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2015  Effects of Volume Regulation on Urban Spaces in Seoul, South Korea

2014  510-Meter, Super-Tall Busan Lotte Town Tower: Engineering the Architecture To Minimize Extreme Winds

2014  Asian Culture Complex in South Korea Will Feature Submerged Plaza, Structures

2014  Bivariate Frequency Analysis of Annual Maximum Rainfall Event Series in Seoul, Korea

2014  Development of Performance Criteria for Korean Pavement Warranty Specification

2014  The Federation of Korean Industries Headquarters

2014  Hydrological Drought Analysis in Namhan River Basin, Korea

2014  Impacts of Macroeconomic Fluctuations on Insolvency: Case of Korean Construction Companies

2014  Most skyscrapers are built, by definition, to be seen. But one is coming soon to South Korea that is being built not to be...

2014  Prediction Model of CO2 Emission for Residential Buildings in South Korea

2014  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Turbid Density Currents in Imha Reservoir, South Korea

2013  An Analysis of Frost Penetration Depth with Field Temperature Data of Paved Road in Korea

2013  Computer Simulation of Moored Ship Motion Considering Harbor Resonance in Pohang New Harbor

2013  Dynamic Feasibility Analysis of the Housing Supply Strategies in a Recession: Korean Housing Market

2013  Effect of the Seasonal Rainfall Distribution on Storm-Water Quality Capture Volume Estimation

2013  Estimation of Frost Depth in South Korea

2013  Estimation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Land-Use Changes due to Road Construction in the Republic of Korea

2013  Floating Port - Design, Construction, and Test

2013  The Impact Assessment of Climate Change on the Long-Term Runoff on the Han River in South Korea Based on RCP Climate Change Scenarios

2013  Impact of Climate Change on Flood Discharge and Flood Stage in the River Basin

2013  Inclined to Succeed

2013  On The Web (

2013  Personal Rapid Transit Live Applications Challenges

2013  Slope Stability Characteristic of Unsaturated Weathered Granite Soil in Korea considering Antecedent Rainfall

2013  The Track to Suncheon: Making APMs Intelligent

2013  U-Concept Viaduct - Precast Segmental Application to UIJEONGBU LRT Project (South Korea)

2012  Analysis of Drought Characteristics Using Copula Theory

2012  Ancient Archietecture Inspires Contemporary Tower Complex

2012  Assessing Irrigation Water Capacity of Land Use Change in a Data-Scarce Watershed of Korea

2012  Assessment of Flow Regulation Effects by Dams in the Han River, Korea, on the Downstream Flow Regimes Using SWAT

2012  Case Adaptation Method of Case-Based Reasoning for Construction Cost Estimation in Korea

2012  Determination of Shaft and Base Resistance Factors for Drilled Shaft Embedded in Rock in Korea

2012  Development of Construction Standards for the Infiltration Gutter to Reduce Runoff Quantity in South Korea

2012  Development of Geospatial Analysis Method to Detect Outlying Data Points

2012  Evaluation of the Infiltration Capacity of a Permeable Paving Block for Urban Flood Disaster Reduction

2012  Exploring Determinants of Pedestrians’ Satisfaction with Sidewalk Environments: Case Study in Korea

2012  Flood Damage Reduction Analysis in Urban Sewer System Considering Impact of Climate Change: Korea

2012  Life-Cycle Cost Analysis on Glass Type of High-Rise Buildings for Increasing Energy Efficiency and Reducing CO2 Emissions in Korea

2012  A River Ice Management Plan for the Gyeong-In Ara Waterway

2012  Statistical Soil Erosion Model for Burnt Mountain Areas in Korea—RUSLE Approach

2011  Cost Structure and Efficiency of Korea’s Road and Rail in the Manufacturing Industries

2011  Creating an Index of Floods Vulnerability to Climate Change for Korean Fundamental Local Governments: The Effect of the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project as an Adaptation Strategy

2011  Effect of Flow Pulses on Degradation Downstream of Hapcheon Dam, South Korea

2011  Estimating the Impacts of Urban Expansion on Landscape Ecology: Forestland Perspective in the Greater Seoul Metropolitan Area

2011  Estimation of Storm Surge Inundation and Hazard Mapping

2011  Impact of Climate Change on SPI and SAD Curve

2011  Laboratory and Field Experiences of Low Energy and Low Carbon-Dioxide Asphalt Pavement in Korea

2011  Military Facility Cost Estimation System Using Case-Based Reasoning in Korea

2011  Moment-Carrying Capacity of Dovetailed Mortise and Tenon Joints with or without Beam Shoulder

2011  Operational Oceanographic System for the Southern Coastal Waters of Korea

2011  Optimal Drought Management Using Sampling Stochastic Dynamic Programming with a Hedging Rule

2011  Preliminary Study from Korea: Warm-Mix Asphalt

2011  Sediment Flushing at the Nakdong River Estuary Barrage

2011  Spatial Analysis of Rainfall Erosivity Trends in South Korea

2011  Strategies for Developing Countries to Expand Their Shares in the Global Construction Market: Phase-Based SWOT and AAA Analyses of Korea

