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2014  Configuring Maximum Entropy Deconvolution for the Identification of Residence Time Distributions in Solute Transport Applications

2014  Effective Vertical Solute Transport in Soils by Artificial Macropore System

2014  Evaluating Depressional Process of Macropore Flow and Its Impact on Solute Transport

2014  Mathematical Modeling of Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport in Saturated Fractured Rock Using a Dual-Porosity Approach

2014  Modeling Flow and Solute Transport in Fractured Porous Media at Jinping I-Hydropower Station, China

2013  Advective Diffusion of Contaminants in the Surf Zone

2013  A Dual Porosity Model for Ionic Solute Transport in Swelling Clays Incorporating Ion-Ion Correlation Effects

2013  Hydrodynamic Modeling of First-Order Transport Timescales in the St. Louis Bay Estuary, Mississippi

2013  Modeling Soil Solute Release into Runoff and Transport with Runoff on a Loess Slope

2013  One-Dimensional Coupled Model of Surface Water Flow and Solute Transport for Basin Fertigation

2013  Relating solute and Gas Dispersion in Granite at Different Transport Velocities

2013  Two-Dimensional Surface Flow and Solute Transport Model for Basin Irrigation with Conventional Fertilization

2012  Analytical Solution for One-Dimensional Solute Dispersion with Time-Dependent Source Concentration along Uniform Groundwater Flow in a Homogeneous Porous Formation

2012  Direct-Push Delivery of Dye Tracers for Direct Documentation of Solute Distribution in Clay Till

2011  Analytical Solution for Spatially Dependent Solute Transport in Streams with Storage Zone

2011  Hypochlorite Solution Expiration and Stability in Household Water Treatment in Developing Countries

2011  A Sequential Monte Carlo Method to Update the Conditional Solute Concentration in a Three Dimensional Contaminant Transport Model

2011  Solute Effects on β-Sn Grain Boundary Energy and Shear Stress

2011  Solute Transport along Temporally and Spatially Dependent Flows through Horizontal Semi-Infinite Media: Dispersion Proportional to Square of Velocity

2010  Analytical Solution for Two-Dimensional Solute Transport in Finite Aquifer with Time-Dependent Source Concentration

2010  Dimensionless Method to Characterize the Mixing Effects of Surcharged Manholes

2010  Effective Porosity Measurement of a Marine Clay

2010  Evaluation of Apparatus for Membrane Cleaning Tests

2010  Nonuniform and Unsteady Solute Transport in Furrow Irrigation. I: Model Development

2009  Analytical Solution for Conservative Solute Transport in One-Dimensional Homogeneous Porous Formations with Time-Dependent Velocity

2009  Depth-Dependent Dispersion Coefficient for Modeling of Vertical Solute Exchange in a Lake Bed under Surface Waves

2009  Effect of Passive Surface Water Flux Meter Design on Water and Solute Mass Flux Estimates

2009  Evaluation of Solute Transport through a Fracture by Considering the Spatial Distributions of Retardation Effect in Grain Scale

2009  Investigation of Consolidation-Induced Solute Transport. I: Effect of Consolidation on Transport Parameters

2009  Investigation of Consolidation-Induced Solute Transport. II: Experimental and Numerical Results

2009  Modeling of Flow and Advection Dominant Solute Transport in Variably Saturated Porous Media

2009  Poromechanics Response of Inclined Wellbore Geometry in Chemically Active Fractured Porous Media

2008  Can Longitudinal Solute Transport Parameters Be Transferred to Different Flow Rates?

2008  Comparing Three Models for Treatment of Stagnant Zones in Riverine Transport

2008  An Experimental Investigation of Consolidation-Induced Solute Transport

2008  Hybrid-Cells-in-Series Model for Solute Transport in Streams and Relation of Its Parameters with Bulk Flow Characteristics

2008  Model for Consolidation-Induced Solute Transport with Nonlinear and Nonequilibrium Sorption

2008  Modeling of Solute Transport and Macrodispersion by Unsteady Stream Flow under Uncertain Conditions

2008  Solute Transport Modeling for Urban Drainage Structures

2007  Analysis of Point-Source and Boundary-Source Solutions of One-Dimensional Groundwater Transport Equation

2007  Coupled Large Strain Consolidation and Solute Transport. I: Model Development

2007  Coupled Large Strain Consolidation and Solute Transport. II: Model Verification and Simulation Results

2007  Graphically Determined Column Péclet Number

2006  Application of Fractal Models to Water and Solute Transport in Unsaturated Soils

2006  Effects of Velocity Gradients and Secondary Flow on the Dispersion of Solutes in a Meandering Channel

2006  Numerical Modeling and Analysis of Solute Velocity and Macrodispersion for Linearly and Nonlinearly Sorbing Solutes in a Single Fracture with Matrix Diffusion

