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2015  Developing a Lightweight Martian Soil Simulant for a High-Sinkage Mobility Test

2015  Fault Tolerant Attitude Control for Small Satellites Using Single Gimbal Control Moment Gyros and Magnetic Torquers

2015  Kinematically Coupled Relative Spacecraft Motion Control Using the State-Dependent Riccati Equation Method

2015  Minimum-Time Interception with a Tangent Impulse

2015  Permeability of Space Vehicle Fibrous Thermal Protection Blankets in Viscous and Slip Flow Regimes

2015  Robust Adaptive Approximate Backstepping Control Design for a Flexible Air-Breathing Hypersonic Vehicle

2015  Single Station Antenna-Based Spacecraft Orbit Determination via Robust EKF against the Effect of Measurement Matrix Singularity

2015  Spacecraft Attitude Fault Tolerant Control with Terminal Sliding-Mode Observer

2014  Adaptive Spacecraft Attitude Tracking and Parameter Estimation with Actuator Uncertainties

2014  Characteristics of Nuclear Spacecraft in Nano-Gravity for the Deep Space Explorer

2014  Conceptual Study on Control-Integrated Design Based on Multidisciplinary Tradeoff Needs for Morphing Waveriders

2014  Design and Validation of Novel Teleoperation Rendezvous and Docking System

2014  Electric Sail for a Near-Earth Asteroid Sample Return Mission: Case 1998 KY26

2014  Improved Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Rigid Spacecraft Attitude Tracking

2014  Increasing the Number of Uses of Filling Tube Connector in Spacecraft via Heat Treatment, Torque Management, and Ceramic Coating

2014  Long-Term Libration Dynamics and Stability Analysis of Electrodynamic Tethers in Spacecraft Deorbit

2014  Magnetic Attitude Control of Dynamically Unbalanced Spinning Spacecraft during Orbit Raising

2014  Quaternion-Based LQR Spacecraft Control Design Is a Robust Pole Assignment Design

2014  Robust Finite-Time Control for Flexible Spacecraft Attitude Maneuver

2014  Sand Impact Tests of a Half-Scale Crew Module Test Article

2014  Still Soaring

2014  Stochastic Optimal Maneuver Strategies for Transfer Trajectories

2013  Application of a Single-Antenna GPS-Based Attitude Estimation on the Stability Control of a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

2013  Attitude Stabilization for the Nano Remote Sensing Satellite PRISM

2013  History of Electric Propulsion at NASA Glenn Research Center: 1956 to Present

2013  History of Electrochemical and Energy Storage Technology Development at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  Mastering Cryogenic Propellants

2013  Nanosatellite Cluster Launch Collision Analysis

2013  News2Note

2013  Nuclear Thermal Propulsion: Past Accomplishments, Present Efforts, and a Look Ahead

2013  Reconfiguration Control with Collision Avoidance Framework for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Three-Dimensional Space

2012  Adaptive Nonlinear Proportional-Derivative Type Fault Tolerant Control for Flexible Spacecraft Attitude Maneuvers under Bounded Disturbances

