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2015  Design and Characterization of a Space-Based Imaging Experiment Computer Unit

2015  Developing a Lightweight Martian Soil Simulant for a High-Sinkage Mobility Test

2015  New Design of Small Cardinality Model Set for Tracking Controllable-Structure Semiballistic Reentry Vehicle

2015  News2Note: Quick glimpses of the new and noteworthy

2015  Optical Waveguide Solar Power System for Material Processing in Space

2015  Optimal Low-Thrust Transfers to Lunar L1 Halo Orbit Using Variable Specific Impulse Engine

2015  Schmidt-Kalman Filter for Navigation Biases Mitigation during Mars Entry

2014  Characteristics of Nuclear Spacecraft in Nano-Gravity for the Deep Space Explorer

2014  Electric Sail for a Near-Earth Asteroid Sample Return Mission: Case 1998 KY26

2014  Electrostatic Shield for Lunar Dust Entering Mechanical Seals of Lunar Exploration Equipment

2014  Gravitational Orbit-Rotation Coupling of a Rigid Satellite around a Spheroid Planet

2014  In Situ Regolith Bulk Density Measurement for a Coiling-Type Sampler

2014  Mars Up Close: Inside the Curiosity Mission By Marc Kaufman. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic, 2014

2014  News2Note

2014  Productive Lightweight Robotic Excavation for the Moon and Mars

2014  Sampling of Small Regolith Particles from Asteroids Utilizing an Alternative Electrostatic Field and Electrostatic Traveling Wave

2014  Star Covering Region Evaluation with Application to Star Tracker Design

2013  Affordable, Rapid Bootstrapping of the Space Industry and Solar System Civilization

2013  Bioscience and Medical Technology: From the Earth to Space and Back

2013  Dice World: Science and Life in a Random UniverseBy Brian Clegg. London: Icon Books, 2013

2013  Electrostatic Beneficiation of Lunar Regolith: Applications in In Situ Resource Utilization

2013  Geotechnical Properties of GRC-3 Lunar Simulant

2013  Integrated Mars In Situ Propellant Production System

2013  Lunar Excavation Experiments in Simulant Soil Test Beds: Revisiting the Surveyor Geotechnical Data

2013  LunarVader: Development and Testing of Lunar Drill in Vacuum Chamber and in Lunar Analog Site of Antarctica

2013  Mastering Cryogenic Propellants

2013  Mauna Kea, Hawaii, as an Analog Site for Future Planetary Resource Exploration: Results from the 2010 ILSO-ISRU Field-Testing Campaign

2013  Nuclear Thermal Propulsion: Past Accomplishments, Present Efforts, and a Look Ahead

2013  Planetary Regolith Delivery Systems for ISRU

2013  Prototype Development of an Integrated Mars Atmosphere and Soil-Processing System

2013  Time Reborn: From the Crisis in Physics to the Future of the Universe By Lee Smolin. New York City: Basic Books, 2013

2012  Analysis of the Traveling Performance of Planetary Rovers with Wheels Equipped with Lugs over Loose Soil

2012  Benefit of "Push-Pull" Locomotion for Planetary Rover Mobility

2012  Centrifugal Sieve for Size-Segregation and Beneficiation of Regolith

2012  Defining a Mission Architecture and Technologies for Lunar Lava Tube Reconnaissance

2012  Development of a Library of Simulants to Support the Exploration of Primitive Bodies

2012  Drilling, Coring, and Sampling Using Piezoelectric Actuated Mechanisms : From the USDC to a Piezo-Rotary-Hammer Drill

2012  Earth and Space 2012, Engineering, Science, Construction, and Operations in Challenging Environments

2012  Ejecta Mass Production and Velocities in Low-Energy Impacts into Simulated Lunar Regolith

2012  Elastic Properties of Lunar Regolith from Vertical Seismic Profiling

2012  Electrostatic and Magnetic Cleaning Systems for Removing Lunar Dust Adhering to Spacesuits

2012  Electrostatic Cleaning Device for Removing Lunar Dust Adhered to Spacesuits

2012  Electrostatic Regolith Sampling from Asteroids

2012  Electrostatic Shield for Lunar Dust Entering into Mechanical Seals of Equipment Used for Lunar Exploration

2012  Electrostatic Transport of Lunar Soil for In Situ Resource Utilization

2012  Enabling the Next Generation of Spaceborne Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers

2012  Experimental Investigation of Fracture Toughness Reduction and Fracture Development in Basalt Specimens under Microwave Illumination

