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Found 72 Records with the keyword term of "Solvents"

2015  Feasibility Studies on Pd Removal from Molten BSG Containing Simulated Nuclear Waste Using Lead or Aluminum as a Solvent Metal

2013  Extraction of PCBs from Transformer Oil and Its Dechlorination Using Visible Light

2013  Preparation of Ultrafine Copper Oxide Using Metal Powders Recovered from Waste Printed Circuit Boards

2012  Bench-Scale Study of Electrochemical Oxidation for On-Site Treatment of Polluted Groundwater

2012  Effectiveness of Air Stripping, Advanced Oxidation, and Activated Carbon Adsorption-Coupled Process in Treating Chlorinated Solvent-Contaminated Groundwater

2012  Effects of Chitin Purity and Proppant Loading on the Bioremediation of Chloroethenes

2012  Insight into Role of Clay-Fluid Molecular Interactions on Permeability and Consolidation Behavior of Na-Montmorillonite Swelling Clay

2011  Zero-Valent Iron: Impact of Anions Present during Synthesis on Subsequent Nanoparticle Reactivity

2010  Development and Evaluation of the Hard-Grade Asphalt

2010  Practical Method to Extract and Dechlorinate PCBs in Soils

2009  Effect of Increasing Nitrobenzene Loading Rates on the Performance of AMBR and Sequential AMBR/CSTR Reactor System

2008  Chemical Oxidation of Chlorinated Solvents in Contaminated Groundwater: Review

2006  Estimation of Diffusion Coefficients and Solubilities for Organic Solvents Permeation through High-Density Polyethylene Geomembrane

2005  High-Density Bentonite Slurry for Seepage Barriers

2004  Biodegradation of Chlorinated Solvents in Bioreactor Landfills

2004  Packed Column and Hollow Fiber Air Stripping of a Contaminant-Surfactant Stream

2004  Permeation of Organics through Linear Low Density Polyethylene Geomembranes under Mechanical Deformation

2000  Biological Removal of Gaseous VOCs from Automotive Painting Operations

2000  Chlorinated Solvent Cometabolism by Butane-Grown Mixed Culture

2000  Chlorinated Solvent Removal Using Food Grade Surfactants: Column Studies

2000  Solvent Technology Treats Toxic Waste

1999  Bayesian Estimation of Volatile Organic Emissions from Wood Furniture Coating

1999  Extraction Method for Analysis of PAHs in Coal-Tar-Contaminated Soils

1999  Integrated System for Remediation of Contaminated Soils

1999  Natural Attenuation of Solvents in Marsh Sediments

1999  Rapid and Complete Transformation of Chlorinated Solvents with Nanoscale Iron (Fe) and Iron/Palladium (Fe/Pd) Particles in Sediment-Water Slurries

1999  Stormwater Runoff Effects on Florida’s Automobile Salvage Yards

1999  Successful Urban Rock Tunneling in Spite of Encountering Gasoline, Cleaning Solvents, and Methane Gas

1999  Transport of Organic Contaminants in Geomembranes Under Stress

1998  Air Force Tests Bioremediation Bugs

1998  Editor’s Note: Papers in This Issue

1998  Ground Water Remediation/Frozen Soil Reactor Gates

1998  VOC Ground-Water Sampling Decontamination Procedures: A Case Study

1997  Beneficiation of Coal from Impounded Coal Waste

1997  Cosolvent Effects of Oxygenated Fuels on PAH Solubility

1997  Liquid-Liquid Extraction for Surfactant-Contaminant Separation and Surfactant Reuse

1997  Methods for Determining NAPL Source Zone Remediation Efficiency of In-Situ Flushing Technologies

1996  Enhancement of In Situ Zero-Valent Metal Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater

1996  Evaluating Paint-Sludge Chars for Adsorption of Selected Paint Solvents

1996  Field-Scale Application of In-Situ Cosolvent Flushing: Evaluation Approach

1996  Iron Filing Installation Cleans Contaminants

1996  Numerical Simulation of DNAPL Emplacement and Redistribution in Heterogeneous Porous Media at the M Area of the Savannah River Site

1996  Wettability of NAPL-Contaminated Sands

1996  When Toxics Meet Metal

1995  New Bioremediation Methods to Be Tested

1995  Phytoremediation of Hazardous Wastes

1995  Removal of Cesium and Strontium from Nuclear Wastes Using Solid Phase Extraction Membranes

1995  Soil Treatment Using Photolytic Solvent Recycle

1995  Strategies for Control and Remediation of Solvent Pollution from the Dry Cleaning Industry

1994  Dissolution of TCE and TCA Pools in Saturated Subsurface Systems

1994  Remediation of Contaminated Soils by Solvent Flushing

1994  Waste Generation and Minimization in Semiconductor Industry

1992  Baltimore’s Industrial Pretreatment Program has Successfully Reduced the Concentrations of Priority Pollutants Entering the Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant

1992  Development of a Protocol to Evaluate Volatility and Biodegradability Characteristics of Turpene-Based Solvent Substitutes

1991  Chlorinated Solvent Biodegradation by Methanotrophs in Unsaturated Soils

1991  Estimating Oil and Grease Content of Petroleum-Contaminated Soil

1991  Flow of Surfactant Fluid in Nonaqueous Phase Liquid-Saturated Soils During Remedial Measures

1991  Minimization of Hazardous Waste Generation: Preliminary Investigation of Waste Management Properties of a Solvent Substitute for TCE

1990  Biofilm Reactors for Treatment of Gas Streams Containing Chlorinated Solvents

1990  Implementation of a Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Program for Monmouth County, New Jersey

1989  Aerobic Biodegradation of Chlorinated Solvents in Unsaturated Soils

1989  Use of Tailored Bentonite for Selective Removal of Organic Pollutants

1988  Control of VOC Emissions from Waste Management Facilities

1987  Movement of Nonaqueous Liquids in Groundwater

1987  Soil Gas Analysis for Tracking a Groundwater Plume

1986  Aromatic Compound Solubility in Solvent/Water Mixtures

1986  Effect of Organic Solvent on Sorption of Aromatic Solutes onto Soils

1985  Solubility of Aromat6ic Solutes and Sorption onto Soil in Polar Solvent/Water Systems

1984  Biochemical Oxidation of Solvent Extracted Coal Gasification Process Wastewater

1984  Modeling of Volatile Compounds Buried at Waste Sites

1984  Treatment of Coal Liquefaction Wastewater by Solvent Extraction and Biological Nitrification—Denitrification

1981  If Your City’s Well Water Has Chemical Pollutants, Then What—