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2013  Building a Lunar or Martian Launch Pad with In Situ Materials: Recent Laboratory and Field Studies

2013  Excavation of Lunar Regolith with Large Grains by Rippers for Improved Excavation Efficiency

2013  Functional Comparison of Lunar Regoliths and Their Simulants

2013  Laboratory-Scale Distributed Pressure Measurements of Blade Interaction with JSC-1A Lunar Simulant

2013  Power Requirements for the Construction and Operation of a Lunar Oxygen Plant

2012  Supporting Site-Based Processes Using Context-Aware Virtual Prototyping

2010  Drilling and Excavation on Mars for Construction and In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU)

2010  Earth and Space 2010, Engineering, Science, Construction, and Operations in Challenging Environments

2010  Experimental Study of Lunar Regolith Anchoring Forces

2010  Experimental Study of Waterless Concrete for Lunar Construction

2010  Nonlinear Fault-Tolerant Control of a Space Truss Structure with an MR Damper

2010  Recurrent-Functional-Link-Network-Based Predictive Control Hypersonic Vehicles with Dynamical Uncertainties

2010  Risk Assessment Visualization Study for Lunar Outpost Landing Zone Surface Preparation

2010  Rotary-Percussive Deep Drill for Planetary Applications

2010  Soil Simulations May Simplify Design Of Lunar Structures

2009  Design Futures: Pop-I Method for Long-Range Planning of Design Organizations

2009  On Earth and In Space

2008  Assembled Sphere Inflatable Units

2008  Diversity and Space Construction Safety Laws

2008  Earth & Space 2008, Engineering, Science, Construction, and Operations in Challenging Environments

2008  ISRU for Lunar Surface Structures

2008  The Study on Shaking Table Test of Intelligent Vibration Control for Space Steel Structure

2008  Technical Requirements for Lunar Structures

2008  Unconventional Approach

2007  Analysis of Lunar-Habitat Structure Using Waterless Concrete and Tension Glass Fibers

2007  Aviation: Design Concept Unveiled for New Mexico Space Terminal

2006  Bubbles and Droplets in Tubing in Reduced Gravity

2006  Curing of Surfaces Formed by Tailored Force Fields

2006  Design and Modeling of the NU Smart Space Drilling System (SSDS)

2006  Direction for Space Construction Robot: Challenges in the Millennium

2006  Earth & Space 2006, Engineering, Construction, and Operations in Challenging Environment

2006  Effective Processing of GPR Data to Investigate the Sub-Space

2006  Lunar In Situ Materials-Based Habitat Technology Development Efforts at NASA/MSFC

2006  Mixed Reality — Enhanced Operator Interface for Teleoperation Systems in Unstructured Environment

2006  Modular Facility Selection and Configuration Considerations for Lunar/Mars Surface Bases

2006  Moondust and More

2006  Moondust and More

2006  Neutron Probes for the Construction and Resource Utilization eXplorer (CRUX)

2006  Optimal Evolutionary Computational Parameters for Habitat Structures Optimization

2006  Structural Design of a Lunar Habitat

2006  Structural Weight Optimization with Tabu Search

2006  Structures for Manned Habitation

2006  Ubiquitous Communication to Link Islands of Information in Construction

2005  Building on Mars

2005  Martian Possibilities

2004  Assembly Robot Ground Experiments for Space Solar Power System in JAXA

2004  Concepts for the Design and Construction of a Modular Inflatable Habitat

2004  Design Note on Post-Tensioned Cast Basalt

2004  Engineering, Construction, and Operations in Challenging Environments, Earth and Space 2004

2004  Robotic Technology for Pipeline Construction on Earth & in Space

2004  Structural Design of a Lunar Base

2004  Use of Radiation Pressure for Space-Based Construction

2003  NewsBriefs: Radio Waves Could Help Construction in Space (EurekAlert)

2002  Gecko-Tech in Planetary Exploration and Base Operations

2002  In Situ Resource Utilization: Excavation to Support Other Operations

2002  Large-Scale Construction for a Space-Based Economy

2002  Lavatube Entrance Amelioration on the Moon and Mars

2002  Moon Lighting: Illumination for Lunar Base Construction and Operations

2002  The Moon: Optimum Location for the First Industrial/Scientific Base in Space

2002  Scenario Description of the Construction of a Lunar South Pole Infrared Telescope (LSPIRT).

2002  Space 2002 and Robotics 2002

2000  Active Integration of a Lunar Base Agricultural System with Crew Requirements

2000  Building Lunar Colonies

2000  Civil Engineering in the Design and Construction of a Lunar Base

2000  Commerce at a Lunar Base

2000  Design of a Wind Turbine for Martian Power Generation

2000  Drilling and Logging in Space: An Oil-Well Perspective

2000  Earthrise 1: Building a Stripmining Base on the Moon

2000  The Exploration of Mars: Crew Surface Activities

2000  A First Generation Lunar UV Observatory

2000  The Great Debate: The Moon First

2000  Habitability in Advanced Space Mission Design, Part Two: Evaluation of Habitation Elements

2000  How to Build a Heavenly City

2000  Idaho TECH: The Mars Rover Challenge

2000  In-Situ Manufacture of Martian Construction Materials

2000  In-Situ Rapid Spares Manufacturing and Its Application to Human Space Missions

2000  Lunar Base Development Issues, Technology Requirements, and Research Needs

2000  Lunar Lavatube Base Construction

2000  Mars Surface Habitat Design Issues Derived from Design of a Terrestrial Polar Analog

2000  A Metric for Evaluating Penetration and Sampling Devices for the NASA Mars Sample Return Missions

2000  Mining the Martian Regolith for Water

2000  An Operationally Ideal Location for the First Permanent Base on the Moon

2000  Salient Characteristics for Terrestrial Analog Engineering Test Sites

2000  Structural Modifications to the Framing System of a Proposed Lunar/Martian Inflatable Structure

2000  Zeoponic Plant Growth Substrate Development at the Johnson Space Center and Possible Use at a Martian Outpost

1998  Active Control of Tensegrity Systems

1998  An Archenemy Revisited: The 1979 Moon Treaty

1998  Aristarchus Plateau: As a Potential Lunar Base Site

1998  Behavior of Simulated Lunar Cement Mortar in Vacuum Environment

1998  BioTox: A Biologically-Based Soil Toxicity Instrument

1998  A Concept for Robotic Lunar South Pole Exploration

1998  Construction Engineering Approach for Lunar Base Development

1998  Continuing Development of the NASA Human Mars Mission Design

1998  Cultivating Near Term Demand for Helium 3

1998  Economically Viable Lunar Development

1998  Effect of the Lunar Seismic Environment on a Moon-Based Optical Interferometer

1998  Fire Safety in Extraterrestrial Environments

1998  Helical Anchors for Combined Anchoring and Soil Testing in Lunar Operations

1998  High Performance Materials Applications to Moon/Mars Missions and Bases

1998  In Situ Resource Utilization for Processing of Metal Alloys on Lunar and Mars Bases