2012  Analytic LQR Design for Spacecraft Control System Based on Quaternion Model

2012  Benefit of "Push-Pull" Locomotion for Planetary Rover Mobility

2012  Cratering of a Lunar Soil Simulant, JSC-1A, by a Turbulent Subsonic Jet

2012  Design and Analysis of a Light Cargo UAV Prototype

2012  Dynamics Equations of Relative Motion around an Oblate Earth with Air Drag

2012  Enabling the Next Generation of Spaceborne Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers

2012  Exploring and Sampling on Mars with NASA’s 2012 Curiosity Rover

2012  Feasibility Study on Lunar Concrete Landing Pad

2012  Human Exploration of Asteroids, the Moon, and Mars Using Robotic Arm-Equipped Pressurized Vehicles

2012  Inspection Technique for Reliability Analysis of Lunar Rover Wheel Designs

2012  Interaction between Lugged Wheel of Lunar Rover and Lunar Soil by DEM with a New Contact Model

2012  Mars As a Destination in a Capability-Driven Framework

2012  NASA Human Spaceflight Architecture Team: Cis-Lunar Analysis

2012  NASA Human Spaceflight Architecture Team: Lunar Destination Activities

2012  NewsBriefs: NASA Space Shuttles To Be in New Homes By Year’s End (NASA)

2012  NewsBriefs: Planet-Seeking Spacecraft Granted Four More Years (

2012  Regolith-Derived Heat Shield for Planetary Body Entry and Descent System with In Situ Fabrication

2012  Robust Position and Attitude Control for Spacecraft Formation Flying

2012  Sand Impact Tests of a Half-Scale Crew Module Boilerplate Test Article

2012  Spinning Landers for Solar System Exploration: An Update

2012  Strategies for Thermal Control of a Multifunctional Power Structure Solar Array

2012  Using a Granular Dynamics Code to Investigate the Performance of a Helical Anchoring System Design

2011  Adaptive Output Feedback Control of Spacecraft Formation Flying Using Chebyshev Neural Networks

2011  Fault Tolerant Attitude Synchronization Control during Formation Flying

2011  Guaranteed Cost Output Tracking Control for Autonomous Homing Phase of Spacecraft Rendezvous

2011  Improvement of the Parameterized Identification Model Using Quasi-Steady and Nonuniform Inflow Aerodynamic Model

2011  NewsBriefs: NASA Gives Private Spacecraft Green Light to Dock with ISS (The Wall Street Journal)

2011  Robust Nonlinear Optimal Solution to the Lunar Landing Guidance by Using Neighboring Optimal Control

2011  Shaping Indirect Flight Control System Properties for General Aviation Aircraft

2011  A Simulation Framework for the Path Planning of Unmanned Autonomous Systems

2011  Stochastic Six-Degree-of-Freedom Flight Simulator for Passively Controlled High-Power Rockets

2011  Vision-Based Indoor Localization for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

2010  A Discussion on Non-Keplerian Orbits

2010  Dynamics of Resonance Orbits for Spacecrafts

2010  Fault Diagnosis and Active Fault Tolerant Control for Near Space Vehicle Based on Adaptive Observer

2010  Hypersonic Vehicle Longitudinal Control Using Adaptive Time-Varying Terminal Sliding Modes

2010  A New General Method for Modeling Complex Multibody Dynamical Systems

2010  New Interceptor Guidance Law Using LOS Rate Only

2010  NewsBriefs: Boeing Creates Partnership Aimed At Commercial Space Travel (CNN and Boeing)

2010  Preimpact Configuration Analysis of Dual-Arm Space Manipulator Capturing Object

2010  Research on Design and Structure Dynamics of Variable Topology-Transformable Spacecraft

2010  Trajectory Optimization and Reentry Tracking Research for Lifting Reentry Vehicle

2010  Using Triboluminescent Impacts of ZnS: Mn as an Impact Detection Sensor for Spacecraft

2010  Variational Technique for Spacecraft Trajectory Planning

2009  Lunar Dust Levitation

2009  Multiterrain Earth Landing Systems Applicable for Manned Space Capsules

2009  Rendezvous Guidance Trajectories via Multiple-Subarc Sequential Gradient-Restoration Algorithm

2009  Robust Backstepping Sliding Mode Attitude Tracking and Vibration Damping of Flexible Spacecraft with Actuator Dynamics

2008  Development of Facilities to Support the New NASA Constellation Space Exploration Program

2008  Effective Integration of Rapid Prototyping into Multidisciplinary Design Optimization for the Development of Human Spacecraft

2008  Energy Dissipation in Spacecraft Structures Incorporating Bolted Joints Operating in Macroslip

2008  Lunar Lander Strategies

2008  Modeling of Agglutinates and its Mechanical Properties

2008  Multi-Terrain Earth Landing Systems Applicable for Manned Space Capsules

2008  Nonlinear Dynamics and Control of a Dumbbell Spacecraft System

2008  Organization for Space Affairs and Settlement: The Vision for Space Exploration and Settlement

2008  Thermal Protection System for Reusable Launch Vehicles

2007  Conceptual Design of Submarine to Explore Europa’s Oceans

2007  Robust Control of Spacecraft Formation Flying

2007  Structural Stability of Simplified Dynamical System Governing Motion of ALFLEX Reentry Vehicle

2006  Advantages of Modularity and Commonality in a Spacecraft Architecture

2006  Ascent and Earth Reentry Crew Descent Vehicle Concepts for Lunar and Mars Exploration

2006  Design and Mobility Evaluation of a Crawler-Type Lunar Vehicle

2006  Lumped and Distributed Parameter Models of a Spacecraft with Elastic Appendages: Exact Frequencies and Mode Shapes

2006  Micromechanical Modeling of the Interaction of a Soil-Rigid Wheel System

2006  Morphology and Physical Characteristics of Apollo 17 Dust Particles

2006  A Novel Membrane Bioreactor for Spacecraft Water Recycling

2006  Project Arusha: Pressurized Rover Systems