2006  Parametric Study of One – Dimensional Solute Transport in Deformable Porous Media

2006  Regional Salinity Modeling for Conjunctive Water Use Planning in Kheri Command

2006  Spatial Moment Analysis for One-Dimensional Nonisothermal Quartz Transport and Dissolution/Precipitation in Fracture-Matrix System

2005  Coupled Surface-Subsurface Solute Transport Model for Irrigation Borders and Basins. I. Model Development

2005  Coupled Surface-Subsurface Solute Transport Model for Irrigation Borders and Basins. II. Model Evaluation

2005  Diameter and Surcharge Effects on Solute Transport across Surcharged Manholes

2005  Diffusive Behavior of Bedform-Induced Hyporheic Exchange in Rivers

2005  Experimental Study of Nonreactive Solute Transport in Fine-Grained Soils under Consolidation

2004  Appropriate Material Properties for Advective –Diffusive Solute Flux in Membrane Soil

2004  Flow and Solute Transport in Strongly Heterogeneous Porous Media

2004  Hybrid-Cells-in-Series Model for Solute Transport in a River

2004  Radial Pore Diffusion with Nonuniform Intraparticle Porosities

2003  Effects of Flow Depth on Water Flow and Solute Transport in Furrow Irrigation: Field Data Analysis

2003  Examining the Effects of Variability in Short Time Scale Demands on Solute Transport

2003  Modeling Uncoupled Solute Transport in Natural Organic Matter Size Fractionation by Ultrafiltration

2003  Parameter Estimation of the Transient Storage Model for Stream–Subsurface Exchange

2003  Transport Models for Solute Transfer to Surface Runoff

2002  Effect of Wave Height on Cross-Shore Solute Mixing

2002  Persistence of Skewness in Longitudinal Dispersion Data: Can the Dead Zone Model Explain It after All?

2001  General Conservation Equation for Solute Transport in Heterogeneous Porous Media

2001  Interval Computing Method for Analyzing Field-Scale Solute Transport

2001  Solute Dispersion and Transport in Pipes under Transient Hydraulic Conditions

2000  Analytical Solution

2000  Application

2000  Coupled Processes in Subsurface Deformation, Flow, and Transport

2000  Deformation

2000  Finite-Element Grid Configurations for Drains

2000  Flow

2000  Front Matter

2000  Index

2000  Infiltration Over Soils with Spatially-Correlated Hydraulic Properties

2000  Introduction

2000  Numerical Solution

2000  Overlapping Control Volume Method for Solute Transport

2000  References

2000  SHETRAN: Distributed River Basin Flow and Transport Modeling System

2000  Solute Transport Through Unsaturated Soil Due to Evaporation

2000  Transport

1999  Centrifuge Modeling of Unstable Infiltration and Solute Transport

1999  Modeling BOD Removal in Constructed Wetlands with Mixing Cell Method

1999  Numerical Simulation of Transport of Four Heavy Metals in Kaolinite Clay

1999  Solute Transport in Heterogeneous Field

1999  Study of Parallel Computation for Ground Water Solute Transport

1999  Vadose Zone Flow and Transport in Cracked Heavy Textured Soil

1998  Application of Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport Models for Groundwater Remedial Design

1998  Improved Finite-Analytic Methods for Steady-State Transport Problems

1998  Interlayer Diffusive Transfer and Transport of Contaminants in Stratified Formation. I: Theory

1998  Interlayer Diffusive Transfer and Transport of Contaminants in Stratified Formation. II: Analytical Solutions

1998  Modeling Retention of Sorbing Solutes in Streams Based on Tracer Experiment Using 5¹Cr

1998  Modelisation of Solute Transport in Non-Saturated Porous Media

1998  Self-Referencing Fiber-Optic Fluorescence Sensor for Turbid Samples

1998  Significance of Surface Water and Groundwater Interaction for Water Resources Management on a Regional Scale

1998  Solute Uptake in Aquatic Sediments Due to Current-Obstacle Interactions

1998  Some Issues Associated with the Use of Small-Scale Tracer Tests to Determine Aquifer Parameters