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2015  Effects of Transverse Bar Spacing on Bond of Spliced Reinforcing Bars in Fully Grouted Concrete Block Masonry

2015  Sprinkler Distribution Uniformity for Strawberry Cold Protection

2013  Hybrid Finite Analytic Solution for Computation of Spacing between Drains in Sloping Lands

2012  A Possibility to Use 2.0 m Column Spacing is Investigated by Using the FEM-analyses and the Measurement of the Vertical and Horizontal Movements and the Pore Pressure

2011  Effect of Transverse Reinforcement on the Flexural Behavior of Continuous Concrete Beams Reinforced with FRP

2011  Full-Scale Testing for Composite Slab/Beam Systems Made with Extended Stud Spacing

2011  An Optimization Model for Determining Bus-Stop Spacing Considering Environment Factor

2011  Research on Longitudinal Spacing Control for a Simulated Vehicle Platooning System

2011  SDI Dripline Spacing Effect on Corn and Soybean Yield in a Piedmont Clay Soil

2011  Slip Ramp Spacing Design for Truck Only Lanes Using Microscopic Simulation

2010  Effect of Welding on the Slip Damping of Layered and Jointed Structures

2010  Effects of PCC Pile Spacing on Expressway Embankment Settlement Control

2010  Empirical Equation for Spacing of Ground Water Heat Pump Systems

2010  Optimal Spacing in an Array of Fully Penetrating Ditches for Subsurface Drainage

2010  Quantitative Evaluation of the Relationship between Grid Spacing of DEMs and Surface Depression Storage

2009  Accumulative Damage Effect of Interlaid Rock in Tunnel Groups with Small Clear Spacing

2009  Determining Minimum Data Input Levels for Reliable Three-Dimensional Soil Profiling

2009  Effect of Embedment and Spacing of Cojoined Skirted Foundation Systems on Undrained Limit States under General Loading

2009  Efficiency and Equity Comparison of Urban Road Space Reallocation Schemes

2009  Evaluation of Crack Spacing in Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls

2009  Influence of Space between Hole and Pipes on Drill Pipes’ Failure

2009  Porosity of the Dominant Aggregate Size Range to Evaluate Coarse Aggregate Structure of Asphalt Mixtures

2009  Safe Spacing Research Based on the Theory of Cellular Automation on Freeways in Foggy Weather

2009  Signalized Intersection Safety Spacing of Two-Lane Arterial Highway

2008  The Minimum Access Control Spacing for Off-Ramps with Crossroads

2008  Optimal Bus Stop Spacing for Minimizing Transit Operation Cost

2008  Reasonable Spacing Model of Chevrons

2008  Simplified Approach for Estimating Caisson Spacing and Post Construction Loads in a Caisson Wall

2008  A Simulation Approach to Evaluate the Rationality of the Spaces between Chevron Alignment Signs

2007  Chaos Research of Vehicle Spacing in Signalized Intersection

2006  Pile Spacing Effects on Lateral Pile Group Behavior: Analysis

2006  Pile Spacing Effects on Lateral Pile Group Behavior: Load Tests

2005  Crack Control through Bar Spacing Requirements

2005  Moment/Rotation Effects on Laterally Loaded Drilled Shaft Group Response

2004  Analytical Model for Predication of Crack Spacing due to Shrinkage in Concrete Pavements

2004  Application of Two Drain Spacing Formula for Mexico’s Humid Tropical Zone

2004  Well Spacing and Its Impacts on Surface Water Flow in El Paso Lower Valley

2003  Closely Spaced Footings on Geogrid-Reinforced Sand

2003  Constructing Second-Order Models of Mechanical Systems from Identified State Space Realizations. Part I: Theoretical Discussions

2003  Constructing Second-Order Models of Mechanical Systems from Identified State Space Realizations. Part II: Numerical Investigations

