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2015  Engineered Injection and Extraction for In Situ Remediation of Sorbing Solutes in Groundwater

2015  Novel Adsorbent Hydrous Bismuth Oxide for the Removal of Nitrate from Aqueous Solutions

2015  Paraffin Wax as a Sealant in Sorptivity Testing

2015  Transport Properties of Concrete Altered by Crack-Induced Damage

2014  Biosorption and Biodegradation of Chromium Complex Dye Using Aspergillus Species

2014  Biosorption of Uranium from Aqueous Solution by Live and Dead Aspergillus niger

2014  Evaluation of Moisture Sorption and Diffusion Characteristics of Asphalt Mastics Using Manual and Automated Gravimetric Sorption Techniques

2014  Mathematical Modeling of Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport in Saturated Fractured Rock Using a Dual-Porosity Approach

2014  Organic Contaminant Sorption and Diffusion in Engineered Clays with Organoclay Additives-Understanding Barrier Performance at the Molecular Level

2014  Practical Leachability and Sorption Considerations for Ash Management

2014  Radionuclide Behavior in Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLW) Disposal Barrier Materials: Impacts of Sorption

2014  Spatial Moment Equations for a Groundwater Plume with Degradation and Rate-Limited Sorption

2013  Alternative Solution for Advective-Dispersive Flow of Reagent Solutes in Clay Liners

2013  Enhanced Understanding of Sediment Phosphorus Dynamics in River Systems with a Simple Supplemental Mass Balance Tool

2013  Experimental Investigations of Performance Characteristics of Rice Husk Ash-Blended Concrete

2013  Fractional Characteristics of Coal Fly Ash for Beneficial Use

2013  Framework for Evaluating Sorbent Usage Rate of Various Sorption Column Configurations with and without Bypass Blending

2013  Interpretation of Full Sorption-Desorption Isotherms as a Tool for Understanding Concrete Pore Structure

2013  Phosphorus Equilibrium. I: Impact of AlOx Media Substrates and Aqueous Matrices

2013  Phosphorus Equilibrium. II: Comparing Filter Media, Models, and Leaching

2013  Sorption-Induced Deformation of Microporous Solids Studied by In-Situ Dilatometry

2013  Uranium Removal from Aqueous Solution by Banyan Leaves: Equilibrium, Thermodynamic, Kinetic, and Mechanism Studies

2013  Water Sorption Hysteresis in Cement Nano Slits

2012  Assessment of Heavy Metals Retention in GCLs by Column and Batch Tests

2012  Characterizing Physical Properties of Clay by Water Vapor Sorption

2012  Determining Minimum Ion Exchange Resin Usage for NOM Removal

2012  Fate of Endocrine-Disrupting and Pharmaceutically Active Substances in Sand Columns Fed with Secondary Effluent

2012  Long-Term Orthophosphate Removal in a Field-Scale Storm-Water Bioinfiltration Rain Garden

2012  Lumping Analysis for Sorption of Neutral Organic Compounds in Mixtures to Simulated Aquifer Sorbents

2012  Organoclays as Variably Permeable Reactive Barrier Media to Manage NAPLs in Ground Water

2012  Role of Soil Organic Matter on the Sorption and Cosorption of Endosulfan and Chlorpyrifos on Agricultural Soils

2012  Temporal Moments for Reactive Transport through Fractured Impermeable/Permeable Formations

2011  Biosorption of Acid Blue 25 on Azadirachta indica (NEEM) Leaf Powder

2011  Biosorption of Cd(II), Pb(II), and Ni(II) on Magnifera indica Leaf Powder: An Equilibrium Study

2011  Capillary Transport in RCC: Water-to-Cement Ratio, Strength, and Freeze-Thaw Resistance

2011  Coupled Consolidation and Contaminant Transport in Compressible Porous Media

2011  Methylene Blue Sorption onto Oxygenated Pyrolytic Tire Char: Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies

2011  Phosphorus Retention by Bioretention Mesocosms Using Media Formulated for Phosphorus Sorption: Response to Accelerated Loads

2011  Photolysis, Biodegradation, and Sorption Behavior of Three Selected Phenolic Compounds on the Surface and Sediment of Rivers

2011  Semianalytical Solution for Nonequilibrium Sorption of Pollutant Transport in Streams

2011  Sorption and Diffusion of BTEX through Thin-Film EVOH

2011  Sorption and Diffusive Transport of PBDE through an HDPE Geomembrane

2011  Sorption Dynamics and Process Development for Removal of Copper from Aqueous Solution Using a Biosorbent Based on Mango Tree Leaves

2011  Sorption of Neutral Organic Compounds in Mixtures to Mineral Surfaces and Humic Acid-Mineral Complexes

2011  Uptake of Cesium ( Cs+) by Building Materials in Aqueous Batch Systems

2011  Using the Surface Free Energy Method to Evaluate the Effects of Polymeric Aggregate Treatment on Moisture Damage in Hot-Mix Asphalt

2010  Biosorptive Color Removal: Applicability of Equilibrium Isotherm Models

2010  Comparative Assessment of Contaminant Sorption in Lateritic Soil—Bentonite Mixtures

2010  Competitive Sorption of Pesticides onto Treated Wood Charcoal and the Effect of Organic and Inorganic Parameters on Adsorption Capacity

