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2011  Magnetic Suspended AB-Structures and Motionless Space Stations

2008  Japanese Companies, Universities Seek a Novel Elevator

2004  Assembly Robot Ground Experiments for Space Solar Power System in JAXA

2004  Design for Assembly — The ISS as a Kit of Parts

2004  Engineering of Windows for the International Space Station

2004  Gas Bubble Dissolution in a Non-Venting Gas Trap

2004  A Novel Approach to Intra-Station Transfers between Large Centripetal Habitation Wheels and Stationary Utility Cores

2002  The Design of Organizational Form for the Early Stages of a Space Station Program: A Multi-Theoretic Perspective

2002  A Market Based Approach to Commercializing the International Space Station through the Creation of an ISS Development Corporation

2002  Power Systems Study for Two Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket Applications

2002  The Virtual Beanstalk Project for a Near Space Elevator

2002  Wireless Power Transmission Antennas: Peculiarities for the Space Power Systems

2000  A Coherent Vision for Space Exploration and Development in the 21st Century

2000  Construction Metrology Standards in Orbiting Facility Construction, Maintenance, and Operation

2000  The Ethical Commercialization of Outer Space

2000  Experiences and Prospects of Development of Space Robotics Systems

2000  Greenhouses in Earth Orbit and on Space Stations

2000  A Lunar Frontier: Comprehending Life on a Celestial Body

2000  Mars Surface Habitat Design Issues Derived from Design of a Terrestrial Polar Analog

2000  Mission Preparation and Training Facility for Era

2000  Reconfigurable Space Manipulator for In-Orbit Servicing

2000  Satellite Communications

2000  Space Truss

2000  A Water Reuse System for Pike’s Peak, Colorado

2000  Why NASA Needs to Continue Current Funding for the International Space Station

1998  Benefits of Space Station Research on Osteoporosis

1998  Construction Forum

1998  Cultivating Near Term Demand for Helium 3

1998  Ground System and Operational Philosophies for Space Stations and Orbiting Facilities

1998  Interlune-Intermars Financing and Management

1998  The International Space Station: Key to Our Technological and Educational Future

1998  MFD Robot Arm and Its Flight Experiment

1998  Microgravity Vibration Control and Civil Applications

1998  Mir: We Need It

1998  Nondestructive Damage Identification of Flexible Aerospace Manipulating Systems

1998  Path Planning for Orbital Motions

1998  Photovoltaics Using In Situ Resource Utilization for HEDS

1998  Precise-Guidance Platform for “Mir” Orbital Station

1998  Private Space Exploration Is Here: Are You On-Board?

1998  Rationale for Mars Exploration

1998  Space 98

1998  The Stabilized Platform of the MARS-96 Mission

1998  Station Mir— The First Hotel for Space Tourists

1998  An Up-To-Date Review of Inflatable Structures Technology for Spaced-Based Applications

1997  Construction in Space Moves Closer to Reality

1997  Design and Construction of Zero-Gravity Gymnasium

1997  Extravehicular Activity Hardware for International Space Station

1997  Practitioners’ Forum

1996  21st Century Earth Observing Systems: Emerging Role for Spaceports

1996  Analysis of Alternative Governance Models for Space Business Parks

1996  Architecture on the Moon: The Importance of Human Factors Considerations in the Design of a Lunar Base

1996  ASCE Members Get Involved at the Local Level as They Seek to Inspire Civil Engineers of the Future

1996  Behavior of Fresh Mortar in a Vacuum and Microstructure of Mortar Hardened in a Vacuum

1996  BootStrapping Space Resource Utilization with Tethers, Regolith Rockets and Micro Rovers

1996  Building Large Space Bases in Low Earth Orbit

1996  Carbon Reduction of Iron Oxides in Lunar Simulants

1996  Challenges in the Construction of a Lunar Base

1996  Commercial Mining Activities for the Space Frontier

1996  A Comparison of Alternative Methods for the Mars Sample Return Mission

1996  Comprehensive Modal Tests of a Space Truss Model for Damage Assessment

1996  Concept for a Permanent Lunar Utilities System

1996  A Concept of Driving on Orbital Station

1996  Conceptual Design of a Crater Lunar Base

1996  Concrete — A Practical Construction Material for Mars

1996  Concrete Space Station Construction in Lunar Orbit

1996  Considerations for Realistic Lunar Excavation

1996  Construction System for Lunar Base

1996  Continuing Data Needs for Lunar Radiation Protection

1996  Crystal Growth in Microgravity

1996  Design and Construction of Zero-Gravity Gymnasium

1996  Design and Performance Criteria for Inflatable Structures in Space

1996  Design of a Multi-Generational, Interstellar Ship

1996  Digital Image Analysis of Two-Dimensional Fluidized Beds at Lunar Gravity

1996  Distributed Control for Serial Assembly in Space

1996  Effect of Fiber Waviness on the Buckling of Composite Plates

1996  The Effect of the Lunar Surface Environment upon Machinery

1996  Engineering, Construction, and Operations in Space V

1996  Facilities for the Earth-Moon Test Range

1996  Flight Crew Equipment Development and Integration with the International Partners

1996  Fluidized Drilling for Lunar Mining Applications

1996  Flywheels for Energy Storage in Space Using Superconducting Bearings

1996  Government Actions to Enable Space Business Parks

1996  Heat of Hydration of Pure Cement Compounds with Steam

1996  HPS: A Space Fission Power System Suitable for Near-Term, Low-Cost Lunar and Planetary Bases

1996  Human Space Exploration: Justifications and U.S. Space Policy

1996  Improvements in Mining Technology

1996  Innovative Radiation Shields for Lunar Surface Operations

1996  An Integrated Approach to Maintaining a Program Baseline on the International Space Station

1996  An Integrated Lunar/Martian-Engineered Closed/Controlled Ecosystem

1996  International Space Station (ISS) Assembly Sequence Planning

1996  International Space Station Payload Accommodations

1996  International Space Station Traffic Model Development

1996  Investigation of On-Orbit Servicing Robot

1996  Johnson Space Center Crew Return Vehicle Activities

1996  Location of a Lunar Base: A Site Selection Strategy

1996  Lunar Base Development Stages

1996  Lunar Base Scenario for Middle School with RC Rover

1996  Lunar Concrete Made with the Dry-Mix/Steam-Injection Method

1996  Lunar Excavating Research

1996  Lunar Neighborhoods: Architecture for Extreme Environments