Multifractal Turbulence Formalism

2008  Enhancing Value in Crucial Decisions: Line 9 of the Barcelona Subway

2008  Floodplain Delineation of the Ranillas Meander in Zaragoza Using GUAD-2D

2008  Moving at the Speed of Steel

2008  Relevance of Different Driving Terms in the Barcelona Harbor Winter Circulation: Field Study and Numerical Model Performance

2008  Structures: Curtains of Water Form Expo Pavilion Walls

2007  Challenges in the Application of Stochastic Modal Identification Methods to a Cable-Stayed Bridge

2007  Comparison between Spatial Interpolation Methods of Daily Precipitation Stochastic Models Parameters — Application to Basins in Southern Spain.

2007  Engineering Ethics in Spain: The Risky Tank

2007  Hydrodynamics in the Huelva Estuary: Tidal Model Calibration Using Field Data

2007  Model to Forecast Maximum Flows in On-Demand Irrigation Distribution Networks

2007  Structural Engineering: Exterior ’Cores’ Alone Will Support Spain’s Tallest Tower

2007  Structures: Expo Pavilion Spans River

2007  Structures: Permeable Skin Breathes Life into Spanish Soccer Area

2007  Tower of Power

2006  Downside Risks in Construction Projects Developed by the Civil Service: The Case of Spain

2006  Longshore Transport on the Maresme Coast (Barcelona)

2006  The Miraflores Bridge Over the River Guadalquivir in Córdoba (Spain)

2006  Railways: High-Speed Freight and Passenger Line to Connect Spain and France

2006  Shoreline Variability of Barcelona City Beaches in Response to Storms and Artificial Nourishment (2001-2003)

2006  Short Term Variability of Reef Protected Beach Profiles: An Analysis Using EOF

2006  A Storm Classification Based on the Beach Erosion Potential in the Catalonian Coast

2005  Barcelona Line 9 – The First Driverless Metro in Spain

2005  Reference Evapotranspiration Estimation in a Highly Advective Semiarid Environment

2004  Analysis of Clément’s First Formula for Irrigation Distribution Networks

2004  Analysis of the Stratification in the Guadiana Estuary

2004  Application of Data Envelopment Analysis to Studies of Irrigation Efficiency in Andalusia

2004  Assessing Reference Evapotranspiration by the Hargreaves Method in Southern Spain

2004  Coupled Crop and Solid Set Sprinkler Simulation Model. I: Model Development

2004  Crown Wall Parapet Failure after a Severe Wave Storm — Isle of Alboran, Mediterranean Sea

2004  General Conditions for Stability Tests of Mound Breakwaters

2004  Geotechnical Engineering: Gibraltar’s Rock Secured from Collapse

2004  Madrid Public Transport Authority Bets on Sustainable Development

2004  Park and Ride Operation in Madrid Region

2004  Stochastic Model to Evaluate Residential Water Demands

2003  Evidence of High Vertical Wave-Number Behavior in a Continuously Stratified Reservoir: Boadella, Spain

2003  Experience for Shore Protection in Spain

2003  Ground Treatment for Tunnel Construction on the Madrid Metro

2003  Itinerary in Spain, Sweden Filling Up

2003  Mark Your Calendars for the President’s Trip to Spain and Sweden, July 19–30

2003  Presidential Delegation Hosted in Spain and Sweden

2003  Reservations Available for Trip to Spain, Sweden

2003  Stabilization of Electrical Arc Furnace Dust with Low-Grade MgO Prior to Landfill

2003  Subsidence Hazards due to Evaporite Dissolution in the Cinca River Valley (NE Spain)

2003  Subsidence Hazards due to Evaporite Dissolution in the Huerva Valley (NE Spain)

2003  Tunnels: Barcelona Metro Extends Its Reach