2003  Drainage of Sloping Lands with Variable Recharge Model Validation and Applications

2003  Effect of Aggregate Spacing on Skid Resistance of Asphalt Pavement

2003  Performance of Rotating Spray Plate Sprinklers in Indoor Experiments

2003  Real-Time Image Thresholding Based on Sample Space Reduction and Interpolation Approach

2003  Special Structures: Past, Present, and Future

2002  Cost-Based Space Estimation in Passenger Terminals

2002  Large Sample Spacing in Evaluation of Vertical Strength Variability of Clayey Soil

2002  Special Structures: Past, Present, and Future

2001  Application of Periodic Boundary for Large Pile Group

2001  Errors in Existing Leachate Pipe Spacing Formulas

2001  Model for Determining Optimum Bus-Stop Spacing in Urban Areas

2001  Optimal Spacing of Shallow Tube Wells in Relation to Conveyance Losses

2000  An Automated Approach for Accounting for Spaces Required by Construction Activities

1999  Effect of Cooling by Water Flowing in Nonmetal Pipes Embedded in Mass Concrete

1999  Fatigue Characteristics of Aligned Fiber Reinforced Mortar

1999  Transient Drainage to Partially Penetrating Drains in Sloping Aquifers

1998  Analytical Study of Spacing of Lateral Steel and Column Confinement

1998  Theory of Pipe Drainage Assisted by Mole Drainage

1998  Wave Scour Around Group of Vertical Piles

1997  Safety Benefits of Access Spacing

1997  SCaRC: Space-Constrained Resource-Constrained Scheduling System

1997  Space Headway and Safety of Platooning Highway Traffic

1997  Space Planning Method for Multistory Building Construction

1997  Theory of Crack Spacing in Concrete Pavements

1996  Cross-Frame Spacing and Parametric Effects in Horizontally Curved I-Girder Bridges

1995  Design of Concrete Tracery Trusses to Define Architectural Space

1995  Influence of Architectural Features on Wind Loads

1995  Patterns of Construction-Space Use in Multistory Buildings

1995  Space Planning Applications In Multi-Story Buildings

1994  Drain-Spacing Calculation Considering Influence of Evaporation

1994  Dynamic Compaction of Loose Granular Soils: Effect of Print Spacing

1993  ASTM C666 (A) Freeze-Thaw Durability of Air-Entrained Wet- and Dry-Mix Shotcrete

1993  A Model to Quantify Work Space Availability for Space—Contrained Scheduling Within a CAD Environment

1993  Subsurface Drainage System Design and Drain Water Quality

1992  Design of Transient and Steady State Drain Spacing

1992  Efficiency Formula for Pile Groups

1992  Seismic Response of Multianchored Retaining Walls

1991  Modification of P-Y Curves to Account for Group Effects on Laterally Loaded Piles

1991  Optimal Spacing of Tube Wells in Relation to Channel Losses and Lining

1991  Single Pile and Pile Group in Permafrost

1990  One-Dimensional Consolidation With Three-Dimensional Flow for Time-Dependent Loading

1989  Upgrading Footings in Sand with Bored Piles

1988  Spacing for Accuracy in Ultrasonic Testing of Bridge Timber Piles

1987  Built-Up Wood Columns

1987  Effect of Connector Spacing on Double Angle Compressive Strength

1987  Furrow Model with Specified Space Intervals

1986  Artesian and Anisotropic Effects on Drain Spacing

1986  Computer Cuts Tower Steel

1986  Optimal Collection of Data for Parameter Identification

1986  Optimizing Drain Spacing and Depth Using Steady State Equations

1980  Bedform Spacing and Flow Resistance

1980  RQD and Fracture Spacing

1979  Parametric Study on Containment Liner-Anchor System

1978  Tube Drainage in Stratified Soil above an Aquifer

1977  Added Mass of Pile Group

1977  Drain Spacing Based on Dynamic Equilibrium

1977  Stability and Spacing of Cooling or Shrinkage Cracks

1976  Design Selection of Patterns and Spacings for Stud Anchors used on Liner Shells

1975  Diaphragms for Curved Box Beam Bridges

1972  Backwater Effect of Submerged Sills