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2014  Changes to South Carolina Wastewater Plant Boost Capacity, Quality

2014  Characterization of Aged Coastal Plain Soils at Hollywood, SC, Using Petrography and Microscopy

2014  From Liability to Asset

2014  Ground Freezing and Sampling of Pleistocene Sand near Charleston, South Carolina

2014  In Situ Seismic Crosshole Testing of Six Natural Sand Deposits in the South Carolina Coastal Plain

2014  Investigation of Seismic Site Amplification for Non-NEHRP Site Conditions: Site Response Study of Columbia, SC

2014  Streamflow and Nutrients from a Karst Watershed with a Downstream Embayment: Chapel Branch Creek

2013  Communication’s Role and Technology Preferences during Hurricane Evacuations

2013  Comparison of Nonlinear One- and Two-Dimensional Site Response Analysis Tools for Charleston, SC

2013  Cooper Interceptor - 54" Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation by Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Methodology for North Charleston Sewer District

2013  Development of a Time-Dependent Disaggregate Hurricane Evacuation Destination Choice Model

2013  Effects of Soil Lateral Loading on Marine Structures

2013  Error Quantification for Hurricane Storm Surge Simulations along the Coasts of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia

2013  Fender Modernization at Veterans Terminal, Pier M

2012  Failure Risk of 230 kV Electricity Transmission Lines in South Carolina under Hurricane Wind Hazards

2012  Joint Distributions of Hurricane Wind and Storm Surge for the City of Charleston in South Carolina

2012  Liquefaction Potential Assessment of Pleistocene Beach Sands near Charleston, South Carolina

2011  Characterizing the Liquefaction Potential of the Pleistocene-Age Wando Formation in the Charleston Area, South Carolina

2011  Model for Predicting Effects of Land-Use Changes on the Canal-Mediated Discharge of Total Suspended Solids into Tidal Creeks and Estuaries

2011  Myrtle Beach (2001-2010)—Another Decade of Beach Monitoring Surveys after the 1997 Federal Shore-Protection Project

2011  Rapid Turnaround

2010  Characterization of Escherichia Coli for Sediment Basin Systems at Construction Sites

2010  Event Tree Analysis at the Savannah River Site—A Case History

2010  Gateway to a Getaway

2010  New Port Construction Leads to Salt Water Wetland Creation

2010  Numerical Age and Residence-Time Mapping for a Small Tidal Creek: Case Study

2010  Passive Reactive Berm to Provide Low Maintenance Lead Containment at Small Arms Firing Ranges

2010  Pile Repair and Cathodic Protection of Chem Marine Pier

2010  Trends in Live-Bed Pier Scour at Selected Bridges in South Carolina

2009  Blast Densification: Multi-Instrumented Case History

2009  NewsBriefs: World’s Largest Bottle Recycling Facility Opens

2008  Application and Integration of Science in South Carolina’s Grand Strand Renourishment Project

2008  Demolition of the Grace Memorial and Silas N. Pearman Bridges over Cooper River, South Carolina, USA — A Case Study

2008  Distribution System Monitoring Research at Charleston Water System

2008  Dual Deconstruction

2008  Effects of Upstream River Flow Regulation on the Annual Low Flow Magnitude in the Savannah River at Augusta, Georgia, USA

2008  Frequency of Discharge Causing Abutment Scour in South Carolina

2008  Hydrodynamic and Environmental Impact of Edisto Beach Causeway on the Scott Creek Estuary, South Carolina

2008  Impact of New Rainfall Patterns on Detention Pond Design

2008  The Lake Marion Regional Water System: Planning a Regional Water System to Spur Economic Development

2008  LID on the SC Coastal Plain: Benefits, Costs, and Constraints

2008  Liquefaction Potential Map of Charleston, South Carolina Based on the 1886 Earthquake

2008  Liquefaction Susceptibility of Fine-Grained Soils in Charleston, South Carolina Based on CPT

2008  Old Above, New Below

2008  Proper Soil Textural Sequence for Septic Tank Systems

2007  Collection of Historic Live-Bed Scour Data at Selected Bridges in South Carolina Using Ground-Penetrating Radar

2007  Crosshole Sonic Logging of South Carolina Drilled Shafts: A Five Year Summary

2007  Decadal Evolution of Shoreface Geometry in South Carolina, USA

2007  Double Trouble

2007  Geologic Framework of the Long Bay Inner Shelf: Implications for Coastal Evolution in South Carolina

2007  A Potential Alternative to Berth Maintenance Dredging

2007  Seismic Risk to the Charleston, SC Transportation Network

2007  Water Quality Modeling System for Charleston Harbor, South Carolina

2006  Adoption of the International Residential Code in a High Natural Hazards Region — An Overview

2006  A Bounded Approach to Magnitude Estimation of the 1886 Charleston, SC Earthquake Based on Structural Analysis of Surviving Historic Buildings