2012  Experimental Study of Hollow-Core Beams Made with Waterless Concrete

2012  Exploring and Sampling on Mars with NASA’s 2012 Curiosity Rover

2012  Federated Simulation and Gaming Framework for a Decentralized Space-Based Resource Economy

2012  Front Matter

2012  Heated-Atmosphere Airship for the Titan Environment: Thermal Analysis

2012  Human Exploration of Asteroids, the Moon, and Mars Using Robotic Arm-Equipped Pressurized Vehicles

2012  In Situ Analysis of Organic Material with a Portable Mass Spectrometer

2012  In-Space Propulsion Engine Architecture Based on Sublimation of Planetary Resources: From Exploration Robots to NEO Mitigation

2012  Landing Pad Construction Rover Attachment Development

2012  Lunabotics Mining Competition: Inspiration through Accomplishment

2012  Lunar Real Estate Development

2012  Magnetic Cleaning Device for Lunar Dust Adhering to Spacesuits

2012  Mars As a Destination in a Capability-Driven Framework

2012  Martian Atmospheric Dust Removal for ISRU Gas Intakes Using Electrostatic Precipitation

2012  Mobility Evaluation of an Anchored Lunar Exploration Rover

2012  The Mojave Subsurface Bio-Geochemistry Explorer (MOSBE)

2012  Multi-Physics Modeling and Simulations of Rocket Plume Induced Lunar/Martian Soil Erosion and Debris Environment

2012  NASA Overhauls Vehicle Assembly Building

2012  NASA’s Plans for Human Exploration of Near-Earth Asteroids

2012  NewsBriefs: Apollo 11 Engines Found on Atlantic Floor (Flying)

2012  Novel Experimental Technique for Visualizing and Analyzing Robot-Soil Interactions

2012  Precision Subsampling System for Planetary Exploration

2012  Progress Made in Lunar In Situ Resource Utilization under NASA’s Exploration Technology and Development Program

2012  Properties of Asteroidal Regoliths: In Situ Missions, Light Scattering Observations, and Simulations

2012  Properties of TJ-1 Lunar Soil Simulant

2012  Regolith Stabilization and Building Materials for the Lunar Surface

2012  A Review of Extra-Terrestrial Mining Robot Concepts

2012  SONIC Drilling for Space Exploration

2012  Spinning Landers for Solar System Exploration: An Update

2012  Stress and Displacement Propagation in a Drilling Tube Due to Rebounding and Non-Rebounding Hammer Impact Mechanisms

2012  Subsurface Explorer Robot with Peristaltic Crawling Mechanism

2012  Toward a Terramechanics for Bio-Inspired Locomotion in Granular Environments

2012  Traverse Planning Experiments for Future Planetary Surface Exploration

2011  Design and Analysis of a Wind-Driven Spherical Robot with Multiple Shapes for Environment Exploration

2011  Electrostatic Cleaning System for Removing Lunar Dust Adhering to Space Suits

2011  Robust Nonlinear Optimal Solution to the Lunar Landing Guidance by Using Neighboring Optimal Control

2010  2011 Mars Science Laboratory Mission Design Overview

2010  Acoustic Particle-Size Analyzer for Planetary Exploration

2010  Active Dust Mitigation Technology for Thermal Radiators for Lunar Exploration

2010  Arctic and Antarctic Analogs for Planetary Surface Traverses

2010  Coupled Simulation Model for Ice Migration

2010  Deep Drilling and Sampling via Compact Low-Mass Rotary-Hammer Auto-Gopher

2010  Design and Tele-Operation of a Lunar Excavator for the NASA Centennial Challenge

2010  Development of a Miniature Scanning Electron Microscope to Facilitate In Situ Lunar Science and Engineering

2010  Development of a NASA 2018 Mars Landed Mission Concept

2010  A Discussion on Non-Keplerian Orbits

2010  Dust-Tolerant Power Connector Test Results

2010  Earth and Space 2010, Engineering, Science, Construction, and Operations in Challenging Environments

2010  Fiber Bragg Grating Strain Sensor for Measurement of Vortex-Induced Vibration

2010  Geotechnical Engineering Considerations for Extraterrestrial Infrastructure Construction

2010  Geotechnical Properties of NT-LHT-2M Lunar Highland Simulant

2010  Granular Flow and Dynamics of Lunar Simulants in Excavating Implements

2010  The Habitat Demonstration Unit Project Overview