2011  Use of a Distance Measure for the Comparison of Unit Hydrographs: Application to the Stream Gauge Network Optimization

2011  Verification of Incremental Launching Construction Safety for the Ilsun Bridge, the World’s Longest and Widest Prestressed Concrete Box Girder with Corrugated Steel Web Section

2011  Water Balance Analysis on Upo Wetland, Korea, under Climate Change

2011  Wave Amplification at Harbor Entrance Due to Submerged Shoal

2010  Application of a Structured Infiltration System for Stormwater Management in Campus

2010  Application of Regional Frequency Analysis to Non-Stationary Rainfalls in Korea

2010  Assessing the Environmental Impacts of a Lean Supply System: Case Study of High-Rise Condominium Construction in Korea

2010  Assessment of Dam Operations for a Severe Drought in Korea

2010  Boost, Control, or Both of Korean Housing Market: 831 Countermeasures

2010  A Case Study of Retaining Wall with Soil-Cement Mixing Reinforcement for Korean Urban Site

2010  A Case Study on Geomorphological Characteristics of Cut Slope Failure in Soksil District, Korea

2010  A Case Study on the Geotechnical Characteristics of Collapsed Cut-Slope in Yeosu, Korea

2010  Climate Change Impact Assessment Using K-Nearest Neighbor Weather Generator: Case Study of the Nakdong River Basin in Korea

2010  Data Preprocessing–Based Parametric Cost Model for Building Projects: Case Studies of Korean Construction Projects

2010  Does a Technology Incubator Work in the Regional Economy? Evidence from South Korea

2010  Evaluating Watershed Management within a River Basin Context Using an Integrated Indicator System

2010  Flood Forecasting in Regulated Basins Using the Ensemble Extended Kalman Filter with the Storage Function Method

2010  Korean Real Estate Market and Mortgage Lending Policies: A Quantitative Approach

2010  Partnering Process Model for Public-Sector Fast-Track Design-Build Projects in Korea

2010  Relative Comparison of the Local Recalibration of the Temperature-Based Evapotranspiration Equation for the Korea Peninsula

2010  Review of Wireless Sensors for Road and Bridge Asset Management

2010  Sculpted High-Rise: The Al Hamra Tower

2010  Spatial Assessment of Droughts Vulnerability Using MODIS Image in South Korea

2010  Use of Stormwater Capture Curve for Sizing Storage-Based LID Facilities in Korea

2010  Water Supply Policy Considering Climate Change in the Han River Basin, South Korea

2009  555m Tall Lotte Super Tower, Seoul, Korea

2009  Asymptotic Variance of Regional Growth Curve for Generalized Logistic Distribution

2009  Calibration of Roughness Measuring Instrument for Adopting the Performance Warranty System

2009  A Case Study of LRFD Implementation for Static Bearing Capacity of Driven Steel Pipe Piles in Korea

2009  The Characteristics of Bearing Capacity of Drilled Shafts Based on Mobilized Displacement

2009  Comparison Analysis on the Calculation of Berth Throughput Capacity of Container Terminal between China and South Korea

2009  Development of an Optimization Technique for a Potential Surface of Spatial Urban Growth Using Deterministic Modeling Methodology

2009  Establishment of Performance Related Specifications Using Pay Factors and Relationship between Fatigue Cracking and Pay Factors

2009  Factor and Cluster Analyses of Water Chemistry in and around a Large Rockfill Dam: Implications for Water Leakage

2009  Initial Behavior of Thin-Bonded Continuously Reinforced Concrete Overlay (CRCO) on Aged Jointed Concrete Pavement

2009  Integration of Hydrologic Gray Model with Global Search Method for Real-Time Flood Forecasting

2009  International Stadium Projects: Each Unique and Easy to Recognize

2009  New Soil Nail Material — Pilot Study of Grouted GFRP Pipe Nails in Korea and Hong Kong

2009  Sedimentation Characteristics of the Lower Nakdong River Upstream of the Nakdong River Estuary Barrage

2009  Seoul (Korea) Online Water Quality Monitoring of Drinking Water

2009  Strategies for Design-Build in Korea Using System Dynamics Modeling

2009  Use of Hydraulic Modeling to Develop a Small Dam for the Geum River Reach in Sejong City

2009  Vectus PRT Concept and Test Track Experience

2008  Analytical Derivation of Steady-State Soil Water Probability Density Function Coupled with Simple Stochastic Point Rainfall Model

2008  Assessment of the ENSO Impact on Rainfall Characteristics and Frequency Analysis in South Korea