2006  Charleston Harbor System 3-Dimensional Modeling, Charleston, SC

2006  City of Myrtle Beach Stormwater Management Master Plan and Final Design for Upgrade and Replacement of Beach Outfalls

2006  Court Decisions: Bid Error Correction Allowed

2006  Court Decisions: Faulty Workmanship Not Covered by Policy

2006  Court Decisions: RFPs Cannot be Used for South Carolina DOT Contracts

2006  Design and Dispersion Analysis for Upgrade and Replacement of Beach Outfalls

2006  Experimental Determination of Parameters for the Barcelona Basic Model for a Reconstituted Kaolin

2006  Historic Preservation: Bridge Project Uncovers Colonial Battlefield

2006  People: ASCE’s South Carolina Section Names Talukdar Civil Engineer of the Year

2006  Seismic Rehabilitation of Saluda Dam

2005  Compliance Rates for Storm Water Detention Facility Installation

2005  Court Decisions: Acceptance of Work not a Defense Against Claims

2005  Dynamic Model for Calculating Infiltration of Rain Water through an Unsaturated Zone, and Its Application to Environmental Protection Agency’s PRESTO Model

2005  Flexible Pavement Rehabilitation using Paving Fabric – Quantifying the Benefit

2005  Hurricane Hugo — 15 Years Later: Beach Response and Relation to Damages

2005  Illustrative Examples of Multi-Hazard Design in Coastal South Carolina

2005  Modeling the Wave Impacts of Hurricane Floyd in Charleston Harbor, Charleston, South Carolina

2005  P-Y Curves for Large Diameter Shafts in Liquefied Sand from Blast Liquefaction Tests

2005  Seismic Hazard in the South Carolina Coastal Plain: 2002 Update of the USGS National Seismic Hazard Maps

2005  Ship Squat Measurements Using GPS at Charleston Harbor

2005  Urban Planning: Brownfield to Be Reclaimed in North Charleston Redevelopment

2004  Deepening of Port Facilities - Design and Installation of Toe Walls

2004  Design of Drilled Shaft Foundations for the Cooper River Bridge

2004  Drilled and Driven Foundation Behavior in a Calcareous Clay

2004  FLAC Modeling and Pseudo-Static Analysis of Rock Islands for the Cooper River Bridge

2004  Foundation Design Criteria and Quality Control for the Cooper River Bridge

2004  Hans Albert Einstein in South Carolina

2004  Saluda Dam Remediation Project: Protecting the Community and the Environment

2004  Seismic Design of the Cooper River Bridge

2004  A Short History and Intro: Geo-Engineering for the Cooper River Bridge

2004  Sinkhole Repair under Highway Embankment

2004  Site Characterization and Subsurface Conditions for the Cooper River Bridge

2003  Compaction Grouting Used for a Water Treatment Plant Expansion

2003  Electric Power Distribution System Performance in Carolina Hurricanes

2003  Prayer in Disaster: Case Study of Christian Clergy

2003  Projecting Building Inventory Changes and the Effect on Hurricane Risk

2003  Urban Stream Construction “One Rock at a Time”

2002  Bridges: South Carolina Moves forward with Seismic Design Specifications

2002  Carolina Crossing

2002  Drilled Shaft Axial Design Values: Predicted Versus Measured Response in a Calcareous Clay

2002  Emerging Hurricane Evacuation Issues: Hurricane Floyd and South Carolina

2002  In Memoriam, Charles Lindbergh

2002  Inland Flooding Observation and Warning (IFLOW) Project

2002  Lateral Load Testing Program for the Cooper River Bridge, Charleston, SC

2002  Load Test Program Pays Off