2010  Development of a Kinetic Model for the Biosorption of Cationic Dyes by Dead Macrofungi

2010  Effects of Design Mix and Porosity of Waste-Derived Paste as Landfill Daily Covers on Lead Retardation

2010  Influence of Shrinkage-Reducing Admixtures on Moisture Absorption in Cementitious Materials at Early Ages

2010  New Approach: Waste Materials as Sorbents for Arsenic Removal from Water

2010  Sorption of Cr (VI) onto Olive Stone in a Packed Bed Column: Prediction of Kinetic Parameters and Breakthrough Curves

2010  Sorption of Statin Pharmaceuticals to Wastewater-Treatment Biosolids, Terrestrial Soils, and Freshwater Sediment

2009  Attenuation of Roadway-Derived Heavy Metals by Wood Chips

2009  Effects of Steam Addition on the Properties of High Temperature Ceramic CO2 Acceptors

2009  Impact of Salinity on MS-2 Sorption in Saturated Sand Columns—Fate and Transport Modeling

2009  Influence of Sorption Intensity on Solute Mobility in a Fractured Formation

2009  Integrated Two-Dimensional Surface and Three-Dimensional Subsurface Contaminant Transport Model Considering Soil Erosion and Sorption

2009  Investigating the Temperature Effects on Nutrient Removal in Green Sorption Media

2009  Investigation of Consolidation-Induced Solute Transport. I: Effect of Consolidation on Transport Parameters

2009  Investigation of Consolidation-Induced Solute Transport. II: Experimental and Numerical Results

2009  Sorption and Desorption of Testosterone in Agricultural Soils

2009  Sorption Behavior and Mechanism of Pb(II) on Chinese Loess

2009  Unit Process Modeling of Stormwater Flow and Pollutant Sorption in a Bioretention Cell

2008  Interactions between Three Tropical Soils and Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Leachate

2008  Intrinsic Sorptivity for Soils with Different Average Grain Size Diameters

2008  Material Characterization and Reaction Kinetics of Green Sorption Media for Nutrients Removal

2008  Metal Transport Parameters of a Gneiss Saprolitic Silty Soil for Liner Design

2008  Model for Consolidation-Induced Solute Transport with Nonlinear and Nonequilibrium Sorption

2008  Nutrient Retention in Vegetated and Nonvegetated Bioretention Mesocosms

2008  Sorption of Pb²+, Cd²+, and Sr²+ Ions on Calcium Hydroxyapatite Powder Obtained by the Hydrothermal Method

2008  Sorption of Tertiary Butyl Mercaptan to Indoor Materials in Contact with Air or Water

2008  Viral Fate and Transport Modeling under Salinity Impact

2007  Boron Removal via Formation of Magnesium Silicate Solids during Precipitative Softening

2007  Characterization of Aggregate Surface Energy Using the Universal Sorption Device

2007  Coupled Large Strain Consolidation and Solute Transport. I: Model Development

2007  Coupled Large Strain Consolidation and Solute Transport. II: Model Verification and Simulation Results

2007  Disparity of Cadmium Transport Behavior in Soils at Different Temperatures

2007  Intrinsic Sorptivity and Water Infiltration into Dry Soil at Different Degrees of Saturation

2007  Quaternized Poly(4-Vinylpyridine) Coated Activated Carbon: Diffusion Controlled Sorption of Chromium(VI)

2007  Retardation of Nonlinearly Sorbed Solutes in Porous Media

2007  Retardation of Nonlinearly Sorbed Solutes in Porous Media

2007  Tropical Soils — Acid Mine Drainage Interactions: Breakthrough Curves and Some Transport Parameters

2007  Use of Alternative Sorption Media for Removing Nutrients Associated with Stormwater BMPs

2007  Virus Sorption and Transport in Saturated Sediments as Influenced by Salinity and Soluble Organic Matter

2006  Confirmation of Aqueous Polymer Sorption on Contaminant Barrier Clay using TGA

2006  Coupled Mechanical and Chemical Behavior of Bentonite Engineered with a Controlled Organic Phase

2006  Effect of Test Piece Size on Rheological Behavior of Wood Composites

2006  Estimation of Diffusion Coefficients and Solubilities for Organic Solvents Permeation through High-Density Polyethylene Geomembrane

2006  Evaluation of Pavement Curing Effectiveness and Curing Effects on Concrete Properties

2006  Exact Analytical Solution to the One-Dimensional Advective-Dispersive Equation with a Decaying Source Term

2006  Factors Influencing Arsenite Removal by Zero-Valent Iron

2006  Hydraulic Conductivity of Soil Sorptive Zones Created by In Situ Injection of a Cationic Surfactant

2006  Influence of Pore-Water Velocity on Transport Behavior of Cadmium: Equilibrium versus Nonequilibrium

2006  Methodological Aspects of using Blast Furnace Slag for Wastewater Phosphorus Removal

2006  Modeling the Sorption of Fluoride onto Alumina

2006  Moisture Effects on Elastic and Viscoelastic Properties of CFRP Rebars and Vinylester Binder

2006  Numerical Modeling and Analysis of Solute Velocity and Macrodispersion for Linearly and Nonlinearly Sorbing Solutes in a Single Fracture with Matrix Diffusion