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2015  Optical Waveguide Solar Power System for Material Processing in Space

2013  Affordable, Rapid Bootstrapping of the Space Industry and Solar System Civilization

2013  Functional Comparison of Lunar Regoliths and Their Simulants

2013  NewsBriefs: Nonprofit Issues a Call to Mars ( and

2013  Prototype Development of an Integrated Mars Atmosphere and Soil-Processing System

2012  Applying a Design-to-Evolve Approach to Early Lunar Settlements

2011  Lunar Habitat Micrometeoroid and Radiation Shielding: Options, Applications, and Assessments

2010  Constellation Architecture Team: Lunar Outpost "Scenario 12.1" Habitation Concept

2010  Constellation Architecture Team-Lunar Scenario 12.0 Habitation Overview

2010  The Habitat Demonstration Unit Project: Test Operations

2010  The Habitat Demonstration Unit System Integration

2010  A Holistic Approach to Lunar Settlements

2010  Mobile Field Analog for Lunar Habitat Integrated System Health Monitoring

2010  NewsBriefs: Boeing Creates Partnership Aimed At Commercial Space Travel (CNN and Boeing)

2010  NewsBriefs: Entrepreneur Developing Spacious Inflatable Moon Base

2010  Optimized O’Neill-Glaser Model for Human Population of Space and Its Impact on Survival Probabilities

2008  Alternatives for the First Lunar Bases

2008  Characterization of Urine Supernatant Following Struvite Precipitation for Space Colonization Applications

2008  Commercialization of Space: A Korean View

2008  ISRU for Lunar Surface Structures

2008  Lunar Architecture Team: Phase 2 Architecture Option — 2 Habitation Concepts

2008  Lunar Architecture Team: Phase 2 Architecture Option — 4 Habitation Concepts

2008  Lunar Architecture Team: Phase 2 Habitat Volume Estimation: ”Caution When Using Analogs”

2008  Lunar Habitat Airlock/Suitlock

2008  Lunar Surface Habitat Configuration Assessment: Methodology and Observations

2008  Mission Activity Planning for Humans and Robots on the Moon

2008  PISCES: Developing New Design, Materials, and Technologies for Sustained Human Presence on the Moon and Mars

2008  Rutgers 2007 Symposium on Lunar Settlements

2008  Solar Thermal Power for Lunar Materials Processing

2008  Structural Definition and Mass Estimation of Lunar Surface Habitats for the Lunar Architecture Team Phase 2 (LAT-2) Study

2008  Sustainable Lunar Habitat Protection against Damage by Meteoroid Impacts

2008  Technical Requirements for Lunar Structures

2008  Terrestrial Analogs for Planetary Surface Facility Planning and Operations

2007  Analysis of Lunar-Habitat Structure Using Waterless Concrete and Tension Glass Fibers

2006  Application of Site Analysis to Enhance Lunar and Mars Expeditionary Base Design

2006  Crossing the Infinite Frontier: An Analysis of Property Rights Regime in Corpus Juris Spatialis

2006  Definition and Development of Habitation Readiness Level (HRLs) for Planetary Surface Habitats

2006  Design Concepts for Interior Configurations of Lunar/Mars Inflatable Habitat Modules

2006  Design Concepts for Space Settlements

2006  Development and Application of Lunar ”Concrete” for Habitats

2006  Inflatable and Deployable Structures for Surface Habitat Concepts Utilizing In-Situ Resources

2006  Interior Accommodations and System for Lunar and Mars Habitats: Design Innovations of the Sleeping Compartments in Mars Transfer Module

2006  ISRUs on Moon and Mars Create Synergistic Interdependencies

2006  Kalpana One: A New Space Colony Design

2006  Lunar In Situ Materials-Based Habitat Technology Development Efforts at NASA/MSFC

2006  Lunar Surface Scenarios: Habitation and Life Support Systems for a Pressurized Rover

2006  Meteoroid Risk Assessment of Lunar Habitat Concepts

2006  A Moon is a Terrible Thing to Waste: A Case for Lunar Master Planning

2006  A Moon-Micro-Mission (MMM)

2006  Operational Strategies and Capabilities for Habitation Systems in the Exploration of the Lunar Surface

2006  Operational Strategies and Critical Capabilities for Human Sortie Missions on the Lunar Surface

2006  Optimal Evolutionary Computational Parameters for Habitat Structures Optimization

2006  Performance-Based Engineering for Lunar Settlements

2006  Space Design and the Lessons of Experimental Architecture

2006  Structures for Manned Habitation

2006  The Surface Endoskeletal Inflatable Module (SEIM)

2004  Flow and Distribution of Fluid Phases through Porous Plant Growth Media in Microgravity

2004  Industrial Processes in Space Manufacturing for Converting Asteroidal Materials into Useful Construction Elements

2004  An Inflatable Living Concept

2004  A Novel Approach to Intra-Station Transfers between Large Centripetal Habitation Wheels and Stationary Utility Cores

2004  The Role of a Space Transportation Development Authority in the Revitalizing of American Space Commercialization Activities

2004  Space Habitat Design Considerations Related to Different Gravity Environment

2004  Standardization: The Key for Future Spaceport Operations

2004  Understanding Boundary Layers Surrounding Plant Organs to Reduce Indirect Effects of Microgravity on Plant Growth

2002  “As Long as We’re Here...”: Secondary Profit Generators for Moon and Mars Bases

2002  The Ideal Law of Government

2002  Large-Scale Construction for a Space-Based Economy

2002  Lavatube Entrance Amelioration on the Moon and Mars

2002  Load and Deflection Characteristics of Water De-Ionizing Medium for Space Applications

2002  Mars Kites for Human Habitation

2002  Private Property in Space Resources

2002  Requirements and Opportunities for the Successful Development of Lunar and Martian Agricultural Systems

2002  Space and the Extraterrestrial Environment

2002  Space Governance

2002  Space Hotels: Civil Engineering’s New Frontier

2000  Active Integration of a Lunar Base Agricultural System with Crew Requirements

2000  Building Lunar Colonies

2000  The Caltech Mars Society Human Mars Mission 2.0

2000  A Civil Engineer’s Perspective on Mars Mission ISRU: Reinforced Regolith

2000  Commerce at a Lunar Base

2000  Construction Materials from In-Situ Resources on the Moon and Mars

2000  Design of a Wind Turbine for Martian Power Generation

2000  Designing Space Habitation

2000  Development of Asteroid Mining Concepts

2000  The Ethical Commercialization of Outer Space

2000  Fragmentation of Lunar Rock with Explosives

2000  Global Economic Benefits from Space Mineral and Energy Resources

2000  Habitability in Advanced Space Mission Design, Part Two: Evaluation of Habitation Elements

2000  How to Build a Heavenly City

2000  Lunar Lavatube Base Construction

2000  On Martian Soil

2000  An Operationally Ideal Location for the First Permanent Base on the Moon

2000  The Planet Moon Project

2000  Reusable, Presurized Dome for Lunar Construction

2000  Robotics Challenges for Robotic and Human Mars Exploration

2000  The Science and Engineering of Laws

2000  Structural Requirements for the Construction of Shelters on Planetary Surfaces

2000  Study on a Hydrogen-Reduced Reactor Design for Lunar Water Production

2000  Towards the Rational Development of Space Resource Policy: Lessons from International Mineral Economics and Law

2000  Zeoponic Plant Growth Substrate Development at the Johnson Space Center and Possible Use at a Martian Outpost